Vizsla Price – How Much Are Vizsla Puppies?

Vizsla dogs are from a breed of dog which belongs to groups of sport and pointing dogs. If you are fond of having this dog, you must be wondering about the Vizsla price.

We will discuss that later but now, we are going to have a quick overview of the traits and personality of the dog. They are medium-sized dogs with a height usually ranging from 21 to 25 inches whereas, their weight is somewhere between 45 to 66 pounds.

The head of the dog is strong also, the medium-sized eyes are quite shiny. The small-sized nose of the dog has red or black colour, which mixes with coat colour and enhances its beauty.

The ears are smooth, long, have thin coats, and drop down on the side of cheeks. The neck is arched and muscular which makes it strong. The forelegs and hind legs are strong and muscular in a way that forelegs are straight while the hind legs are well developed.

This helps the body in making a balanced position. They possess a short coat that seems so attractive due to their amazing golden colours, rust or red, or a mixture of these. They also have some markings in white colour. The life span of these dogs is estimated as between 12-14 years.

vizsla puppy prices

Vizslas are very loving and friendly dogs. They are best for the people who stay at home. As they are very adoring towards the family where they live, they follow their owner from one room to another.

They love to touch and play with them also, love when others touch them. So being too touchy and affectionate, they are not recommended for people who remain outside the house for a long time.

As vizsla gets bored and anxious which leads to destructive and rude behaviour hence, it is a bad idea to leave the dog alone. Early training and socialization with people and dogs are required to make its behaviour quite normal.

If you raise them with good training, they can live with other dogs and even with cats if they grow up in the same place. But they are not that good with small pets like rabbits or birds, as they are a hunting breed.

Being an active breed, they need a lot of exercises daily for their good mental and physical health. They are happy to play in the garden, so allow them to play in a fenced yard.

Now moving towards the main question that how much does a vizsla puppy cost. In this article, we are going to discuss and adult as well as baby vizsla price. Also, you will get to know that how much do Vizsla puppies cost in variable colours such as Sucbusch vizsla price, or blue vizsla price.

Additionally, if you want to know that how much does Vizsla cost near you, then you are at the right place. For example, vizsla dog price in Nepal, vizsla price in Pakistan, Vizsla price in the Philippines or vizsla puppy price in Australia. Lastly, you will have an idea about how much expense you are going to pay by owning this dog. Let us get started!

How much are Vizsla puppies?

Now you must be wondering that how much is a Vizsla dog or puppy. Well, Vizsla puppy prices depend on multiple features including age, size, health condition, colour, gender, location, pedigree, breeder, and many more.

But we can answer the question, “what is the average price for a Vizsla puppy?” The average cost of a Vizsla puppy ranges from $1000 to 1500. Low-quality dogs can be of $500 as well.

vizsla sale

Whereas, the AKC Vizsla puppies price and purebred Vizsla price is always around $1500. However, if you are unable to pay the Vizsla dog price, then there is another affordable yet beneficial option for you.

You can adopt the dog from the nearest shelter or former parents. As the shelter dogs are also quality dogs but without a home. The adoption price of Vizsla puppies is $350 on average.

When it comes to the Vizsla puppy price, the most important factor that affects the Vizsla puppy price range is the quality of a dog. Less experienced, unprofessional, or backyard breeders ask for a very low Vizsla dog price as they do not have invested a lot of money for the care of the dog.

Hence, we cannot trust the quality. But on the other hand, reputable breeders take a lot of care of the dogs and own them as if they belong to them. Hence, a reputable breeder will more likely ask for the average Vizsla puppies for sale price.

How much are Vizsla in multiple colours?

Are you excited to know how much do Vizsla cost in your favourite coat colour? Well, Vizsla dog comes in a variety of coat colours including golden, red golden, and golden rust. Usually, the rare coat colours are expensive as compared to the popular ones.

owning a vizsla

But in this case, all three colours are quite common. Hence, there is not much difference between golden rust vizsla price, Red golden vizsla price, golden vizsla price, or grey vizsla price.

