Siberian Husky Price | how much does a husky cost ?

Siberian Husky is one of the most powerful, loyal, and beautiful Asian dog breeds. It is known to serve as a smart companion and domestic dog. Initially, people used it for pulling sleds.

It is a playful dog that adds colors to your home with its friendliness and joyful nature.  Yet, if you are desirous to get your hands on a Siberian Husky dog but do not know what Siberian Husky price is and you are here to get to know the answer to this question.

Then do not worry. We are here to solve your queries.

This article highlights all the expenses that a dog can have, from the initial Siberian Husky dog price to other expenses like vet bills, food, grooming, to name some.

We are going to note every possible expense to clear your doubts before you buy a Siberian Husky.

husky puppy price

How much is a Siberian Husky?

The price of a Siberian Husky puppy and dog varies with several factors. Yet, the initial Siberian Husky price range of a dog is $600-$1300. The other expenses hold a different segment. Even the dogs having a superior pedigree or an exceptional breed line can range between $1400 to $6000.

If this price is relatively high for you, then you can go for adopting a Husky. The average husky price for adoption is between $350-$550, including the registration, vaccinations, and even spaying or neutering.

It can become the sweetest treat for you as you can have a pet even while saving some significant money. However, it is essential to note here that these prices are only according to the estimated calculation and are only the initial price without any other required expenses the Siberian Husky can have.

Along with this, the miniature huskies can also become a wonderful addition to your home and for your family. It grows only up to 16 inches and weighs 32 pounds on average but are the most active, cute, soft, and cuddly pet dogs that will boost up your mood instantly and will end up being a perfect companion for you.

The miniature Siberian Husky Price is not more than $900 to $2500. It tends to have the same behavior and habits yet a much less size and price. They do not even shed a lot like the usual ones and do not even require a frequent grooming session.

They are more adaptive to nature and people, just like the other huskies.

siberian husky price


Do the Husky Dog price varies with the variant colors?

This Husky breed comes in various beautiful colors that appeal to people even with a glance. So, to answer how much is a Siberian Husky is difficult without first analyzing how much are Huskies in actuality.

The most common colors are  Red, White, pure white, black and tan, and also silver and grey. The red Siberian Husky price is between $800 to $1000 on average. The white Siberian Husky dog price ranges between $500 – $1000 and is the rarest color to find.

The same goes with the silver-grey color and many more. Apart from this, the most common colors are Black and white and a Splash pattern. It is important to note here that huskies do change their colors. Yet, not completely but they can have a slight tan on their bodies with some time.

The prices do not vary substantially with the change of colors. The slightest difference can occur because of the breed type and size of the dog.

How much does a Husky Cost in different countries?

The Husky puppy price varies in different countries. For instance, the average cost of a Siberian Husky in India is nearly ₹60,000 to ₹80,000 for a puppy, and the price for a dog can be comparatively lower.

Some breeders can even charge you an amount of ₹1,00,000 and more. Siberian husky price in Kerala is about 35k to 75k for a puppy. Yet the unfortunate scenario is huskies can not survive in the cities like Kerala because of the humid rainy weather and even the hottest summers.

You can buy it, but if a pet dog gets miserable because of the harsh weather, it will become a headache for you. Siberian Husky’s price in the USA is about $400 to $1200, with an average price of $650.

siberian husky price in india

Siberian husky price in the UK ranges between $1000 to $2400. Siberian Husky price in Pakistan ranges between 35k to 190k. Nepal breeds some pure Husky breeds that make incredible pet dogs.

Siberian Husky price in Nepal is also hardly between 35k to 75k rupee depending on the breeder. Siberian Husky price in the Philippines, on the other hand, can be nearly between 9k to 25k.

Acknowledging these estimated prices, the price of a Siberian Husky puppy and husky dog price varies with the countries because of the difference in breeders and other expenses.

However, you have to expect to pay these approximate prices initially, and the calculation does not stop here. The other requirements, for example, food, vet, maintenance, and grooming, to name some, hold the separate segment.

How much expenses the other requirements of Husky dog adds-on to the budget?

The requirements like food, training, health issues, and even maintenance increase the total cost of the Siberian Husky to an extent. These are the expenses that you can not even ignore.

Estimated cost of feeding a Siberian Husky

The feeding is the most vital and reoccurring need of a dog. So by proper research, you can somewhat reduce the total amount. A Siberian Husky dog is a medium-sized active breed that also holds a solid appetite. It consumes 2 to 3 whole bowls of meal per day dividing into three times.

The price of high-quality food can range between $2 to $3 per pound. So a bag of 30 pounds will cost you only $55 that is enough for approximately 48 days. It means that your dog will roughly consume 8 bags of a meal a year that will hardly cost you for $440.

Yet, if you also want to give your pet dog a treat, then it will also cost $5 to $10 per month, which is not a significant amount but will boost up your dog’s mood. So, it will not be an extra burden for you to feed a Husky dog.

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Siberian Husky Vet Bills

Meanwhile, vet bills are not cheap by itself. It is the health issues that a dog can suffer. Siberian Husky owners are lucky in this sense as these are healthy breeds.

Yet, some most common health conditions include seizures, cataracts, corneal dystrophy, canine glaucoma, congenital laryngeal paralysis, and Hip dysplasia.

The treatment of hip dysplasia can cost you $1500 to $6000, Corneal Dystrophy can hardly cost you $300-$3,000, and deafness $100-$300, to name some.

Apart from this, when your puppy starts growing, it requires vaccinations and to get spayed or neutered. You can control the vet bills if you keep your Husky dog in check to maintain its health and avoid any severity.

Yet, the list of expenses does not end here. There is a lot of other expenses like grooming, training, cleaning, and above all a comfortable shelter.

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Siberian Husky Grooming Cost

If we talk about grooming, it does not add much to the costs as these are good in self-cleaning because of this plus point natural or pure breed Siberian husky dog price is relatively high.

They only need a bath a few times a year, but you have to brush their beautiful fur coat once a week. The nail trimming can cost you $10 per session, yet you can do this by yourself more carefully and conveniently.

Siberian Husky  Training Cost

The training of a Husky dog can charge you $50-$125 per hour session that lasts for nearly four to eight weeks of one-hour sessions.

To train Husky puppies is relatively easy as they are smart and quick to learning. Apart from grooming and training, the dog supplies are the other essential tools that you will need for your dogs, like a bowl, collar, and many more.

The pro tip for the new dog owners is that first buy the most important things for your dog and gradually increase it to keep the budget in control as temptations can be strong enough.

how much is a husky

To sum up, the average price for a Husky Puppy is somewhere between $600- $1300. The pure breed dog can even cost you above $1300, depending on the conditions.

It cost nearly $1,641 per year to pet, take care of, and well-maintained a Siberian husky puppy, including additional expenses also. The expenses increase with time but only to a limited amount.

The prices even vary with the colors, breed type, and even geographical location, but the prices are usually in between the above-mentioned average prices. So there is no need to worry if you have made up your mind to own a Husky dog.

This beautiful medium-sized dog is worthy enough to expend your budget for it.

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