Newfoundland dog price-how much is a newfoundland dog?

If you want to have a big dog in your house, then a dog with loads of affection and intelligence will be best for you. Newfoundland falls in this category and one can never get over this loveable and clownish dog.The most important question about Newfoundland dog price is that what is the average price of a Newfoundland dog keeping numerous elements in mind.

But let us tell you about some of its physical characteristics and personality traits first. This will make your mind clear about either you want to have the dog or not.

Although the dog has a massive and powerful body, its body is compact and longer than its height. They have webbed paws with strong legs. They have broad, deep, and spacious chest, and their bones are quite heavy.

The long tail does not curl up over the body but always hangs. The big broadhead has dark brown wide eyes that give an expression of sweetness and love. Their ears are triangular but comparatively small concerning the large body.

newfoundland dog price

The muzzle of this dog is equal in length and height. The skull’s crown a bit arched. Although the dog has a massive body, it is perfectly balanced with its weight.

The weight of a female Newfoundland dog is about 100 to 120 pounds whereas that of male dogs is 130-150 pounds. On the other hand, the average height of a male dog is 28 inches and the female dog is 26 inches.

All of these features are worth the Newfoundland dog costs. Lastly, their life span is 9-10 years.

Newfoundland dogs are highly affectionate, loving, sweet, and gentle dogs. Unlike other large dog breeds, they do not bark unnecessarily. They are good family dogs and shows the highest peak of loyalty to their owners.

No matter their size, they are always good towards other pets and children as well. The dog is also famous for one of the most important quality, that is usually absent in large dogs, patience.

The cheerful and sociable dog loves to get into the water and play for a long time, as they have webbed feet, but in general, they are not as such playful dogs. despite their gentle nature, whenever the dog senses something wrong, they can be protective as well.

In this article, we are going to answer all your questions regarding the Newfoundland dog breed including how much does a purebred Newfoundland puppy costs or what is the giant Newfoundland dog price.

Also, we will tell you about the Newfoundland puppy price in different currencies and countries.  For example, Newfoundland dog price in rupees, Newfoundland dog price in south Africa, Newfoundland dog puppy price in India, or in different cities of India such as Newfoundland dog price in Pune.

newfoundland dog costs

How much does a Newfoundland dog cost?

Now, as you are well-aware about the dog breed, let us highlight the question that how much is a Newfoundland dog. The Newfoundland dogs cost ranges from $500-2500 depending upon the breeder and its pedigree.

Well, if you are wondering that what is the average price of a Newfoundland dog, then it is $1200 usually. Some breeders do not ask for many prices, and their range is about $800-1500.

Now, if you are looking for that how much is a purebred Newfoundland then get ready to pay not less than 1000 dollars for a purebred dog. Purebred Newfoundland dog prices can range from $1000 to-2000.

There is another budget-friendly option for you if you are finding these prices too much. Newfoundland pup can be adopted from any adoption center, shelters, or formal owners.

These dogs are also purebred, the only difference between the adopted dogs and the dogs from breeders is that there is no one to take care of the adopted ones. So, you will not regret trusting the quality of dogs. The Newfoundland puppy cost for adoption is $300.

What is the price of a Newfoundland dog in different countries?

Everyone fond of large and friendly companions is curious about the Newfoundland dog for sale price in different corners of the world. Like some people ask that how much does a Newfoundland puppy cost UK or how much is a Newfoundland dog UK.

We are here to tell you all what you need. The Newfoundland dog price UK ranges from £1500-3000. Newfoundland dog price in India ranges from 75,000-1 lakh. It is quite rare in this country but in Kolkata, the dog breed is mostly available.

Newfoundland dog price in Bangalore ranges from Rs 75,000 to more than 1 lakh. Newfoundland dog prices in Kerala and Newfoundland dog price in Delhi ranges from ₹100,000 – ₹300,000.

price of a newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dog price in Chennai and Newfoundland dog price in Hyderabad falls in the same range as well. Newfoundland dog price in Kolkata ranges from INR 2,00,000 to 3,00,000.

