Irish Wolfhound Price -How Much Is An Irish Wolfhound?

The Irish wolfhound is a memorable sighthound canine variety from Ireland that has significant size and is also mentioned in poetry and folk tales. Like the other sighthounds the Irish wolfhound is known for its great speed which it uses to catch on its prey, it was likewise acclaimed as a gatekeeper canine, which represents considerable authority in insurance against and for the chasing of wolves.

After knowing such features, who will not be fond of such a popular breed? Now, you must be wondering that what is the Irish Wolfhound price. Let’s have a look at the dog first.

The Irish wolfhound is a genuine delicate breed. This pleasant dog is tremendously strong which has smoothly worked along with exemplary Greyhound lines also, it has an incredible speed at the dash.

Irish Wolfhound Price

Even though it has been valued as a valiant tracker for quite a long time, it has a sweet personality and blossoms with friendship hence this dog breed is quite friendly and does not attack strangers.

The Irish wolfhound is the tallest of all canine varieties, with a height of about 32 inches tall which is quite a lot for a male breed. If an Irish wolfhound remains on his rear legs, he might be 7-feet tall. Female Irish wolfhounds are usually shorter than the male ones but still large enough to prey on other animals.

The hard coat comes in numerous tones, including white, dim, streak, red, dark, and fawn.The Irish wolfhound is a wolf tracker. It has additionally been utilized to chase wild hogs and deer.

It has staggering looks and makes an extraordinary chasing canine, yet the Irish wolfhound comes up short as a gatekeeper or a guardian canine. It isn’t at all dubious of outsiders, nor is he forceful toward them.

He’s courageous yet not forceful. Also, the Irish wolfhound has simply a 6-to 8-year life range and does not live very long. In case you’re searching for a variety that lives numerous years and is not difficult to focus on, at that point, it’s not the variety for you.

However, in case you’re searching for a dog breed that will fill your existence with adoration, appreciation; loyalty, and love at that point look no further because these traits worth the Irish wolfhound cost.

Do not look anymore for how much do Irish wolfhound puppies cost, because we are here to answer all your questions related to the Irish wolfhound cost. From Irish wolfhound price the Philippines to Irish Wolfhound price in Sri Lanka, we will discuss every cost in detail.

Also, the variation of coat colors in this dog breed will be considered. Most importantly, the price to own an Irish Wolfhound Dog will be discussed in detail so that, it may not shock you at once.

Where to buy an Irish wolfhound?

Although you want to know that what is the average cost of an Irish wolfhound, but have you ever wondered from where should you buy this dog? You can have the Irish Wolfhound dog in many different ways.

Mostly, people look for a breeder that can sell you an Irish Wolfhound. All you have to do is look for the papers of the Dog’s parents also, the bloodwork test of the pup to ensure it does not have liver shunt disease.

cost of irish wolfhound

Just make sure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder who has taken care of the dog-like his own, also is not making false claims about its appearance.

Besides this, you can adopt the dog because there is no compulsion to buy an Irish wolfhound from the breeders.  Visit dog rescue centers and you will find many dogs there.

Some owners might have left the dog there because they wanted to replace that with another one. Some could be stray dogs who do not have parents or any place to live.

These dogs are also purebred so, never hesitate to get your hands on them. Also, you could look in shelter houses as well, but usually, rescue centers collect the dogs from there as well.

How much is an Irish wolfhound?

Now the answer to the most-awaited question that how much, to buy an Irish wolfhound, money should one expect to pay. Well, the Irish wolfhound cost to buy ranges from $1400-2500 depending on the variation of color, location, age, gender, lineage, and many more.

According to this price range, the average price for Irish wolfhound puppies is $2000. Whereas, if you are looking for a show-quality dog, then you should expect to pay more than $3000.

irish wolfhound puppy for sale

Among the above-discussed options to buy the Irish Wolfhound dog, the most preferred method in our opinion is the adoption as it has plenty o benefits.

First, it saves the dog the life and lets it meet with a loving family. Second, you will save yourself a lot of costs because the Irish wolfhound puppies’ price for adoption is $350 on average.

This price is for all the care that has been taken of the dog before you came for it, and the money will be used for the care of another dog.

How much does an Irish wolfhound cost in different colors?

The Irish wolfhound puppies for sale price depends on different aspects and coat color is one of them. The popular and rare coat colors are expensive than the normal ones. The Irish wolfhound can be in different attractive coat colors including fawn, grey, red, brindle, white and black.


Grey is the most common and desired color of this breed, but that doesn’t mean that other coat colors are rare. All of them are easily available. Hence, the Irish wolfhound puppy for sale price of the least available coat color at the time may be slightly higher than others, $2000 or more.

But, the Irish wolfhound puppies for sale price in the rest of the colors fall in the same range of $1500-2500.

How much are Irish wolfhound puppies in multiple countries?

Irish wolfhound puppy price is not the same in the entire world, but it is obvious that the Irish wolfhound price NZ is different from that in China. Now, if you are living in an area, where the prices do not match this description, then you might need to know that what is the Irish wolfhound price range in your country.

buy irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound price in Ireland ranges from €1200-2000 whereas the Irish wolfhound price in India is anywhere between ₹60,000 to ₹80,000. Well, if you are wondering the Irish wolfhound price in rupees, then falls somewhere between Rs. 50,000 to 90,000. Irish wolfhound price UK ranges from £750 to over £1000.

Now, if you are living in Australia and want to know that how much does an Irish wolfhound costs in Australia, then the Irish wolfhound price in Australia ranges from $1800 on average.

Irish wolfhound price USA ranges from $1400-2500 whereas Irish wolfhound price Canada ranges from $1700-2500. Lastly, the Irish wolfhound price in south Africa has been seen R 1500 in many areas.

How much are Irish wolfhounds’ puppies when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

The second step after knowing the Irish wolfhound puppy cost is to see that either your budget supports all the expenses of the dog.

Can you buy all the essential stuff for the dog, and take it to the vet whenever required? Let us tell you all the monthly, yearly, or one-time expenses in detail so that, you may have a clear mind before doing a purchase.

  • One-time expenses:

One-time expenses include all the prices of the stuff that you are going to buy when a dog is welcomed in your home. Such as a comfortable bed for the dog to sleep, or food and water bowls for the dog so that it may consume the hygienic food easily.

irish wolfhound puppies price

Also, dog harness, dog crate, dog collar, poop bags, toothbrush, hairbrush, first aid kit, toenail clipper, leash, ID tag, toys, odor removal spray, or maybe some other stuff as well would be included in the list.

On average, this stuff will cost you around $245-925 depending on the quality and brand. This cost adds-on to the Irish wolfhound average price as well.

  • Yearly expenses:

For the first year, you should expect to pay $3,455 – $7,395 as all the one-time expenses are included in this cost. Whereas, for the rest of the years one will have to pay $970 – $3,385.

Hence, for the 6 to 8 years of life, one can own a dog for about $9,275 – $27,705. The cost of an Irish wolfhound will only worth it if you are ready to pay for all these expenses.

  • Insurance:

If you want your dog to serve you better also, make sure that your vet costs are covered, then you should pay the price of Irish wolfhound insurance. Usually, people pay $25 monthly for insurance purposes.

Also, some of you can pay $190 for only the accidental coverage of the dog yearly, or $595 for all the coverage, either illness or accidents.

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