Shiba Inu price | What is shiba inu cost ?

Shiba Inu is a cute, soft, cuddly dog who is beautiful and brilliant all at once. It has such a tendency that captivates everyone who puts a single glance over it. It is rare to find yet worth the price. It flexibly becomes your walking partner or even climbs on the trails with you. This Japanese dog breed is becoming the most popular breed above all recently.

Yet, what is the Shiba Inu price is still a common question. So you can buckle your seatbelts as we are here to answer all your queries that are in your mind and blocking your thoughts of getting your hands on the Shiba Inu dog breed.

Shiba Inu proves to be a friendly and lovely dog, but it is considered a hunting dog for centuries. This dog breed is very independent and challenging enough that it does not surrender.


It is hard to train and aggressive, but in response to humble and gentle treatment, it becomes the most friendly and loyal creature in the world. It is soft, furry, and oddly beautiful, and that is what makes it a little expensive above other dog breeds.

This ultimate guide will provide you with an initial Japanese dog Shiba Inu price and also a proper breakout of the total expenses that this dog breed can cost you.

From feed expenses to vet bills, we are going to discuss everything to let you know everything that is bothering you or before you make your mind to buy or adopt one.

Apart from this, the answer to the most asked question, how many are Shiba Inus, is also crucial as they are the rarest breed to find. So, let’s start the ride to the ultimate knowledge about the Shiba Inu cost and expenses.

shiba inu cost

What is the initial Shiba Inu dog price?

Shiba dog price depends on various factors. If we talk about the initial cost only, then the Shiba Inu price range can be somewhere between $1200 to $2500. Shiba Inu puppy cost with limited registration is also now not less than $1000 because of its increasing popularity and demand.

The price of a Shiba Inu dog is nearly about $1850 to $5000. Shiba Inu dog price in the USA  is substantially high because of the cost the breeder has to spend to breed pure, healthy, active, and show quality puppies.

The slightly high prices are necessary to maintain the bloodline of the pure Shiba Inu dog breed as this high maintenance dog requires special care.

Yet, if you are into adapting the Shiba dog breed, then the plus point for you is that both the dog and puppies will only charge you nearly $350 – $550, excluding the cost of the vaccinations and registration.

It is important to note here that these price tags are only according to the estimate calculation to help you out in calculating your total expenses in advance.

It is not an exact answer to how much is a Shiba Inu as the prices do vary depending on colors, geographical location, lineage, and breed type. Therefore, a slight variation in Shiba Inu puppy price and Shiba Inu dog price.

how much is a shiba inu

Do the prices vary with the difference in Shiba Inu dog colors?  

This Japanese dog breed is rare to find yet comes in surprisingly different colors. Shiba Inu has the double coats that hold the red-colored first fur coat, and the other additional coats go with different colors.

Among several colors, pure red, black, white, black and tan, and cream are the easiest to find. The prices of either black Shiba Inu, white Shiba Inu, or any other color are similar and do not differ with the color variation.

Maybe this is because Shiba Inu is a single breed that comes with variant colors. So, irrespective of the colors, an average Shiba Inu puppy price and even of an adult dog remain the same.

Yet, a slight variation can occur depending on how well- maintained and well-bred a puppy or a dog is that you are buying. As a reminder, a dodge puppy price is relatively between $1200-$2500, and of a dog is $1850-$5000.

How expensive is Shiba Inu if you add-on the other necessities your pet dog has?

Other essentials that add expenses to the initial price of dodge or Shiba Inu are feed, grooming, training, and the veterinary bills that you can not even skip. Above all the other necessities, food always stays on top as healthy and nutritious food yields a healthy pet.

Feeding cost:

According to the research, a dog consumes nearly about 1 or 1 and a half cups of high-quality meal a day that you can divide into three servings to ensure the absorption of nutrients in your pet dog’s body.

A high-quality food hardly costs you $2 – 3$ per pound, so a total of 120 cups of meals daily will cost you up to $55 for almost two months of feeding your Shiba Inu puppy.

For a dog that intakes 1.5 cups per day, the bag of 120 cups of food will last for 80 days and longer. This estimate can claim that feeding your Shiba dog will not be a burden on both you and your budget.

shiba inu puppy price

Training and grooming expenses:

To train an independent and stubborn Shiba Inu dog is difficult and requires more intense training since the beginning but more gently and humbly. It is not even convenient enough to train an adult dog by itself. So, you have to consult a professional trainer to make your pet dog socially and behaviorally a perfect pet dog.

The charges can differ depending on the training sessions that you want for your dog. For private classes, the behaviorist mostly charges $45 per hour, and for group classes, the price range can vary between $30 to $80.

However, if you have a puppy, you can handle it by yourself and save some money also. So, a puppy is relatively easy to train and groom as compared to an adult dog. Shiba puppy price is also cost-friendly. So it can be the sweetest feast for you.

If you have recently bought a Shiba Inu dog or are yet to buy it, then you would need a collar, leash, meal bowls, a brush, a bed, and a comfortable shelter for your pet dog.

These are some of the supplies that are equally important for your dog’s grooming as feeding it because it not only gives your pet dog a shelter but an adorable home. The way your pet dog carries its tail can tell you much about what your dog is feeling, and you can take the steps accordingly.

You can also avail of the grooming sessions that can charge you almost $40-$75, depending on the professional groomer and the grooming type.

On average, these essential supplies and grooming can cause you about $1,641 per year, and this amount can increase or decrease with time depending on your pet dog’s likings.

shiba dog price

Health problems and Veterinary bills:

Before considering the vet expenses of this dog breed, note that these are one of the active and healthy dog breeds. The common allergies, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, eye problems like glaucoma and cataracts are among the most common health concerns that the owners of Shiba Inus have.

The charges of spaying and neutering are approximate $250 – $500. The surgeries can cost you about $1500-$3000, and the regular exam fee is hardly between $20 – $50 per month.

Therefore, the vet recommends regular health examinations of your pet dogs to avoid the veterinary bills that contribute significantly to the expenses of petting a dog.

For regular checkups, you will only have to spend a few dollars, but the other severe injuries and health conditions mark the major vet bills. So, a regular checkup is preferable to keep your pet dog in check and maintain its health to avoid extra veterinary bills.

shiba puppy price

Furthermore, the prices also vary according to the places. For instance, the Shiba Inu Puppy price in Australia is hardly $800 to $1000, which is the lowest as compared to the USA, where you won’t find a puppy for less than $1000.

On the other hand, the Shiba Inu Dog price in the UK  starts from $800 and many more. It marks a significant difference in prices. However, these prices are according to an estimate calculation. So you can alter the expenses according to your budget rather than expending the budget, all alone.

You can read more about Shiba Inu here.

The pet dogs should not be an extra burden on you. Above all, it is a hunting and a watchdog who is independent, agile, and aggressive with the sweetest smile that will not be your obedient lapdog but will catch your eye every time you see it. So, it is still worth the price.

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