Labradoole Price -How Much Is A labradoodle ?

Labradoodle is one of the most well-known mixed breeds. It is a hybrid breed that is created as a result of the crossing of two dogs; Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. This crossing was first done by the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia hence, the origin of this dog is from Australia.

The dog has the traits of both famous dog breeds so, many people are planning on buying a labradoodle and or that you need to know Labradoodle price. But before you buy a labradoodle puppy, have a look at its some major traits.

Labradoodles are usually characterized into 3 sizes; standard, medium and miniature Labradoodle. So, their height and weight vary according to their sizes. Besides this, there are three types of textures present in its hair coat.

The first hair coat is furry, which is in shedding breeds and has a doggy smell. The second one is the Wool coat, which is dense, looks like lamb wool, is non-shedding, and doesn’t have any doggy smell.

how much does a labradoodle cost

Third and the last one is the Fleece coat, which is silky and comes in straight or wavy textures. These hair coats are in various colours like cream, black, silver, red, chocolate brown or apricot. The lifespan of this dog is nearly equal to 12 to 14 years.

Labradoodles are really intelligent dogs and they love to be around the family or people they love. All of their personality traits are worth labradoodle puppy prices. They are not dangerous for other dogs and pets in the house.

Also, they are quite friendly with children but sometimes unintentionally, they may harm the child. Alert bark is one of the good characteristics of them whenever they see a stranger, but they are not ideal as guard dogs.

Brushing is required according to their length and texture of the coat. But usually, it requires brushing once or twice a week. Because of their high energy character, these dogs require 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

Some Labradoodles are like poodles and have their characters like quiet, smart, reserved and are good watchdogs whereas some are more like Labrador Retrievers, having characteristics like getting mature slowly, shed a lot of hair as they breathe.

It all depends on from which parent it takes the most. They are affectionate and playful dogs, also they love to play in the water and are really good swimmers.

Whether you want to know that how much does a mini labradoodle cost or how much is a labradoodle cost for adoption, we are going to discuss every perspective related to the cost of labradoodle puppy.

Before you decide to buy labradoodle puppies, make sure you have enough knowledge related to the cost. Labradoodle being a hybrid of two famous breeds comes in a variety of colours hence, you will get to know that how much are Labradoodles in your favourite one.

Also, if you are wondering that how much is a labradoodle near you then don’t worry because we are going to tell you the labradoodle puppy price from different areas of the world such as how much do Labradoodles cost the UK, Labradoodle price in Egypt, labradoodle price in Sri Lanka, Labradoodle price in rupees, labradoodle price NZ, labradoodle price in Pakistan, or Labradoodle price Singapore etc. Let us have a look now!

Where to buy a labradoodle?

When you plan on buying a labradoodle puppy, the most important thing you should keep in your mind is not to rush quickly into things. Your urge to buy a labradoodle puppy will only worth it when you decide with patience and a lot of research.

cost of a labradoodle

Now, if you are wondering that where can I get a labradoodle puppy, then there are a lot of options for you. You can find a nearby rescue or shelter, that is specialized for hybrids and then look for a labradoodle.

Adopting a puppy from such resources is our best recommendation. The adoption can also be from former owners of the dog. After this, you can go for a reputable breeder and make sure that your dog has complete registration. Avoid visiting pet stores to buy a labradoodle.

What is the average price for a labradoodle?

The cost of a labradoodle depends on multiple factors including bloodlines, quality and repute of the breeder, breeding rights, requesting specific traits, size, age, demand, gender, health, location, and many more.

But if you want to have a general idea about the cost of labradoodle puppies, then knowing the average price of a labradoodle will be sufficient. Now, you must be wondering that what is the average price for a labradoodle puppy. The average cost of a labradoodle ranges from $500 to $3,000.

How much does Labradoodles cost?

As discussed, the labradoodle costs depend on multiple factors. We are well-known about the average cost of a labradoodle, but what does a labradoodle cost depending on all those factors.

If you are looking for the labradoodle puppies’ prices depending on sizes such as Mini labradoodle prices, then you are at the right place. Labradoodle medium price ranges from $1300-3000 whereas, the miniature labradoodle price is $2000 on average.

how much is a labradoodle puppy

But the standard labradoodle price range is $1,500-$2,000. If you are finding these labradoodle costs high, then you must look for the labradoodle puppies for sale at a low price.

