Jack Russell Terrier Price – How Much Are Jack Russell Puppies ?

Jack Russell Terrier is one of the famous dogs which belongs to the terrier dog breed. now, if you are looking for some dog that belongs to the terrier family, then this is a hell of a choice. You must be wondering that how the dog looks and what is the Jack Russel Terrier Price.

Well, you are in the right place. The dog was originated from England. It is a small white-bodied dog with a weight of 14 to 18 pounds whereas the height usually ranges between 10 to 15 inches on average.

The ears of these dogs are small and in a V shape button also, the drooping ears are attached to the head and are movable. The eyes are dark and in almond shape. The well-developed muscles are quite strong.

how much does a jack russell terrier cost

The forelegs are straight while the hind legs are not, but the angles are set as balanced with the forelegs. The coat of these dogs is rough, broken or smooth. The white body also contains some markings on it. The markings could be black, cream, brown, tan or in tricolours. The life span expectancy of the dog ranges from 10 to 15 years.

Now the personality traits of the dog will give you an idea of how much is a Jack Russell terrier worth. The Jack Russell terrier is an intelligent dog who is determined, possesses an athletic character, and has a great desire to hunt.

A high level of exercise is required for this dog as they are from an active and energetic breed. They don’t love to be a couch potato but they rather love to want to go on daily long walks, hikes, and hunting. Play games with this dog to improve its mental and physical health.

Proper care is required to train the dog hence, make the training entertaining and joyful for it. It is good to train the dog with some sports like obedience, agility, flyball, rally or some other hunting stuff.

Despite its intelligence, this makes it easy to learn things for the dog which also shows that how much are Jack Russell terriers worth their pieces. These dogs love to entertain people by performing multiple stuff. Also, they easily grasp and master the tricks.

Weekly brushing is required for grooming whereas, the nails should be trimmed in a month. The ears should be checked weekly and clean debris for the prevention of any ear infection.

Feed your dog with quality food and take care of their nutrition, as they are prone to get overweight and it may cause diseases. These dogs are healthy but proper screening is required to prevent them from getting other health problems.

Here, we are going to tell you that how much does a jack Russell terrier puppy cost by keeping multiple aspects in our mind.

How much does a Russell terrier cost when you are planning to buy it from breeders or, how much does a jack Russell terrier cost when you plan to adopt it, how much do jack Russells cost in different colours, all will be discussed?

Also, we are going to discuss the cost of jack Russell puppies in multiple countries or currencies such as Jack Russel terrier piece in rupees, Jack Russel Terrier price in Malaysia, jack Russel Terrier price in the UAE, or Jack Russel Terrier price in Sri Lanka. Lastly, a monthly and yearly budget that adds to the average price jack Russell terrier puppy will help you a lot.

How much is a Jack Russell terrier puppy?

When you dream of having this dog, then suddenly your mind thinks of that how much do Jack Russell Terrier Puppies cost. Well, the jack Russell price is not always the same, it depends on multiple factors including age, lineage, gender, quality, location, coat colour, and many more.

But on average, the Russell terrier price ranges from $900 to $2000. Now, let’s talk about variations in the Jack Russell terrier prices. If you are looking for a dog with limited registration, then it will cost you a lot less than normal.

jack russell price

Also, these dogs are sterilized since their birth that means, they do not have breeding rights. Such jack Russell terrier puppies’ price ranges from $400 to $900.

But, if you are a professional breeder and you want a dog with full registration and breeding rights, then jack Russell terrier costs for these dogs will be anywhere between $900-1500.

Whereas, the Jack Russell prices of show-quality dogs with superior lineage ranges from $2500 to $6000.

Most people consider the jack Russell puppy price expensive. For these people, we have another cost-friendly option by which you can get a purebred dog.

Although the price is not as same as the purebred jack Russell price asked by reputable breeders, quality will be.

Yes! You can now easily adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue by paying an affordable jack Russell terrier puppy price. The prices of Jack Russell terriers for adoption range between $350 to $650.

How much is a Jack Russell terrier cost in multiple colours?

You must be thinking that the answer to how much is a jack Russell puppy also depends on the coat colour of the dog. We all know that rare coat colours are expensive than the common ones. But in the case of this dog, the Jack Russell terrier cost in variable coat colours is not so different.

The possible coat colours include white, piebald, black and white, and white and tan. All of them are common and popular. So, if you are wondering that how much does a jack cost in all these colours, then the jack Russell terrier price range is the same for all of them.

jack russell terrier costs

White jack Russell terrier price, black & white jack Russell terrier price, piebald jack Russell terrier price, and white & Tan Jack Russell terrier price is anywhere between $900 to $2000.

How much does jack Russell cost in different countries?

People are fond of having this dog from different countries. All of them would be curious about how much does a jack Russell cost in their respective area. Here, we are going to overall the major countries by telling jack Russell terrier for sale price, so that you may have an idea for your place.

Jack Russell terrier price in India ranges from Rs 25,000 – Rs 30,000. The Jack Russell terrier price in Mumbai, jack Russell terrier price in Hyderabad, jack Russell terrier price Bangalore, jack Russell terrier price in Kolkata, jack Russell terrier price in Coimbatore, jack Russell terrier price in Kerala, and Jack Russell terrier price in Pune falls in the same range.

jack russell puppy price

Jack Russell terrier price Philippines can be anywhere between ₱ 7000 to ₱ 15,000. Jack Russell terrier price range in the USA ranges from $800 – USD 1300 whereas, the Jack Russell terrier price in the UK is £1,500 on average.

Jack Russell terrier price Australia ranges from $2000-2500. Jack Russell terrier price in Egypt can be as low as 3000 EGP and as high as 6000 EGP or more. Jack Russell terrier price in Malaysia ranges from RM 1500 to RM 2500.

We hope that after reading the above-mentioned prices of Jack Russell terriers, you wouldn’t have to ask that how much is a terrier dog in your country.

How much does a jack Russell dog cost when expenses of additional requirements add to the budget?

How much should I pay for a Jack Russell puppy, is no more a question after such a detailed jack Russell puppy prices discussion? But the important thing is how much is a jack Russell puppy when it comes to taking care of it.

how much are jack russell terriers

From welcoming the puppy home to its insurance, you need to do every possible thing you can to make sure that maximum care of the dog has been taken. Some of these expenses are as follows:

  • Initial expenses:

When you buy jack Russell puppies, it is important to make sure that you are providing them with all the essential supplies. These supplies are included in the initial expenses along with some vaccinations as well.

The supplies will cost you around $150 – $650 for the first year. Whereas, the vaccinations and routine check-ups for the first year will cost you anywhere between $385 – $795 depending on the need.

  • Russell terrier price for Grooming:

Wondering how to groom a Jack? The cost for this purpose will not be that much as you can groom the dog by yourself. But if not, then visit a professional groomer at least 6 times a year. Each session will cost you around $35 to $45.

  • Jack Russell dog price for Training:

Another major expense besides paying the Jack Russell terrier puppies cost is training. Due to the highly vocal and stubborn nature of the dog, professional private training is recommended. 5 group sessions will cost you around $150-$200 whereas, a private trainer will ask you around $900-1200.

  • Jack Russell cost for Insurance:

After looking for Jack Russell terrier dogs for sale, make sure that you can pay its insurance. Most people pay $565 for all the possible situations including accidents and illness. Whereas, some are concerned only for the accidental scenarios, and they pay $190 per year.

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