Labrador retriever price-What are labrador puppy prices?

If you’re looking for a breed of dog that’s both friendly and hardworking, the Labrador retriever must never fail to amaze you. Let us have a look at the Labrador retriever price and its features.

The Labrador is a moderate dog, not outrageous at all. It is square or marginally more than tall of height 21 to 24 inches at the shoulder, of genuinely huge bone and substance. Weight around 55 to 80 pounds.

The variety’s expansive head and solid jaws empowered the canine to convey the biggest game flying creatures, for example, Canada geese. A substantial body and solid legs empower the canine to swim and run effectively.

The coat, which is short, straight, and thick with a delicate undercoat, is weatherproof and assists with shielding it from frosty waters. The Lab is a working retriever and has style without over-refinement, and substance without awkwardness.

The Labrador is not only the dog that has an exceptional training ability but also is known for being the loveable dog so if you don’t have one after this you will plan to buy one.

These dogs are not wild and very playful with children, hence leave them around with children so that your child has a best friend from the very first day. Labrador retriever is bouncy, cheerful, loyal, and enthusiastic and if given the right amount of training they learn just in time.

labrador retriever price

The dog breed is not only friendly with its trainer but is people-oriented and love to play games. The Lab is a quiet house dog, energetic yard dog, and extraordinary field dog, all around the same time.

Labs are anxious to if it’s not too much trouble appreciates learning, and dominate in submission. It is an amazing variety that loves to swim and recover. Labradors are dynamic and amiable canines. The Labrador retriever is a generally healthy breed with an average lifespan of 11-13 years.

There are many questions related to this breed in the mind of most of the people like how much is a Labrador puppy. We will discuss baby Labrador retriever price as well as the Labrador retriever price range.

Also, people ask about the dog’s price in different countries including labrador retriever puppy price in Bangalore, Labrador retriever price in Coimbatore, labrador retriever puppies for sale in Chennai price, labrador retriever price in Dubai, labrador retriever dog price in Philippines, Labrador retriever price in Malaysia, labrador retriever price in Sri Lanka and many more.

So, we will discuss most of them. Coat colours have an impact on the price as well so, you will also know about golden retriever cross labrador price, labrador golden retriever puppy price, labrador retriever black puppy price and how much do chocolate labs cost in this article.

labrador retriever costs

How much does a Labrador puppy cost?

Labradors price can vary according to its appearance, size, colour health and age so it’s generally something that can fluctuate according to the following reasons because it’s generally healthier the dog, the greater is its price.

A Labrador retriever puppy is most likely to cost an average of $400-$1,500 with the normal price being $800. The Labrador retriever prices range from $400-1200 because the expenses of dogs are much less than a puppy.

The Labradors with some special features can be as expensive as $20,000. These dogs are used in shows as well. Through the dog’s lifetime, the average cost of a Labrador retriever cost is $21,890.

Whereas, if you find the Labrador pup price expensive, then there is another cost-friendly option for you. You can adopt the Labrador dog or pup from an adoption centre, shelters, or formal owners.

These dogs are also purebred, the only difference between the adopted dogs and other dogs is that there is no one to take care of the adopted ones. So, you can trust the quality of dogs.

The Labrador retriever price range for adoption is $300-500. But, mostly the average price of a Labrador retriever puppy for adoption is $350.

How much do Lab puppies cost in different colours?

Labradors come in three coat colours including black, yellow and chocolate. The black is the most intelligent one among all the colours so, the black Labrador price is a bit expensive than other colours.

Whereas if you are looking for a chocolate lab price, then it ranges from $800-$1000. Golden Labrador retriever price is also same as of Chocolate Labrador retriever price. Lastly, the black Labrador retriever price ranges from $1000-$1500.

The normal price of a Labrador retriever ranges from $800-$1200 so these are generally expensive dogs.

how much is a labrador puppy

How much do Labrador puppies cost in variable countries?

As we know, the labra puppy price varies according to the location. So, the labrador retriever price in USA ranges from $800-1200 whereas labrador retriever price in Nepal ranges from 6,000Rs-8,000Rs.

Usually, the price of a labrador retriever in India ranges from 4000-5000 Rs but it can vary depending on different factors as well.  Black labrador retriever price in India is somehow more than other coat colours. Whereas if you want a dog with no genetic disorders, then you should be ready to pay up to Rs. 30,000.

Labrador retriever price in Bangalore ranges from 6,000Rs-8,000Rs. Also, people wanted to know labrador retriever dog price in Bangalore so, it is a bit lesser than the pup price.

Labrador retriever price in Bangladesh is somewhere between 25,000 TK to 35,000 TK. Labrador retriever price in Bhubaneswar and Labrador retriever price in Bhopal, both range from 6,000Rs-12,000Rs.

The average Labrador retriever price in Chennai is Rs 3500.  Labrador retriever price Canada is not so different from the USA that is $800-1200. Labrador retriever price in Chandigarh is 28000 INR. Labrador retriever price in Kerala is about ₹. 5000/-.

The average Labrador retriever price in Pakistan is Rs. 20,000. Labrador retriever price in Kolkata ranges from 6,000Rs-12,000Rs. Labrador retriever price in Mumbai can be as low as Rs. 4000 and as high as Rs. 85,000.

Labrador retriever price in Hyderabad ranges from 6,000Rs-8,000Rs. The labrador retriever price the UK ranges from £650 to £850. Lastly, the labrador retriever price in UAE is somewhere between AED 3000-8000.

labrador retriever prices

Price of a labrador retriever puppy when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

The average price for labrador retriever puppy is not cheap hence, it is a challenging task to take care of them. When you buy a dog or puppy, it becomes your duty to provide it with quality food, vaccinations, the proper place to live, toys to play and many other kinds of stuff.

Let us have a look at some expenses of Labrador retriever dog that add up in the labrador retriever prices.

Expenses for Supplies of the dog:

After buying a dog, the first thing is to buy some essential stuff for it, to provide a comfortable environment. Food and water bowls will cost you $5-20 and 2 dog collars will cost you around $5-20. Leash for the dog is for $5-20 whereas an ID tag with a phone number will cost you $15-65.

Dog crate price is somewhere between $20 and $80 depending upon the quality. Plastic poop Bags (900-1080) will cost you $15-$110. No dog wants to be alone at all. So, you should buy toys for them so that they may play with the idle time.

Toys will cost you about $15-$50. You should buy a first aid kit for the safety of your dog that will cost you $15-50. All of these expenses add to the Labrador puppy prices.

Training cost:

The training price for Labrador also adds up in the price for Labrador retriever, although they are very easy to train. But if you do not have enough time or experience then you can get your dog some training sessions. It will cost you $150-$200 for 5 hours session.

price of a labrador retriever

Vet cost:

The veterinary expenses of a Labrador retriever dog can range from $280-$645. Whereas, the spaying and neutering cost for a Labrador retriever cost you between $50-$300. All the medical expenses of the Labrador retriever also add up in the Labrador retriever price range.

Food cost:

Providing quality food to your dog is very important for its health. So, after knowing the price of a labrador retriever, now it is time to know about the food price of labrador retriever puppies. The yearly cost for the food of Labrador puppy ranges from  $180-355 whereas that of an adult dog is $160-495 depending on the brand and quality of food.


Although the Labrador retriever does not require much grooming due to shorter coat, still it is good to visit a groomer at least 4 times a year. Each visit will cost you from $40-$80 depending on the demands.


Insurance cost is an important factor one needs to know after buying a dog. It can be as low as $10 and as high as $100 per month in the case of Labrador retrievers. But, the average insurance price of labrador retriever is somewhere between $35-50 per month.

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