Pug dog price | How much does a pug cost ?

A lot of people think that pug dog can be their best companion. Let’s have a look at its features and price of a pug dog. It has a flat round face and big dark eyes with deep wrinkles around them. The word Pug is a Latin word that means “fist”.

So, the dog is named as Pug dog because its face is similar to a human fist. They weigh usually 20 pounds and are 10 to 14 inches tall. There are some moles on the cheeks of a pug dog known as beauty spots.

They have velvety, smooth and usually black ears. The tail is tightly curled and looks unique. Also, they have an undershot jaw. Their mask is black and they have a thumb mark right on their forehead.

Pug dogs are charming as well as friendly. They become good companions of not only their owners but strangers as well. They are happy, funny, good-tempered and loyal. These sociable companions also make a good bond with other animals.

They are quite and calm at times but sometimes they act funny, mischievous and jolly. They just want as much time as the owner can give them because they hate to be lonely. They don’t need a lot of exercises and they are ready to go anywhere.

In this article, we are going to discuss how much is a pug cost and how much is a pug puppy in the market. No matter it is the mini pug price, newborn pug price or merle pug price, all of them will be clear enough at the end of the article.

Prices of Pug dogs in different colours including black, fawn, silver, pink, white, all will be mentioned.

Either it is the Chinese pug price in India or Egypt, nothing is going to be a big question now. Along with these prices, we will discuss some other expenses that you will have to fulfil after buying the Pug dog. So, that you may purchase the dog with a clear mind according to your budget.

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How much does a pug cost?

The pug cost is not the same everywhere, but it varies greatly. Usually, the Pug Dogs prices range from $600 to $1500. Most of the times, the dogs that are in between this range are likely to have papers.

Also, there are pug dogs who have superior lineage hence, they are expensive. In such a case, the pugs price range is $1,900 up to $6,000. This price range depends on the pedigree.

Pedigree refers to make sure that the dog has good health, have an excellent line and is purebred. Other than this, the care provided to the dog, quality food and health are some factors that can cause a rise in the pug dog price.

According to some resources, the average cost of a pug is about $1022.

Micro pug price, Pug Puppies cost or teacup pug price is more than the grown or aged pug dogs. Mostly, people prefer to buy a dog when it is between 4 to 10 weeks of its age.

The Pug dogs that are older than 4 months do not have much importance for customers because most of them want to train the dogs by themselves. So, the purebred pug price after that age will be almost half of its real price.

Purebred baby pug price ranges between $600 to $900. The quality is an important factor that affects the purebred pug price.

One can examine the quality by its colour, breed and golf-bulging eyes or heavy breathing. The dogs that are imported from their native country China cost more.

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How much are pugs worth in different countries:

The price of a pug puppy is variable in different countries as the pug dog price in Sri Lanka is different from pug dog price in Egypt. The country in which the average price for a pug puppy is least expensive in China.

It is because the country is native for these dogs, so the Chinese pug price is between 500 CNY to 1,100 CNY. The pug price in USA ranges from $850 to $2,350, the pug price in UK is between £800 to £1,500 whereas the pug price in India is 10,000 Rs to 40,000 Rs.

The French pug price is between €900 to €1,600.

Other than the geographical location, the average price for a pug puppy depends on the season in which you buy the dog. If you buy the pug dog in winters, you will have to pay a large amount of money because of the high market demand.

Most of the people buy the dogs in winters to enjoy their vacations. Other than winters, if you buy this dog in any season, it will cost you much less because there will be a large number of dogs available in the market due to low demand.

How much do pug puppies cost on variable colours:

Pug dogs and puppies are available in a variety of colours. The chocolate pug price will be a bit different from the silver pug. The three basic coat colours are black, fawn and silver. The black pug price and silver pug price is somewhere between $1000 to $1500.

White pug price is usually near $2000. The pink pugs are also known as Albino dogs and they are pink in colour due to some flawed genetic makeup.

As they are very rare, so the pink pug price is almost $19000, that is quite expensive. Coming towards the brindle pug price, that ranges from $800 to $2000.

Full breed pug price is normally higher than the others. Some breeders can try to sale you a mixed breed brindle pug dog by telling you its purebred and that can cost you a lot of money, but you will not get the desired pet.

So, make sure you are buying a puppy from a trustworthy person.

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How much does a pug puppy cost when the expenses of the other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

Other than knowing the pug average price it is important to know how to take care of a pug dog as it is more likely to have health issues due to over breeding. Also, they are generally said to be high-maintenance dogs.

Most of the people just buy the dog because of its looks and then let the dog suffer by not taking its proper care. Hence, it is important to know the cost of other expenses than buying the dog because one should afford those too.

Yearly Expense of Pug Dog:

At first, it costs about $500 to $2,000 to buy a Pug dog. Then the quality food that you provide the dog for better health and living will cost $550 per year. In case, your dog is facing any health issue, then you have to visit a vet. It usually costs $170 per year.

Whereas the annual health check to veterinarian costs $55. Coming towards flea treatment and tick collars, that costs $240 per year. As you know, Pug dogs do not like to be alone in the apartment or anywhere else, so one has to buy some toys for them.

So that they might get a bit distracted from the loneliness in case, you have to leave the dog alone somewhere. Also, there should be a comfortable bed for them so they can sleep comfortably. The expense of toys and bed will be about $95 per year.

At last, you also need a dog walker and dog sitting for the times you are not available. For that, you may have to pay $780 a year. All these expenses will combine and make a huge amount. So, keep these in mind before having a Pug Dog.

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Cost of feeding a Pug Dog:

Normally a pug dog weighs 14-20 pounds. So according to their weight, it is estimated that their appetite is equal to 1 cup per day. Whereas it increases to 1 and a half cup when the dog is no more a puppy.

So, it costs $2 to $3 per pound of quality dog food. That means 30 pounds of food will cost you $55 and that is equal to 120 cups. So, 3 months expense for the dog food is $55.

Vet expenses:

As discussed before, the pug dogs are most likely to have health issues. So, some of the common pug dog issues along with their treatment costs are Entropion for $300-$1,500, Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis for $1,500-$4,000,

Fold Dermatitis for $300-$2500, Arachnoid Cysts for $4,500-$10 000, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease for $1,000-$3,000 and Portosystemic Shunts for $2,000-$6,000.

Pug Dog price for Insurance:

Insurance is very important for pets so that if there is an emergency, the vets are there for the pug dogs. The insurance price depends on the geographical location, age of the dog and financial standing. Usually, the insurance cost is between $37 to $55 per month of a pug dog.

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In summary, what is a pug price range and how much do baby pugs cost are the major queries of most of the customers, that have been made clear in this article? If you think that the dog is too much expensive for you then you can adopt the pug dog for only $350-$550.

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