Japanese spitz price-What is spitz dog price?

If you are looking for a small-sized affectionate and energetic companion, then Japanese Spitz is the best choice. Let us have a look at its appearance and personality before discussing the Japanese spitz price.

The Japanese spitz has slightly slanted eyes that are shaped like an almond on a wedge-shaped face. The skin around these eyes is black and it is prominent due to the white fur on the rest of the body. Also, the skin around the mouth and nose is black.

They have an erect, triangular and small ears. They have a compact body with a deep chest and pointy muzzle. Their feet are tiny and shaped like cat’s feet. Besides all these features, their most important feature, that makes it different from other breeds is its thick white double coat.

They have a mane of long fur that gives it a slight resemblance with a lion’s face. On somebody parts including hind legs, ears and muzzle, the fur is shorter.

Japanese spitz price

Their long tail is fluffy and is curled on the back. Their weight ranges from 11 to 20 pounds. They are 10 to 16 inches in height. Usually, their life expectancy is 10 to 16 years.

Japanese Spitz is a loyal, good-tempered, loving, friendly and intelligent dog. They are gentle as well as full of energy. They love to play with children and like when people are around them. They always want to be at their owner’s side, that proves their loyalty.

They are very social and are very friendly with other pets as well as dogs. Although they are small, they do not always want to sit in laps instead, they are active and like to walk and run.

Japanese spitz is an excellent watchdog so, it will bark whenever it detects any visitor or other person to alert you. They always want someone’s company, because being alone can make them suffer separation anxiety. The coat colour of Japanese spitz is pure white.

In this article, we will discuss the price of Japanese spitz dogs by keeping a lot of factors in mind. We will discuss the dog’s price in variable coat colours.

Also, we know that many people from different areas of the world are curious to know about the price of this dog such as Japanese spitz price Philippines, Japanese spitz price in Pakistan, Japanese spitz price in Sri Lanka, Japanese spitz price in Bangladesh and many more, so we will discuss its price in multiple countries as well. Here is a detailed guide for you to buy a Japanese spitz dog.

How much does a Japanese spitz cost?

Japanese Spitz dogs are not easy to find. Therefore, they cost a bit more than other dog breeds. Usually, the Japanese spitz puppy price ranges from $1000-2500. Japanese Spitz dog with limited registration means they cannot breed.

If you only need a dog for your company, then you should buy this dog as it is cost-friendly. These price of these dogs ranges from $800-1200. Whereas the second category is the dogs with full registration.

So, the price of these dogs ranges from $1200-$2000. Lastly, there are some dogs with excellent features, or they are available at well-known breeding farms. So, they are far more expensive than the usual price. These dogs will cost you somewhere between $2500- 6500.

Besides the option of buying a dog from a reputable breeder, there is another option for buying a purebred Japanese spitz dog, but in reasonable price. You can adopt a Japanese Spitz dog from a trusted website, shelters or rescue centre.

The average cost for adopting a Japanese Spitz dog is $300. These dogs are bought by other people in a very short time because of its high demand.

japanese spitz prices

How much is a Japanese spitz in variable colours?

The only coat colour of Japanese spitz dog is pure white but there are some exceptions as well. In some dogs, there are brown patches around the eyes of Japanese Spitz dog. This colour can also be the coat colour of the dog in a few cases.

Many people wonder what is the Japanese spitz brown price. There is not a big difference in the price of both coat colours.

The price depends on the breeder and the health of the dog along with some other factors including age, location, bloodline and genetics etc. In short, the Japanese spitz price ranges from $1000-2500.

What is the Japanese spitz price range in different countries?

As we have discussed, the Japanese Spitz price depends on the location which means their price is not the same in every corner of the world. So, let’s have a look at some prices. If we talk about Japanese spitz price USA, then the average cost that breeders ask for this dog is $1500.

Whereas the Japanese spitz price UK ranges from £200 – £500. Japanese Spitz price Canada ranges from $1500-3000.  The average Japanese spitz price in Nepal is Rs. 6400. The Japanese Spitz price in India ranges from INR 2,000 to 8,000.

If you are wondering the Japanese Spitz Price in Kenya, then for your information, the lowest prices seen in the country for this dog starts from 500 K Sh. Whereas, it can be increased to a certain level according to the pedigree of the dog.

The Japanese Spitz Price Singapore is $2500 on average. Depending on the breeder, the Japanese Spitz price Australia ranges from $1200-1800.

So, either you are living in a country with a cold climate or hot, this doesn’t matter in the case of a Japanese spitz dog. Its demand is high in both seasons because they maintain their coat according to the weather.

In winters, the double coat prevents the dog from having cold whereas in the end winters and start summers, the coat sheds of providing the dog with a cool atmosphere.

japanese spitz cost

What are the Japanese spitz prices when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

Now when you are well aware of spitz dog price, it is time to know that how much can own a Japanese spitz dog cost you. The dog does not require many expenses because they are strong hence, they face lesser medical issues.

They are intelligent and easy to train. However, it is still important to know about these expenses. Let us have a detailed look at them.

One-time expenses:

When you buy a Japanese spitz pup, there are some essential things you have to buy for it that add up in the baby Japanese spitz price. At first, some people want to spay or neuter their pups. It can cost them somewhere between $75-$200 depending on the healthcare centre.

Secondly, it is important to provide the Japanese spitz dog with a comfortable environment so that, it may feel like a home to it. Buy a bed for it, and that will cost you almost $25-100. You can also buy crafty to make a bed of your own choice for your pet.

A crate will cost you between $25-150. A collar would be a nice gift to your dog from yourself and it will make him look presentable. It costs between $10-25. Price of leash ranges from 410-$25. Initial vaccines of the dog will cost you from $100 to $300.

Lastly, training a Japanese Spitz is not a challenging task because it is intelligent. But some owners do not have much time, so it is good for your dog to take some training sessions. They will cost you between $75-200.

japanese spitz puppy price

Annual expense:

It is important to provide your dog with high-quality and hygienic food for its good health. The good food of pure quality for a Japanese spitz dog cost you about $250 every year. Usually, you don’t feel to give a treat to Japanese spitz dog, but if you want to, then treats are for $40.

As discussed, Japanese spitz dogs do not like to be left alone. So, you might need to buy some toys for their idle time. toys will also cost you around $40. Annually, you should take your dog for a check-up. This will cost you around $50-80. Flea and tick prevention will cost you $120-180.

Additional costs:

There are some other expenses as well that add up in the Japanese spitz cost. As we know, they are active dogs, so they want to walk and run at least once a day. If you don’t have that much time, then a dog walker would be best for it.

A walker can cost you around $12-25 per walk. Grooming of your dog is also important especially for those with a long coat. You should visit a groomer for at least 3 to 6 times a year. These grooming sessions will cost you around $25-50 dollars depending on the services.


Insurance of a dog is important for its secure life. The average accident policy cost for a Japanese spitz dog is $381 whereas for medical illness, it is $691 on average. So, in total, the insurance cost for Japanese spitz dogs is $767 annually.

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