Staffordshire Bull Terrier Price-how much do english staffies cost?

In Australia, the breed was introduced by the cross of English white terror and English bulldog in the 1930s. Bull-baiting was one of the common uses of these dogs at first.

But now, these dogs are loved by people in every corner of the world due to their affectionate and friendly nature. So, a lot of people wonder that how much does an English Staffy cost? But before having a detailed look at Staffordshire Bull Terror price, let us know something about this breed.

The Staffordshire dog has a bit different appearance from common dogs. They have a short fore-face with pronounced cheek muscles. They have a short, stocky, and deep head with a broad skull.

They have medium-sized ears which usually, are half-pricked or rose because fully pricked or dropped ears are not liked much in this breed. With a black nose, the eyes of the Staffy are also in dark color.

The rims of the eyes are also dark and they are not very small neither large. They have large teeth with strong jaws. Their highly muscular body has a deep brisket but their frontal body is wide.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier price

They have a low-set tail of medium length whereas their feet are padded. The physical appearance of the dog enhances its personality and hence, the price for Staffordshire bull terrier is worth it.

The height of the dog ranges from 36 to 41 cm whereas their weight falls somewhere between 13 to 18 kgs. The life span of Staffordshire bull terrier dog is about 12 to 14 years.

The Staffordshire bull terrier dog is also known as “staffy”. The dog is affectionate and family-friendly so, never mistakenly consider it as a fighting dog.

They are fun appealing dogs who like to play around and enjoy themselves everywhere. They are friendly with other pets as well as dogs. A well-trained dog is also good with the kids.

Training for this dog breed is very important as if not trained well, it can be aggressive as well. Lastly, these dogs can be watchdogs as well as they react to seeing strangers.

Generally, people have plenty of questions related to the price of Staffordshire bull terrier dog. They want to know if there is any difference in American Staffordshire bull terrier price and British Staffordshire bull terrier price,

or what is the Staffordshire cost in different countries such as how much is a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy UK, how much is a staffy in Australia

or what is the Staffordshire bull terrier price in the Philippines. Also, Staffordshire bull terrier price in different colors is what people are curious about including Staffordshire bull terrier brindle price. Here, we are going to answer most of the questions for you.

How much does a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy cost?

Staffordshire bull terrier for sale price can vary from place to place, and it depends on some other aspects as well including age, gender, coat color, physical appearance, and many more.

But if you are wondering that how much does a Staffordshire bull terrier cost usually, then the Staffordshire bull terrier price range starts from $975 and can be as high as $2500.

Whereas the price of a Staffordshire bull terrier with some exceptional or show-quality features can be expensive. The average price for a Staffordshire bull terrier is $2000.

While buying a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, just make sure that you are dealing with a breeder with a good reputation. These breeders do not make false claims and on asking that how much does an English bull terrier costs they will tell you the genuine Staffordshire bull terrier cost.

As, these breeders take care of the puppies just like they own them, so, the dogs will for sure have a good pedigree. Whereas, if you are not able to pay hundreds of dollars on a dog, then there is another life-saving option by which you can have a quality dog at a very less price.

You can adopt a dog by paying a very little amount of money as compared to the English Staffordshire bull terrier price. The average price of Staffordshire bull terrier for adoption is $300.

staffordshire bull terrier puppy price

How much do Staffordshire bull terrier puppies cost in different countries?

Breeders for this breed are on the different corners of the world. On asking each of them that how much do bull terrier puppies cost, you are more likely to get different answers.

Let’s have a look at the Staffordshire bull terrier puppy price in some major countries. Staffordshire bull terrier price in India ranges from ₹35,000 – ₹45,000.

Whereas KCI registered and show-quality Staffordshire bull terrier prices are a bit higher, ranging ₹45,000 – ₹60,000 and ₹60,000 – ₹85000 respectively.

Staffordshire bull terrier price Canada ranges from $1000-2500. Many people ask that what how much do staffies cost in Australia. For those people, Staffordshire bull terrier price Australia from a breeder of good repute can cost you around $2500-$3500.

Staffordshire bull terrier price NZ ranges from $2000-3000.

Staffordshire bull terrier price Europe is somewhere between $1500-2000. Staffordshire bull terrier breeders in USA range from $975-$2,500. Staffordshire bull terrier UK price is one of the most frequently asked questions among the people.