How much are vizslas puppies in different countries?

All the people who are fond of keeping this dog usually wonder that how much is a vizsla dog near them. The vizsla dog breed price varies from place to place as, they are demanded less in some areas, whereas in some countries it is quite popular and highly demanded which raises the vizsla dog’s price. For example, Vizsla price NZ is quite different from vizsla price Philippines.

Let us have a look at the vizsla’s puppies for sale price in some distinct countries.

If you are living in the UK, you must want to know that how much does a vizsla cost in the UK. Well, the vizsla price in the UK ranges from £1200-2500. For Australians who are for sure wondering that how much does a Hungarian vizsla cost in Australia, the vizsla price Australia ranges from $1,500 and $2,200.

how much does a vizsla puppy cost

Whereas, vizsla dog breed price in India is anywhere between ₹40,000 to ₹50,000. Vizsla dog price in India is maybe higher for some people as this is available in a moderate amount. Also, the vizsla dog price in Hyderabad and vizsla price in Bangalore are the same as the price for vizsla puppies in India.

Vizsla price Canada ranges from $1800-3000 whereas, vizsla price south Africa is R 4000 on average. Vizsla puppies texas price ranges from $1000-1500, so does the vizsla price in the USA.

Vizsla price in Hungary ranges from £600 and £3000. Lastly, Vizsla price in Ireland ranges from £2000-3500.

How much do vizsla cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

How much should I pay for a vizsla puppy? Well, you are now well aware of how much does it cost to buy a vizsla, but the important thing to know is that how much does it cost to own a Vizsla dog.

vizsla dog cost

The owning of a dog means you have to provide it with all the needs and requirements for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. From welcoming supplies to insurance cost, it is your responsibility to fulfil these requirements. Let us have a look at some obvious expenses.

  • Welcoming supplies:

Welcoming supplies refers to all that stuff, which you buy for your dog to make it comfortable and feel as if it is living in its home. The cost of all these supplies adds-on to your budget along with the Vizsla sale price.

These supplies include a dog bed for sound and comfy sleep, food and water bowls for hygienic food and easy intake, an Id card with a phone number to identify the dog if it gets missing, toys for playing when it is alone, first-aid kit for any injury, tooth-brushing kit, shampoo, toe-nail clipper, and brush for grooming purposes.

Some of the other important supplies include a dog crate, dog collar, leash, pooper scooper, and odour removal sprays. All of these supplies collectively cost you around $185-790 depending on the brand and quality. But for the rest of the years, the expense drops to $75-330.

  • Training cost:

It is quite challenging to train a Vizsla dog breed. Vizsla cost for training is something you have to pay at any cost even if you are experienced in training.

Because we still recommend you to have some private lessons for your dog as it will bring positive leadership. Also, group training sessions are quite beneficial in this case. Hence, get ready to pay $900-1200 to a private trainer, whereas group training sessions will cost you around $150-200.

  • Feeding cost:

If you are owning a Vizsla, then you should know that being a large dog, requires more amount of food as compared to some dogs. An adult dog requires 260 lbs of dry food every year which will cost you around $140-450 depending on the quality of food.

On the other hand, a young puppy consumes 170 lbs of dry food every year that will cost you around $130-265. Just make sure, that you are providing the right food in an adequate amount.

  • Grooming cost:

As the vizsla dog does not have a long furry coat hence, maintaining it is not a big problem. Owners can easily groom this dog at home but if they do not have time, they should make sure that the dog visits a groomer 6 times a year.

Professional grooming will make the dog look fit and healthy. The vizsla breed price for grooming ranges from $40-55. Usually, the services a groomer provides include shampoo and bathing, brushing and styling, teeth brushing, nail trimming, and hair trimming if required.

  • Insurance cost:

Most people pay around $565 for insurance of the Vizsla dog which covers both accidental and medical situations. Whereas, some people pay insurance only for accidental coverage that is $190 on average.

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