Portuguese Water Dog Price- How Much Are Portuguese Water Dogs?

How much does a Portuguese water dog cost? All of you who are passionate about Portuguese water dogs must be thinking about this question. If you are one of them, you are at the right place!

You will find Portuguese water dogs for sale in different corners of the Earth, but there is no certain Portuguese water dog price that one can say he has to pay for having a dog.

But before discussing that how much is a Portuguese water dog depending on several aspects, we should have a look at how a small Portuguese water dog looks like, and what are its personality traits.

Portuguese Waterdog, also known as King of water, has excellent water abilities and swimming skills. In some areas or parts, it is also known as Cao Di Aqua meaning the dog of water.

They are affectionate and loyal dogs but need early socialization for better raise up. Having clownish behavior in their personality, they will make you laugh while being around you and always make you smile by doing silly stuff.

portuguese water dog costs

Being extremely alert, these dogs can be great watchdogs. By their smartness, they can predict what the owner is planning to do with the dog, and react according to it.

If you want to make it a better-rounded dog, train them properly. They have cool temperaments and get along with other pets as well. They might not be good with younger children because of their energy.

Having great energy requirements, they need exercise daily for maintaining their shape and temperament. Usually, temperament depends on how you raise it.

Portuguese water dogs are great swimmers and divers. Their body shape and coat are designed for swimming. They can go in deep waters to fetch nets and other lost tools. These dogs come in two different coats, one is wavy and the other one is curly.

They have strong tails which help in swimming. This breed is the pride of fishermen because of its abilities and skill in the water. Its body is designed to swim thus they have great stamina and endurance while working on the field.

The height of the male dogs starts from 21 to 23 inches but the ideal height for show and competitions is 22 inches. Females can stand from 19 inches to 21 inches and the ideal height for competitions and shows is 19 inches for them.

The weight of a male Portuguese dog ranges from 38 pounds to 60 pounds whereas, the female can be from 45 to 55 pounds. In this article, we are going to discuss the Portuguese water dog costs in detail.

Everything you want to know about the Portuguese water dog puppy for sale will be addressed here. From color to location, buying to owning, you will have a complete idea about everything at the end. Let us get started on the miniature Portuguese water dog for sale and the Portuguese water dog puppies cost.

Where can I buy a Portuguese water dog?

A dog can be bought from a lot of places but it is important to know which one is more convenient and trustworthy. Before knowing the Portuguese water dog for sale price, it is important to know that where to buy Portuguese water dog.

Well, among all the places and methods from which you can buy a Portuguese water dog, the most recommended one by us is adoption. Adopting a dog brings new hope to the dog’s life also, offers a lot of benefits to the buyer. Who doesn’t want a dog with a high-quality and excellent pedigree, at a very affordable price? Adoption can let you have this!

portuguese water dogs for sale

Besides this, you can find a reputable breeder who can tell you the exact features and qualities of the dog, and ask you for a genuine cost of Portuguese water dogs.

Be careful about the backyard breeders, as they make false claims about the health of the dog, and ask for an unjust price for the Portuguese water dogs sale. Also, never visit a pet store or prefer puppy mills for buying a dog as those dogs get sick earlier due to poor quality.

How much are Portuguese water dogs?

After choosing where to get a Portuguese water dog, now it is time to know what each method will cost. If you are curious about that how much does a Portuguese water dog costs when you deal with a reputable breeder, then this Portuguese water dog price range will be $2000-3000 on average.

However, backyard breeders can ask you for the same price as Portuguese water dogs, but for a low-quality dog. Portuguese water dog average price ranges from $1500-2500, but being an expressive dog breed, it will always cost you above $2000 if the quality is superior.

Portuguese water dog adoptions will cost you $35-500 on average to cover the expenses of shelters that they have spent on the food and training of the dog. In addition to shelters, you can find the dogs for adoption at rescues, or fostering them by getting them from a former owner is a nice option as well.

How much is a Portuguese water dog puppy in multiple colors?

The Portuguese water dog comes in brown, white, black, white & chocolate, and black & white coat colors. We all know that the coat color which is rare and popular will cost you more than the usual one.

The White Portuguese water dog is quite rare as compared to the others hence, the white Portuguese water dog price is always above $2500 whereas, the black Portuguese water dog price, black & white Portuguese water dog price,

cost of portuguese water dogs

white & chocolate Portuguese water dog price, brown Portuguese water dog price, and black and white Portuguese water dog will cost you anywhere between $2000-3000, and even above for the show-quality dogs.

How much are Portuguese water dogs in different countries?

How much do Portuguese water dogs cost in the city you live in? Don’t have any idea what Portuguese water dog breeders near me will ask for the pup? No need to worry! The location has a major impact on the cost of a Portuguese water dog.

Although this breed is already expensive, people in that area where this dog is less common will have to pay more for the dog. Let us have a look at the Portuguese water dog price in some of the popular cities and countries.

portuguese water dog breeders near me

Portuguese water dog price Australia is $1200 on average but if you want to import the dog in the country, get ready to pay anywhere near $10,000. Portuguese water dog price Canada is always above than $2000.

Portuguese water dog price in India ranges from ₹65,000 to ₹90,000 while Portuguese water dog price in Portugal ranges from $1500-2500.

Portuguese water dog price Ontario is $2400 on average, while Portuguese water dog price the USA ranges from $2000-3000. Portuguese water dog price UK asked by the Portuguese water dog breeders UK can be as low as £1000.

How much does a Portuguese water dog puppy cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

Buying a Portuguese water dog isn’t the end of expending money, but it is just the first step. After knowing that how much Portuguese water dog puppies cost, it is time to know how to own the dog.

portuguese water dog

Owning the dog means keeping the dog healthy by providing all the essential requirements, and taking care of all its things. Let us have a look at the expenses of some important things included in Portuguese water dog puppy costs.

  • Cost of important supplies:

When a Portuguese dog arrives at your home, you should welcome it in such a way that your house should seem its home. Bring all the important supplies for the dog such as dog collar, leash, dog bed,

dog crate, food and water bowls, pooper scooper, odor removal spray, toothbrush, hairbrush, first aid kit, etc. The expense of all these things, which adds up in the Portuguese water dog puppy price is $185 – $790 for the first year, and $75 – $330 for the rest of the years.

  • Training cost:

Training this dog breed is not an issue as it is intelligent and easy to train. You can save a lot of money by training the dog yourself but if you don’t have any experience,

we will recommend you to take your dog for group training sessions for basic training. 5 1-hour group sessions weekly will cost you $100-200 which adds to the budget along with the Portuguese water dog puppy cost.

  • Vet cost:

When a pup is young, it is recommended to take it for a regular checkup for the vet once every 3 months. Also, vaccinations are compulsory as well for the health of the dog.

The medical expenses of the dog will be $395 – $795 for the first year. $380 – $825 is for the rest of the years. If you wonder about the Portuguese water dog puppy’s cost for spaying and neutering, then it is $50-$450 depending on the healthcare center.

  • Pet insurance:

Among all these owning factors of the dog, the most important is insurance and most people do not consider it necessary.

Insurance for the medical and accidental issues is $565 however; those who only want to pay for accidental coverage usually pay $190.

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