So, the price of Staffordshire bull terrier UK ranges from £600-1500. Non-registered Staffordshire bull terrier price UK is about £468. Hence, the average price for Staffordshire bull terrier UK is £965. Whereas, blue Staffordshire bull terrier price UK is a bit expensive from this range.

How much is a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy in variable colors?

The Staffordshire bull terrier is available in different coat colors including fawn, black, white, blue, brindle, and red. Also, they are available in a combination of white with all these colors such as red and white, fawn and white, brindle and white, etc.

Price of a blue Staffordshire bull terrier is a bit higher than other coat colors, not because it is rare, but is most popular. So, if you are wondering about blue Staffordshire bull terrier price then it is mostly above $2000.

staffordshire bull terrier prices

Red Staffordshire bull terrier price is not that much different from blue Staffordshire bull terrier puppy price but it can vary from breeder to breeder.

The rest of the coat colors dogs have almost the same prices. So, the pedigree Staffordshire bull terrier price in fawn, black, white, brindle, red, and all combinations with white will cost you anywhere between $1500-2000.

How much is a grey staffy is also a big concern around the world? After a certain age, the coat color of some staffy dogs starts getting grey. Hence, Staffordshire bull terrier grey price is a bit lower than the other breeds that fall in the range of $1000-1500.

How much does a Staffy cost when the expenses of other requirements of dog add-on to the budget?

Now as we are well aware of the price of an American Staffordshire bull terrier, it is time to welcome the dog home. There are some important handy things that one needs right after buying a dog.

Also, some essential stuff is required throughout the dog’s life. So, there is a huge expense for having a dog that can disturb your budget. To save you from such loss, here, we will tell you the average expense of each necessity, so that you may get ready for paying all of them without any confusion.

Initial supplies for the Staffy:

When the pup arrives home, the most suitable method to welcome them is by providing a comfortable environment by keeping all the important stuff available. For this, you have to buy essentials for the dogs that are usually included in your one-time expenses.

But if someone asks you that how much do staffies cost, then don’t forget to mention these expenses as well. The cost of buying the tools for dogs grooming including toenail clippers, tooth brushing kit, shampoo, and brush will cost you around $5 – $30, $5 – $10, $5 – $20, $5 – $45 respectively.

The first aid kit should be always on hand, in case of any minor injury and it will cost you about $15-50. Now, as these dogs are playful, one needs to buy some toys for them.

Some cute little toys will cost you around $30-100. For a comfortable sleep, a dog bed will cost you around $20-85 whereas, a dog crate is for 30-120 dollars. The leash will cost you around $5-20.

An Id tag is what you will be thankful for when your dog gets missing. So, get ready to pay just 5-20 dollars for buying it. Lastly, food bowls will cost you around $5-40 and they are important, so that the dogs may eat as they want.

Training expense:

Training of the Staffordshire Bull terrier dog is the most important thing that makes it a well-behaved and friendly dog. If not trained properly, it can show some serious behavioral issues.

Well, if you are not experienced in keeping dogs, then we will recommend you to take the staffy for some group training sessions also, you can hire a private trainer.staffordshire bull terrier cost

Private training can cost you around $550-800 whereas training for group sessions will cost you around $150-200. The training cost adds to the Staffordshire bull terrier average price.

Medical costs:

The first year veterinary cost for a Staffordshire bull terrier is around $395-795. Whereas, if you have an adult dog of this breed, then it will cost anywhere between $330-725.

Also, some owners want to neuter or spay their dogs. The neutering or spaying price of Staffordshire bull terrier dog ranges from $50-300.

Price for quality food:

Everyone wants their dog to be healthy because severe infection or illness can be fatal for them as well. Poor-quality food is the most common reason for this hence, it is important to provide hygienic and good-quality food.

Food for a puppy will cost you around $105-175 whereas that of an adult dog will be $90-135 because they are undergone their growth phase and do not require as much food as puppies.


For the safety and long-life of your staffy you must need to know that how much is an English staffy’s insurance cost. The insurance price for only accidental situations is $190 annually.

Whereas the ones who want insurance of their dogs for illness along with accidental coverage should be ready to pay $565 on average every year.

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