Shih tzu price | what is shitzu dogs price ?

If you’re looking for a cute Shih Tzu dog, then first it is important to know about its features and Shih Tzu price. It is a small yet adorable dog that weighs 9-19 pounds and is 9-10 inches tall from shoulder. The body of Shih Tzu dog is a bit longer than its height.

It has a broad and round head. Their eyes are round, dark and have some space between them. Their nose is broad as well. The colour of the nose, eyes and lips are blue if the dog’s colour is blue whereas it is liver-coloured if the dog is of the same colour.

Dogs with all of the rest colours have black features. They have low-set large ears having a lot of hair around them. the tail is also fully covered with abundant hair, but it is high-set. The double coat dogs have so much long hair that they usually flow down the dog.

The hair covering the eyes are tied so that they could see easily. Lastly, their irresistible feature is a profuse beard and moustache. They have a lifespan of about 10-16 years.

The Shih Tzu dogs are lively, happy, friendly and active. They can be trained easily as they respond in a good manner. They can also be said as watchdogs because they are courageous, alert and clever.

They want their owners to love them. they love to sit in the lap of the person they love. They can make friends easily no matter they are children or other pets. You have to brush their hair daily to keep them neat and clean.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss all variety of Shih Tzu prices. Depending on the colour we should know the black-white, liver as well as blue Shih Tzu price.

People in different countries want to know the prices, for that knowledge on cartimar Shih Tzu price, Shih Tzu dog price in the Philippines, Shih Tzu puppy price in UAE, imperial Shih Tzu price the Philippines, Shih Tzu price in Nepal and other countries should be known by every dog lover.

Princess type Shih Tzu price is also a question of many people as they are cute.


How much Shih Tzu cost?

The Shih Tzu dogs price depends on multiple factors including age, gender, location, breeder and many more. But the average price of a Shih Tzu is $850. The dog breed Shih Tzu price can be as low as $500 and as much as $1600.

It is recommended to do some research and find a trustworthy breeder because their dogs have good health. Whereas some irresponsible breeders make false claims and provide you with an unhealthy pup, that will cost you a lot more.

The price of a Shih Tzu with exceptional features and breed can be as much as $6000.

The Imperial Shih Tzu price or baby Shih Tzu price is more than the price of Shih Tzu dog. The teacup Shih Tzu price ranges from $500 to $1000. They are not much more expensive than normal puppies so don’t believe those breeders who use the word imperial or teacup to put an expression that they are expensive.

Another option to save your money and buy a dog at a reasonable price is adoption. The price of a Shih Tzu dog for adoption ranges from $50 to $500 depending on their location. You can adopt them from shelters or former breeders. These dogs are also purebred, just they don’t have any owner so they are inexpensive.

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How much are Shih Tzu puppies in different countries?

As discussed earlier, the Shih Tzu dogs prices vary depending on their location. It is understood that Shih Tzu dog price in Sri Lanka is different from Shih Tzu price in Egypt. Let’s have a look at the Shih Tzu price range in different countries.

The Shih Tzu price in Canada ranges from $1200-CAD 2750. Shih Tzu dogs were not that much common in India but as their demand increased now, they are also common there.

The Shih Tzu price in India is somewhere between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000. The country in which the Shih Tzu dogs are the most famous and common is the USA.

The Shih Tzu price in USA ranges in between $750.00 to $3,000. Whereas if we talk about imperial Shih Tzu price UK or average Shih Tzu price UK, then it is £785.

The local dogs are comparatively less expensive than others. The states where common people live in small flats and apartments prefer small dogs and puppies. Whereas countries with vast and huge homes prefer heightened and huge dogs. Also, in colder climates, there are more chances to get a dog at low prices.

How much does a Shih Tzu dog cost in multiple colours?

The dog Shih Tzu price in different colours is not that much different from one another. the dogs having rare colours are much more expensive than the dogs with common colours.

The rare colours include pure black with zero spots or pure white because usually there are some spots on the plain colour. The rare black Shih Tzu price and white Shih Tzu price will cost you more than $1500.

Others including brindle Shih Tzu price, blue line Shih Tzu price, black and white Shih Tzu price, choco liver Shih Tzu price, all ranges between $800 – USD 1500.

Despite colours, here we are going to discuss Shih Tzu puppies cost that have some specific variations. The Coton Shih Tzu price ranges from $2000 to $3000.

Whereas if you’re searching for bichon Shih Tzu price then it ranges from $650 to $4000.  The Maltese Shih Tzu price is in between $500 and $700. Lastly, the Yorkie Shih Tzu price range is $375-$1750.

For how much is a shitzu dog when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

The task doesn’t end when you buy a dog, but it starts. A lot of care is required by a puppy that can cost you much. These expenses are also as much important as shitzu puppy price. We are going to discuss the extra expenses you will have to face after buying a dog so that you can have a clear mind before doing a purchase.

Initial welcoming expenses of Shih Tzu dog:

To raise a Shih Tzu dog in better condition, you have to buy some essentials for it. The food and water bowls will cost you $5 – $20. Dog collars are in between $5 – $40. Leash and ID tag both are for the same price, that is $5 – $20.

Dog bed cost you from $15 – $65 whereas the dog crate is for $20-$80. Plastic poop bags cost $15-$110 and pooper scooper is for $10-30. For their idle time, they want some toys that will cost you about $15-$20.

House training pads costs $15-$45. The brush is very important for Shih Tzu dogs as they have long hair. So, hairbrush costs between $5-45. Toothbrush kit and shampoo cost $5-$15 and $5-$20 respectively. Lastly, the first aid kit is for $15-$45. All these expenses are added in the Shih Tzu dog prices.

Training cost:

Another factor whose cost add up in the cost of shitzu is training. When you buy a puppy, it is not well trained. Not all of the people can train them by themselves. Most of them need a trainer. The training of a Shih Tzu dog will cost range from $150-$200 for 5 hours session.

how much are shih tzu puppies

Vet cost:

The average cost of initial veterinary expenses of Shih Tzu dog is $590 but it can be as low as $385 and as high as $175. The spaying and neutering cost between $50-$300.  Whereas the veterinary expenses of an adult dog can cost somewhere between $280-$645.

Medical cost:

Brachycephalic Syndrome, patellar luxation, collapsing trachea, eye problems and dental diseases are some of the common problems faced by the Shih Tzu dogs whose vaccines can cost $250-300, $300-200, $250-$4500, $100-1200 and $400-800 respectively. All these expenses will add up in the Shih Tzu price.

Food cost:

After knowing the Shih Tzu cost it is important to know how much will it eat. The small Shih Tzu dog eats 70 pounds of food on average whereas a large dog consumes 90 pounds. According to this, yearly food cost for a Shih Tzu puppy ranges between $50-$130 whereas that of an adult dog is between $45-$135 depending on the quality of food.


Shih Tzu do needs to be well-groomed and maintained. In this regard, it is recommended to visit a professional groomer at least 4 times a year. Each visit will cost you from $40-$80 depending on the demands. So, grooming price increases the shitzu puppies prices a bit.


The license of a Shih Tzu dog can cost you between $10 and $20 as in some countries it is compulsory to have a license.


In case you don’t have time to take your dog to a walk, then you should hire a dog walker. This activity will cost you $15-$20 for every 30 minutes.


Insurance cost also adds up the price of shitzu. It is important to get insured your Shih Tzu dogs for their well-being and healthy life. Usually, $31 to $47 per month are paid to insure the Shih Tzu.

In summary, the average price Shih Tzu puppy ranges from $500-$1600.

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