Adoption, on one side, saves the life of a dog, but on the other side, it provides a quality dog at an affordable price. The price of Labradoodles for adoption is $350 on average.

How much is a labradoodle puppy in multiple colours?

How much should a labradoodle cost when it comes to variable coat colours? The labradoodle has many possible coat colours including phantom, Parti, lavender, blue, silver, black, chalk, café, red, parchment, gold, cream, chocolate and caramel.

Among all the coat colours, red is the rarest which means it is expensive than others. Whereas, black, cream, caramel, and chocolate are the popular ones.

Black labradoodle price, Cream labradoodle price, golden/cream/caramel labradoodle price, chalk-white labradoodle price, and chocolate labradoodle price falls in the same range of $1500-2000 whereas the Red one will always cost you above $2000.

The rest of the colours including blue /brown labradoodle price, parchment labradoodle price, and Parti colour labradoodle price are anywhere between $900-$1500.

How much does a labradoodle cost in different countries?

Wondering that how much do Labradoodles cost in your country? Don’t worry! Because we are going to tell you that how much to pay for a labradoodle in most of the countries.

Labradoodle price in India ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 whereas the labradoodle cost in all the other cities of the country including labradoodle price in Mumbai, labradoodle price in Delhi, labradoodle price in Chennai, labradoodle price in Kerala, and labradoodle price in Bangalore falls in the same range.

Labradoodle price in Australia ranges from 2500 AUD to 3500 AUD, so are the Labradoodle price Sydney and labradoodle price Melbourne.

how much are labradoodles

If you are looking for a labradoodle for sale in the UK, you must want to know that how much does a labradoodle cost in the UK. Labradoodle price UK ranges from £1000-2500. According to this, the labradoodle average price UK is £1500.

Labradoodle price in the Philippines is ₱12,000 on average. Labradoodle puppies price in Canada is $2,500 therefore, labradoodle price in Ontario is also the same. Labradoodle price in the USA ranges from $500 to $4000 hence, the labradoodle price Florida and labradoodle price Texas are just the same.

Labradoodle price in Germany costs $1500-2500 whereas, labradoodle price in Nigeria is ₦55,000 on average.

Labradoodle price in Nepal is Rs 15,000. Labradoodle price in Ireland ranges from £1500-2500 whereas, labradoodle price Perth is $3400 on average.

Labradoodle price in Europe ranges from 2000 and 2600 euros whereas, labradoodle price in south Africa ranges from R 3500 to R 8000. Lastly, the labradoodle price in Brisbane is always more than $3500.

Every labradoodle breeder price is different depending on its demand and location. We hope that now, you are well-aware of the beautiful labradoodle price in your area.

How much do labradoodle puppies cost when expenses of additional requirements add to the budget?

We hope that you know well about how much does it cost to buy a labradoodle. But now, you need to know that how much should I pay for a labradoodle to cover its expenses.

labradoodle prices

A dog has a lot of expenses which can disturb your budget if you don’t see that coming. For this case, we have created a little guide of expenses that might help you a lot.

  • Labradoodle puppy cost for welcoming supplies:

It is important to buy some stuff like a dog bed, dog crate, dog collar, litter, toys, food bowls, ID card, pooper scooper, odour removal spray, brushes, first aid kit, and many more to provide a comfortable and home-like atmosphere to your pet.

Collectively, these supplies will cost you around $215 – $855 for the first year, and $95 – $385 for the rest of the years.

  • Price for labradoodle puppies’ food:

A labradoodle puppy consumes 190 lbs of dry food on average whereas an adult consumes 280 lbs. According to these quantities, the cost of feeding a labradoodle puppy and dog ranges from $155 – $310 and $140 – $450 respectively.

  • Cost of labradoodle’s grooming:

One should take his/her labradoodle to a professional groomer from 4 to 8 times a year. The groomer will cost you anywhere between $45 to $65 depending on the services you ask for.

  • Training Labradoodle prices:

Professional training is recommended for Labradoodle. 3 private lessons and five group sessions will be sufficient which will cost you $550-$800 and $150-200 respectively. The training expense also adds to the Labradoodle puppy price range.

  • Insurance:

If you want that the price of a labradoodle puppy, that you have paid to buy it, don’t get wasted, then make sure that you pay insurance for your dog. Commonly people pay $565 and $190 for medical and accidental both, and only accidental cases respectively.

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