Rhodesian ridgeback Price | What is rhodesian ridgeback cost?

If you have made up your mind to buy a Rhodesian ridgeback dog and are thinking about all the expenses that this dog can cost you, then do not worry. We are here to help you out.

This article highlights the overall charges of petting Rhodesian ridgeback along with the initial Rhodesian ridgeback price. Yet, before delving directly into the details, it is essential to remind you what this dog contributes to you, making itself one of the preferable dog breeds.

Rhodesian ridgeback dogs have a very shining history that makes them a hunting dog. Yet, a loving and loyal pet for you. This dog breed is one of the most dignified and athletic dogs that add colors to your house, giving you the perfect protective friend, which you deserve, making it worth buying.

It is not much expensive, but your pet dog needs or your neglect can even override your budget. So, let’s proceed to all the other expenses, which you need to know before getting your hands on this elegant and smart dog.

How much is a Rhodesian ridgeback?

If we consider the ridgeback dog price, it varies with multiple factors like breed type or location. On average, purebred Rhodesian ridgeback price can be between $700 to $2000. The dogs with exceptional lineage or pedigree can be more expensive.

This amount is only an estimated calculation, and it can increase or decrease depending on the breed type, location, and lineage. Keep this in mind, the smaller the dog is, expensive it will be because of the care the pup needs.

Above all, you can also adopt a Rhodesian ridgeback dog for only under $200 – $400. Sheltering a dog and, in turn, getting a pet dog sounds good, right?

How much are Rhodesian ridgeback‘s other expenses?

Apart from the initial prices, the needs that add more to the dog price are the other essential expenses like feeding, health concerns, grooming, training, and other supplies to fulfill these ultimate requirements. Remember that all these prices are based on the estimated calculation only and can differ slightly.

Rhodesian ridgeback Price

Feeding price of Rhodesian ridgeback

It is an essential need that no one can skip. The Rhodesian dog breed is one of the active and sturdy fighter dogs, as noted by history. So, it needs more food. Its love for food is also worth note. Considering this, they need 100 to 2500 calories a day that is 3.5 to 5 cups of food a day divided into three meals.

This consumption depends on the activity, weight, and size of your pet dog. High-quality food costs nearly $2 to $3 per pound, yielding $60 for 30-pounds of the food bag. For instance, your dog eats 4 cups of food. Then a 30-pound bag having 120 cups of food can last for up to four months at least.

Other than this, if you want to give your pet dog a treat, then save $5 to $10 per month, and it is more than enough.

Vet Expenses:

Before discussing the veterinary bills, keep in mind that these dog breeds are comparatively healthy, and you do not have to spend a substantial amount on their care or treatment.

Yet, you need to take care of a Rhodesian puppy to keep it healthy. For buying a puppy, you can expect to pay more than usual for the first year. In total, you can expect to pay nearly $1,843 per year as vet bills for only the first year.

If we break this amount, the vet bills can include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, regular checkups, and treatment of severe health issues. This breed is more prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, dermoid sinus, and hypothyroidism.

rhodesian ridgeback cost

These are the only health concerns that you have to get treated as soon as possible. The treatment of these diseases can cost you approximately $1000 to $5000 in severe cases. While you only have to pay a few dollars in minor conditions.

On the other hand, the regular pup check ups can charge you somewhere between $45 to $55, according to the vet.

Apart from this, if you do not want a Rhodesian ridgeback dog for breeding, then get it spayed or neutered as soon as possible. It does not even charge much.

Rhodesian ridgeback cost for grooming

Grooming your pet dog is also necessary to keep it healthy and happy while preserving its beauty. It is considerably low maintenance in terms of grooming. You do not even have to bathe it regularly, only wipe it off with a damp cloth, and done.

Apart from this, you have to brush its coat weakly with a rubber brush to keep its fur coat straight and healthy. It needs better care and more walks to keep them healthy and active. It proves that these dogs do not ask for much when it comes to grooming.

You can do this all by yourself and at home as it is convenient to do and neither need proper training.

Training cost

When it comes to training, all dog owners recommend training from the initial years to make your dog well-mannered. Training is also easy to do. Yet, you have to get your pet dog enrolled soon after you bring it home for group training lessons.

Rhodesian ridgebacks are intelligent and smart dogs that adapt and pick things very quickly. Yet, it can take time to control them as these are also stubborn and independent.

ridgeback dog price

You can teach the individual lessons by yourself and give it group training that can cost you only $50 to $125 for each session, lasting up to four to eight weeks. You can also teach them tracking to keep them active and energetic. Tracking courses can cost you nearly $140 to $400. Yet, it is optional.

Cost of other supplies:

Along with the food, training, and health expenses, the dog supplies are also essential enough to buy as feeding, grooming, training, and living is not possible without these. Your pet dog needs a collar, a leash, separate bowls for food and water, a brush, a bathing tub, shampoo, some toys, a bed, and a home.

At first, you only have to buy the most useful things. Resist yourself from buying the expensive items as your dog does not call for it. Above all, you also have to control yourself from becoming prey to your temptations inside a vet shop as the cute little things can break your budget.

You do not even have to buy tons of toys, an expensive shelter home, or a bed as pivotal things will work also. With time, you can add more items slowly according to your budget and your dog’s needs, without reducing your expenses for it. After all, a pet dog should not be a burden on you and your family in any way.

Insurance price of a Rhodesian ridgeback

The insurance cost of this dog breed also varies with the difference in vet location and the area. The age of your pet dog and the vet’s location can also affect the rate.

However, on average, you can expect to pay between $29 to $111 for a few months pup and $42 to $135 for a 5 years old Rhodesian dog. Some breeders charge even more.

Yet, the initial price range remains the same. For example, the insurance price of Rhodesian ridgeback dogs in the USA ranges between $30 to $50 a month.

rhodesian ridgeback puppy prices

How many colors of Rhodesian dog can you find?

The Rhodesian ridgeback comes in three different colors: wheaten, red wheaten, and light wheaten. This difference in colors depends on the genes and pedigree type of dogs. Both the dark-colored and light-colored Rhodesian change colors since they age.

The prices do vary slightly with the colors because of the breeder type and rarity but ranges between $700 to $2500.

However, you have to be aware of the illegal dog breeders. For instance, the Rhodesian ridgeback does not come in black color, but some breeders sell it at lower prices.

Rhodesian ridgeback costs in other countries?

Rhodesian ridgeback puppy prices vary with the geographical location also. It is solely because of the breed type of dogs they have. The reason can also be the weather conditions and the consequent health concerns of your pet dog.

For instance, the Rhodesian ridgeback price in the USA ranges between $700 to $2000 on average. Rhodesian ridgeback price in Canada for a puppy is not less than $600.

Rhodesian ridgeback price in Sri Lanka is nearly between $4000 to even higher than $33000. Rhodesian ridgeback puppies’ price in the UK is between £600 to £800. However, the Rhodesian ridgeback dog price in the UK is £6,500 and £17,000 or even high above £33,000.

how much are rhodesian ridgeback

In short, this great dog breed is not that expensive if you take great care and keep everything in check.

The initial price rate does not extend from $2500 but, you have to invest some money to give your pet dog a perfect place to live in and treat yourself with the well-groomed, well maintained, healthy, and active pet dog that everyone aspires.

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