Maltese dog price-how much does a maltese cost?

Maltese dogs are quite popular among the dog breeds and many people are wondering what is the Maltese dog price.  Before going there, let’s have a look at some other information.

Maltese dogs are too friendly and love to cuddle which makes you and the dog feel really good. They are small in size, so are easy to carry with you even if you go for a long walk, and are fun to play with as they are friendly.

To take Maltese dog on a walk and play with them, makes them and you feel happy. They shed only few dead hairs in a day as compared to other dogs. So, are least allergenic for a person who has pet-related allergies.

The Maltese dog is one of the dogs from the oldest breed of dog. The head of Maltese dogs are slightly round and a small nose which is in pink or brown colour may be due to lack of more sunlight, but when exposed to a lot of sunlight, the nose turns black.

maltese dog price

The eyes are brown and have darker colour pigmentation around and have dropped ears. The Maltese dogs take their tail in a curled position almost every time.

The male Maltese dog weighs between 3 to 8 pounds while the female weighs between 2 to 7 pounds. If we look at the heights of Maltese dogs; 9 to 10 inches for male while 8 to 9 inches for females.

They have different hair cuts. The standard cut looks very elegant as it has long silky hair and you have to take care a lot for its maintenance. A puppy cut looks so cute on Maltese dog, having very short hair and is easy to maintain.

In the teddy bear cut, dog clippers are used and are carefully cut to give your dog a teddy bear look. The life span of Maltese dogs usually ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Many people want to know about maltese cross dog price, coco the Maltese dog price, Bichon Maltese dog price or Maltese poodle dog price, but in this article, we will discuss a price for a Maltese dog in different countries, regions and colours as well.

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Lastly, the additional expenses of owning the Maltese dog will be discussed.

maltese dog cost

How much does a Maltese cost?

Maltese dog cost varies depending on multiple factors but usually, Maltese dog price range is $1,000-$4,000.

Breeders that are of low standards are willing to give the dog for $600 whereas the breeders with a good reputation having purebred Maltese dogs will ask you $2,500 for a male and about $3,000 for a female Maltese dog.

Price of a Maltese dog which is of show quality can be as expensive as $4000.

Moreover, if you are not able to buy the Maltese dog from a breeder of good repute who charges you a lot, then adopting the dog is a better option rather than buying it from sellers making false claims.

You can adopt a dog or puppy from former owners or dog shelters. You cannot doubt their health because these dogs are cheaper only because they are homeless. Adoption is a life-changing option for both the dog and the owner. The adoption of a Maltese dog puppy price is around $300.

How much are Maltese in variable colours?

The only colour in which the purebred Maltese dog comes is Pure white. They do not have an undercoat, hence shedding is not common in this breed. So, if any one of you has an allergy, then this dog is the best option for you.

Whereas in some cases, there are some markings on the face or other body of the dogs. Some breeders trap the buyers by telling them that there are some other coat colours of this breed but that is false. However, the brown or black colours can be obtained by the cross of other breeds.

how much are malteses

One of those factors on which the Maltese puppies price range depends is colour. As discussed, the purebred Maltese dog for sale price in white coat colour is $2500 for female and $3000 for male. On the other hand, brown Maltese dog price and black Maltese dog price, both are somewhere between $1000-4000.

How much is a Maltese dog in multiple countries?

In different countries, the price of the Maltese dog is different. Maltese dog price in the USA ranges from $600-4000 depending on the breeder and quality of a dog. Maltese dog price in India ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹50,000. So, Maltese dog price in Delhi and Maltese dog price in Mumbai are not so different.

Maltese dog price in Kolkata range starts from Rs. 50,000. Maltese dog price in Kerala ranges from 15,000 Rs to 28,000 Rs. Maltese dog price in Chennai ranges from 50,000 – 1,25,000.

Brown Maltese dog price in India and Bichon Maltese dog price in India both are also for ₹30,000 to ₹50,000. Maltese dog price in Bangalore ranges from 6,000Rs-8,000Rs. Maltese dog price in Bangladesh is about 10,000 TK.

Maltese dog price in Canada is somewhere between $1200-3000.  Maltese dog price in Dubai is about 900 AED. Maltese dog price in Egypt ranges from $1000-2500.

Maltese dog price in England or Maltese dog price UK in some areas is seen as low as £100 whereas it can be as high as £2,000 as well. Maltese dog price in Hyderabad ranges from 15,000 Rs to 28,000.

Maltese dog price in Pakistan ranges from $20,000-60,000. Maltese dog price in Lebanon ranges from $400-2500. Maltese dog price in Malaysia is between RM 1000-6,800 depending on the quality of a dog. Maltese dog price in Pune is near 20,000.

how much does a maltese cost

What is the average price of a Maltese dog when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

The important thing is not only that what is the price of Maltese dog, but one should know about all the health and care expenses as well. these expenses eventually add up in full-grown Maltese dog price.

Some of these expenses include veterinary costs, medical issues, insurance, training, dog walking, grooming, chipping, and many more. Also, there are some essential supplies that one need to buy for his pup. Let us have a detailed look at these things.

Initial Expenses:

When you buy a puppy, it is important to provide it with a comfortable environment. Collar and leash will cost you $25 and it shows your dog some love. A carrier bag will cost you $40.

The dog crate will cost you $35 but it depends on the size of the dog. The initial medical expenses can cost you approximately $70.

It is important to train the dog as soon as possible so, train it yourself if you have some experience, otherwise you can hire a trainer or take your dog for training sessions that will cost you almost $100. S

ome people want to spay or neuter their dogs and that will cost them on average $190 but can vary according to the hospital or clinic.

Annual Costs:

When you are well aware of teacup Maltese dog price, its time to review some annual cost you have to pay for its care. High quality and hygienic food are good for your dog’s stomach as it keeps several diseases away from it.

Unlike poor quality food, good quality food for the dog will cost you $55 per year. The second important thing is the medical expenditure. It includes all vaccination, regular check-up, infection or any other problem.

All of these can cost you around $210. Sometimes, it is good to offer your dog’s treat and give them toys to play with. So, Toys and treats will cost you around $40. In some countries, it is necessary to have a license for getting a pet. In that case, you will have to pay $15 for the license but it varies with the country.price of a maltese dog

Additional costs:

The dog walk is essential to keep them fit and active. If you are not available for your dog all the time, them a dog walker would be best for it. Dog walkers charge usually $12-25 per walk.

For the maintenance of the dog, one should visit a groomer for at least 3 to 6 times a year. These grooming sessions will cost you around $25-50 dollars depending on the services. All of these are added in the Maltese dog breed price.


Usually, people pay $36 to $54 for insurance of the Maltese dog. It can vary depending on location. But insurance makes your dog safe and you can visit any medical healthcare centre in case of illness or accident.

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