After India, there are some other countries where people are fond of this breed. Now, let us have a look at the prices there. The average Newfoundland dog price in the Philippines is $2500.

Newfoundland dog price in USA on average is $1200 but if you want a dog with top-breed lines, then you should get ready to pay somewhere between $2400-9500.

The Newfoundland dog price Canada ranges from $800 to $1300. Whereas, Newfoundland dog price in Pakistan is more than 2,00,000. Newfoundland dog price in Sri Lanka is much expensive than other breeds in that country because they are not available that much.

How much do Newfoundland puppies cost in multiple colors?

The dense coat of the Newfoundland dog is water-resistant. Well, there are four coat colors of the dog breed including black and white, brown, black, and grey. Many people wonder that is brown Newfoundland’s rare.

The answer to this question is no because the brown color in this breed is not rare, but due to most of the people’s demand, the breeders deal in black color mostly.

Black and Black and White Newfoundland dog prices are a bit higher than the other two standard colors because when the dog breed was originated, black, and black and white were considered as the only real color of the dogs.

Also, they have more demand than grey and brown. Hence, the grey and brown Newfoundland dog price range from $800-2000 whereas the price of black, and black and white ranges from $1200-3000.

how much does newfoundland dog cost

How much is a Newfoundland dog cost when the expenses of other requirements of dog add-on to the budget?

After knowing that how much does it cost to buy a Newfoundland dog, now it is time to know that how much does it cost to own a Newfoundland dog.

Newfoundland dog grooming price, training price of a Newfoundland dog, and all the important supplies’ average price for a Newfoundland dog are the expenses that one has to face to own a Newfoundland dog.

The medical and veterinary costs are also added to the price of owning a Newfoundland dog. Let us have a detailed look at these expenses.

Initial expenses:

When you buy a puppy, you ought to need some essential supplies that will be useful for a lifetime. As food and water bowls are necessary to feed your dog properly and hygienically.

These food bowls will cost you $10-40. 2 dog collars will cost you around $10-40. A dog bed for comfortable sleep will cost you $30-110 as the dog has a massive body. An ID tag with a phone number will cost you $5-25 whereas the Dog crate price is somewhere between $20 and $80 depending upon the quality. Leash for the dog is for $10-30.

If you want to buy some toys so that your dog has something to play with, then they will cost you about $50-$150. All of these expenses adds-on the Newfoundland dog breeds price.


Mostly, experts suggest that a Newfoundland puppy doesn’t need to have private training. Group sessions will provide them with sufficient training. Five-weekly sessions for one hour will cost you around $150-200 and you will find your dog obedient and social.

Med costs:

The vet cost for the first year of the Newfoundland puppy that includes some vaccination and regular check-ups is about $440 – $855 whereas, for an adult dog, you must be ready to pay somewhere between $525 – $1,025.

Now some of the owners want Spaying or Neutering of their dogs. Their cost depends on the healthcare center but on average the price ranges from $50 – $500. To prevent gastric dilatation, some people want to go their dogs under Gastropexy that will cost them $200 – $400.

newfoundland dog puppy price


The price of Newfoundland dog’s other expenses also includes its food costs. A puppy eats approximately 440 pounds of food as it is quite necessary for its growth.

The food should of high-quality and hygienic so that it may not affect the pup’s health. The food required for a Newfoundland puppy will cost you about $335 – $660.

In the case of grown dogs, due to their large body, they require sufficient food. An adult Newfoundland dog eats about 470 pounds of food even after its growth is completed. This much food will cost you around $230-720.


Most people prefer to groom their dogs themselves because Newfoundland dogs do not require much maintenance. Whereas, if you prefer a professional groomer, then you should pay a visit to the groomer 8 times a year.

Then, the grooming price will also add-on to the Newfoundland dog price range. Each visit will cost you around $60-130 as the coat is dense and long.


Newfoundland dog puppy price for insurance is necessary for the safety and long-life of your dog. Some people pay only for accidental insurance that will cost you around $190 every year. Whereas, if you want to pay for both illness and accidental situations, then be ready to pay for $565.

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