Pomeranian Price | How much is a Pomeranian dog?

This dog breed is one of its kind. It is the most beautiful, active, attractive, playful, soft, and fluffy dog that appeals to everyone at a glance and has already captured the hearts of thousands. It is intelligent, quick to learn, and has a strong personality within a small size.

A small-sized, plush, soft, and cuddly body under a clever foxy face is what drops the Pomeranian dog breed under the highest price tag. But is this the only reason? No obviously.

We are here to clear up your these queries focusing deeply upon all the possible expenses to pet this dog. The initial Pomeranian dog price to how much its care can charge you, we are discussing it all.

So, continue reading if you are planning to buy one but are worried about the expenses as we know a family pet dog should not be a burden at any cause and in any way.

What is the average price of a Pomeranian puppy?

The Pomeranian price ranges somewhere between $500 to $1,500. Spitz Pomeranian price is nearly $1500 to $3,000. On the other hand, Teacup Pomeranian price is $1,500 and can be even more ranging high above $5000 for a dog.

While the price of a teacup Pomeranian puppy is approximately $1,500. So, now you know the answer to the most common question: what is the average price for a teacup Pomeranian which is however relatively similar to the price of Pomeranian puppies and even babies. Just make sure that these prices are based on an estimate calculation and a slight up and down can occur.

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How much is a Pomeranian dog?

The above segment has answered the question of how much Pomeranian puppies can cost you. This part will focus on what is the pom dog price as a whole. The standard lowest price for a Pomeranian dog breed is $500 as the actual price varies between $500 to $1500.

The prices can also vary according to the pedigree and breed type, that is the dogs having excellent bloodline can even range up to $5000-$10,000 or purebred Pomeranian price is even higher than usual.

The reason why lineage is essential is that the purest breed produces the healthiest breed. So, consequently reduces the vet expenses.

Above all, you can adopt a Pomeranian dog also. The adoption price ranges between $350 to $550 including vaccinations and registration. So, you can get this soft, cuddly, fluffy ball at lower prices, sheltering it, gifting yourself a pet, and your pocket some savings.

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What are the other expenses that add to the Pomeranian dog’s prices?

When it comes to other expenses the topmost thing is always the feeding, grooming, training, and the health issues that one can not even skip. Taking care of a pet dog is relatively difficult but not that expensive if properly calculated and maintained.

Feeding Pomeranian cost

A Pomeranian dog is one of the most active and playful dogs so needs a good amount of food to consume but it does not break the bank. Their average weight is 8 to 9 pounds so based on this observation they only consume a cup of food per day.

As per research, a good quality dog good is nearly about $2 to $3 per pound so a bag of 30 pounds will be of $55 that yields nearly 120 cups of food. So, one bag can last for approximately 2 months and more depending on the size and gender of the Pomeranian dog.

Along with this, treating your pet dog holds a bonus point and can boost up your dog’s mood and activity level. It is not even that cheap. You can expect to pay only about $10 a month.

how much is a pomeranian dog

Vet expense

Pomeranian dogs are relatively healthy and active dogs but minor ailments are common and it can cost you between $250 to $2000 depending on the issues and concerns. They are prone to almost all diseases because of their healthy breeding.

Yet, the most common health issues are collapsing windpipe, dental problems, eye diseases, arthritis, and luxating patellas. The treatment of entropion costs nearly $300-$1500,  patella luxation charges up to $3000 and Cryptorchidism costs about $200-$500.

Apart from this, if you want to get your pet dog spayed or neutered then you should do it as soon as possible which does not charge more than $500 and the least is $250.

Dog Pomeranian price for insurance

The insurance of a Pomeranian dog varies with the ages. For instance, you can get the insurance of your 6 Months Old pom in nearly $38 to $69. Yet, for the insurance of 5 Years Old Pomeranian puppies you can cost up to $48 to $83.

Training expenses

A well-maintained well-mannered pet dog is also preferable and when it comes to training a pom we advise you to enroll it in the early days. Otherwise, it can acquire a disruptive and dominant personality.

For this, you can require professional assistance. Group lessons charges range between $50 to $125 per hour session lasting for up to four to eight weeks of training.how much do pomeranian puppies cost

You can teach your pet dog the personal training lessons by yourself from the start as they are quick to adapt and learn new skills. However, enrollment in initial years can produce a more well-mannered dog in fewer years.


Grooming of a pom on the other hand needs a lot of time and effort. This fluffy ball needs regular brushing to keep the fur coat straight and soft as always. However, you can do the bathing, brushing, and trimming by yourself. Yet, if you need any assistance then you can apply for an appointment that can charge you nearly 40$-75$ per session.

Other essential supplies:

A new dog owner requires some other essential tools also to fulfill the necessities. First of all, a dog needs a water and food bowl, bed, shampoo, brush, and some toys to play with.

However, while shopping for a dog keep your focus on your budget as the cute little things can even distract you and break your budget so be careful. You can add other fun things with the time in your shopping cart.

Pomeranian dog cost of variant colors if any?

Pomeranian dog breed comes in various colors so the prices also vary concerning the rarity and the market demand. The most common colors are white, black, golden, chocolate brown, and black and tan.

White Pomeranian price ranges between $500 and $1,500, black Pomeranian price holds the standard price of $1,000, golden Pomeranian price is about $500 and $1500, the chocolate Pomeranian price range is $1,800 – $2,500 and the black and tan Pomeranian price is $2,000 – $3,000.

It is important to note here that these prices can even slightly change depending on the pet stores and the breed type. Several breeders even charge double prices so this estimated calculation is necessary to make up your mind.

white pomeranian price

Does the Pomeranian dog come in various sizes also?

Yes, the prices do vary in most cases. The price of a micro Pomeranian is nearly $1,500 to $5,000. Mini Pomeranian price is about $2,000 and $5,000, baby Pomeranian price is about $500 and $1500.

While the boo Pomeranian price is $600 to $1,000. So, the prices can be slightly different for each size of the Pomeranian dog because of the other necessities that a pet dog holds and also the breeder type.

Does the price vary with geographical locations?

You want to buy a Pomeranian dog breed from which country or your pet dog belongs to which habitat makes a substantial difference due to a plethora of above-mentioned causes. If we talk about the Pomeranian price in India you can find a pom dog for Rs. 3000 which is the lowest price and can go high above Rs. 75,000.

Pomeranian price in the USA is between $500-$1,500. Pomeranian price in Egypt is about 22,500- 31000 EGP. The Pomeranian price in the Philippines is ₱ 11,000- ₱ 25,000.

Pomeranian price in Nepal is between 60,000 Nepali rupees and the price of a Pomeranian puppy UK is about £2,800. The weather and change in location can also mark the significant difference in other expenses of the dog so you have to estimate according to it.

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So, to sum up, the prices of a teacup Pomeranian dog varies according to lineage, bloodline, color, geographical location, and even size. Yet, the standard prices remain the same. As a reminder, the initial Pomeranian price for a puppy is $500-$1,500 and for a purebred dog goes up to $3000 and even more.

The annual expenses of petting a pom dog can reach up to 1 lac. It depends on the owner that how it manages its budget as after all as we always say a pet dog should not be an emotional and financial burden on anyone.

Read this ultimate guide thoroughly, calculate and alter your expenses according to your likings before getting your hands on one and you are ready to go.

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