Pointer Dog Price-How much does a pointer dog cost?

Pointer dog, also known as English Pointer, was originated in England and is included in the pointing dog breed. It is a favorite of many of you, so you would be wondering about how it looks, its temperament, and what is the pointer dog price.

Well, we are here to tell you everything. It is a medium-sized dog with a unique style head. It has an uplifted nose and well-formed nostrils. The eyes are in dark color whereas the ears start at the level of eyes, reach till jaw and close to head having no or little fold.

The neck is muscular and slightly arched while the shoulders are thin, muscular, and long. The strong legs make the dog run speedily. The coat is short and silky, which is usually in bicolor; in a pattern or solid colors, most other colors along with white, like orange, liver, black, lemon.

The male pointer dogs are 25cm to 27cm in height, while the female’s height ranges between 24 to 26 cm. The males weigh between 18 to 34 kg while females weigh 16 to 30 kg. The life span of this dog is approximately between 12 to 17 years. Such a lifespan is worth the pointer dog prices.

Pointer Dog Price

The pointer dog name is appropriate according to its characteristics; as it is good at pointing birds and is a multi-talented field and sport dog. The pointer dogs love to play and are very lively.

They need daily exercise to keep themselves healthy and active. For this purpose, you can take it on long walks, do strength exercises and play, like obedience, agility, fly play, tracking, etc.

As they are versatile, you can train your dog as you want because it is good at hunting, sports, athlete, and many other things. They want to get busy doing exercises, play or walk otherwise they become aggressive when are bored, which results in consequences, like digging or chewing things. Pointer dogs need minimal maintenance because they have short and silky coats.

To make the dog look best, weekly brushing is required, it also removes the dirt from the coat. The ears should be checked daily and cleaned. The nails have to be trimmed when lengthened, as long nails may cause discomfort for dogs while walking or running. Proper screening of health is required, for the healthy life of pointer dog.

Here, we will discuss the pointer (dog breed) price from different angles by keeping all those factors in mind, that affect the price range. We will discuss the cost asked by the usual breeders also, the price according to various colors.

In different countries the price is variable, so, we will let you know the cost in most of the areas such as pointer dog breed price in India, pointer dog price in Jammu, pure pointer dog price in Pakistan, Pointer dog price the Philippines, pointer dog breeders the UK and many more.

How much is a pointer dog?

The first question that comes into mind after you plan to have a dog is that how much does a pointer dog cost. Well, there is no fixed price of the dog as, it varies depending on multiple aspects like coat colors, location, breed line, health, age, gender, and many more. But on the whole, the pointer dog cost ranges from $700-1000.

The average price of a pointer dog is $800 according to the mentioned price range. The pointer dog of top breed lines or show quality is demanded by few people.

The cost for such dogs is as low as $1500 and as high as $3000. Also, some breeders sell puppies or pointer dogs that are already trained with excellent hunting skills. These puppies cost $2000-3000.

How much does a pointer dog cost

We recommend you to buy the dog with hunting skills, or those who have some little hunting training so you could use your dog for multiple purposes. While, if you want a house pet, then look for those hunting dogs that are rehomed by people because they have poor hunting skills.

Another option for a home dog is adoption because the pointer dogs in shelters are not specially trained for hunting, but they have basic training like obedience.

So, the pointer dog price for adoption ranges from $350 to $500. They ask for this price to cover the expenses of the dog so that it could be used for another one now.

How much do pointer puppies cost in variable colors?

As we know, color matters a lot when it comes to the price of a dog. The popular and rare colors cost more than those which are very common.

The multiple coat colors of this dog include lemon and white, black and white, liver, liver and white, orange and white, and black.

Tricolor dogs or pointer dogs with solid colors are rare, but they have a demand. So, the Black pointer dog price is expensive than the others, hence, it will cost you around $1000 on average.

pointer dog cost

whereas, the orange & white pointer dog price, liver & white pointer dog price, lemon & white pointer dog price, liver pointer dog price, Black & white Pointer dog price falls in the same range.

The average cost of pointer dogs in these colors is $800. Apart from this, none of the coat colors of the pointer dog looks bad on the dog. If a dog is a good hunter, it will not happen that it will have a bad coat color.

How much does a pointer puppy cost in different countries?

Now if you are wondering that what is the pointer puppies’ price in your area, then this detailed discussion of prices depending on the area will help you a lot. The pointer dog price in India ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹30,000 whereas the price in other cities of India is the same.

pointer dog price in pakistan

So, the pointer dog price in Punjab, pointer dog price in Chandigarh, or pointer dog price in Delhi falls in the same range of price of pointer dog in India. The pointer dog price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 35000 to Rs. 75,000.

Pointer dog price in Lahore can be as low as Rs. 20,000 depending on the age, but some dogs of top breed lines are for Rs. 1,00,000 in Lahore.

Pointer dog price in Peshawar falls in the same range as the Pakistani pointer dog price. Pointer dog price in Sri Lanka is seen ₨.50,000.00 in some areas whereas, Pointer dog price UK ranges from £1000 to £2500.

How much do pointer dogs cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

Do not get over-excited about buying a pointer dog at an affordable price because there is a lot more. Not only you must buy a dog, but also, to provide it with a comfortable and easy lifestyle is necessary. Everything that is required for the proper care should be bought to welcome the dog home.

This stuff includes multiple gadgets like food and water bowls, poop bags, dog crate, bedding, first aid kit, hairbrush, toothbrush, shampoo, toe-nail clipper, harness, dog collar, and many more.

Also, some other expenses that add-on to the pointer dog price are high-quality food, training, microchipping, grooming, license, insurance, medical costs, and dog walking.

  • Yearly Expense of Pointer dog:

It is good to check your budget according to the yearly expense because it is not right to buy a dog if you cannot afford its expenses.

The first-year cost of the Pointer dog is higher than the following years because, some one-time expenses including welcoming stuff, training, neutering and spaying, license, and other stuff are done when the dog comes to your house.

pointer dog price in punjab

So, the pointer price for expenses of the first year is $3700. While, for the next years, the price is quite affordable, that is average $1615 for the whole year.

  • Grooming:

The short coat of a pointer dog is easy to maintain hence, there is no need to hire a groomer or waste your money. But if you are not easy with doing it by yourself, then take your dog to the groomer at least 6 times a year. For each session, he will ask you about $40-60 that is added to the pointer dog puppy price.

  • Training:

If you think that you can train this dog on your own, then in our opinion, you should change your thought because proper professional training is important for pointer dogs.

Either you can take them for group training sessions or hire a personal trainer. For 5 to 7 private lessons, a trainer will ask you around $750-1000 whereas, for 5 group sessions, the price will be $150-200.

  • Food:

A pointer puppy consumes around 190 pounds of dry food in the entire year whereas that of a dog eats 280 pounds. So, the pointer dog breed cost for food will be $225 for the puppies and $255 for an adult dog. Treats to reward the dog will cost you $125-715.

  • Insurance:

Insurance is the best solution for a safe and long life of a dog. The insurance of pointer dogs for accidental issues is $190. Whereas, if you want your dog to be treated well in the case of illness as well as accidents, then you should be ready to pay $565.

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