Irish Setter Price-How much do irish setter puppies cost ?

The Irish setter is from the gundog breed family and was found in Ireland. The dog is considered one of the beautiful among all the breeds, hence, many people long for having this one. Irish Setter price is nothing like a surprise, but it is important to know about the dog’s appearance and personality first.

The coat of Irish setter is so smooth and soft as they have sleek, lengthy hair, available in two amazing colors; chestnut or red color. The coat also includes some feathering at the area of ears, body, chest, legs, and tail. They possess a broad chest, that enhances their look.

The height of the male Irish setter ranges between 23 inches to 27 inches, while of females is between 21 to 25 inches. The weight of the male Irish setter is between 65lbs to 75lbs, whereas that of a female is less than male, 55lbs to 65lbs. Irish Setter breed is comparatively better than many other breeds in health status having a life span of nearly 12 to 15 years.

Irish Setter Price

Irish Setters are too friendly with family members as they love to play with them or move around them. Not only they are good to humans, but to other dogs, and sometimes to other animals as well, if trained well. But it may harm small animals because hunting instincts with excellent smell detection are present in its nature.

Socialization at a young age is good; by taking it to busy parks, let it meet new people and other animals; so that it may interact with them. Train the dog with sports too like flyball, tracking, and many others. Irish Setters don’t like to be alone for a long time so try to be around it most of the time.

They require daily maintenance and brushing hair at least two times a week as they have long hair. They like to do exercises or go on a walk, also, it is good for them as it enhances their physical and mental fitness.

We are going to consider everything you need to know about the Irish setter dog price in this article. The price of this dog in variable colors including Irish red setter price, red wing Irish setter price, and other colors will be discussed.

Also, we know that the Irish setter price in Pakistan is quite different from the Irish setter price in the Philippines that means, the price varies from place to place so, we will try to let you know about the price of this dog in your country. Lastly, all the expenses that are required to own this dog will be made clear so that, you may have a clear mind before purchasing it.

How much does an Irish setter cost?

Pedigree, lineage, gender, age, breeders, and many other aspects bring variation in the price of Irish setter adults for sale. The Irish setter price range starts from $700 and can be as high as $1500. This price range is for the Irish Setter dogs with papers, whereas if you are looking for a dog without papers, which is not recommended at all, then the price will be lesser than this range.

How much do irish setter puppies cost

The Irish setter’s average price is $1200 whereas if you are looking for a dog with a superior pedigree, show-quality, and top breed lines, then expect to pay anywhere from $1600 to $5000.

Always look for a reputable breeder and look out from the backyard breeders, because they are not concerned about the dog’s health, also they can fool you by telling the fake traits that are not even present in the dogs.

So, choose wisely with whom you are going to deal. Secondly, adoption is another budget-friendly as well as satisfactory option, as you may help the dog by adopting it from any rescue or shelter. The adoption Irish Setter dog price is $350 on average as these cover the medical expenses of the dog which is more likely to be an adult than a puppy.

How much is an Irish setter in variable colors?

The silky, smooth, straight, and long coat, which is hypoallergenic can be in three different colors mahogany, red, and chestnut. In the initial days of this dog, it used to come in red and white color but now it has changed.

Red Irish setter price, mahogany Irish setter price, and chestnut Irish setter price are the same with a chance of slight difference due to appearance of age. The price range is $1200-2000 for these common colors.

Red and White Irish Setter is a rare breed as it is not common nowadays, hence it is expensive than the common colors. Irish red and white setter price ranges from $1800 to $2500 and the exact price depend on the availability of the dog in your area.

How much do Irish setter puppies cost in different countries?

The price of an Irish setter for sale depends a lot on the location. Not every breeder asks you for the same price. If the dog is available in a country, then the price will be according to the standard, if not, then you will have to pay more money to have the Irish Setter dog.

irish setter puppies for sale

If you wondering that what is the Irish setter price the UK, then it is now doubled after the pandemic situation. Before that, the price was normal, but now usually people ask for £2500 for a dog in the UK. Irish setter price in Australia ranges from $500 – $1000 whereas, the Irish setter price in India is somewhere between ₹45,000 to ₹60,000.

People from multiple cities of India ask the price of the dog, but usually, the price is the same in all the cities, and even if there is a slight variation, that we have mentioned the price range in India.

So, Irish setter price in Bangalore, Irish setter price in Kerala, Irish setter price in Delhi, Irish setter price in Hyderabad, and Irish setter price in Kolkata are the same as the Irish setter puppies’ price in India. Irish setter price Ireland ranges from $800-1500 whereas Irish setter price in Nepal is seen Rs. 20,000 in some areas.

What is the Irish setter puppies’ price when expenses of other requirements add-on to the budget?

The Irish setter cost for owning is as important as the Irish setter puppies for sale price because it takes years to ow a price. If one cannot afford the owning expenses, then he should consider its decision of buying the dog once again because the absence of essential supplies can make the life of a dog miserable.

irish setter for sale

When you bring a dog into your home, the first thing you need to do is buy all the stuff that is required to make your dog feel at home. These expenses will be added to the first-year expense of the dog because they are one-time expenses and you will not need to buy them again and again. Also, there are some other expenses like training, grooming, vet, microchipping, dog walking, and many more.

  • Training:

If you have good experience in training dogs, then one can train the Irish Setter dog by himself and save the training cost for other purposes. Whereas, if no, then group training sessions will be enough to train the dog.

You do not need to hire any private trainer because the Irish setter dogs are not stubborn and they will pick up things like house manners and obedience in group training sessions. The 5 weekly one-hour sessions will cost you around $150-200.

  • Medical cost:

For essential vaccines as well as physical examination, an owner should take his dog to a vet at least three times in the first year. Each visit will cost you around $60-170 depending on the condition of your dog. One should purchase flea and heartworm infections every year that will cost you just $15-20.

irish setter dog price

Also, some owners want to spay or neuter their dogs, so these expenses will be around $150-200 whereas some less costly healthcare centers can charge you $50-100 as well.

As these dogs are large, so to prevent the GVD disorder, some owners make their dogs undergo gastropexy that will cost them around $200-400. While for the following years, one should expect to pay $425 to $825 every year.  All these expenses are added to the Irish setter puppies’ cost for owning.

  • Food cost:

As, it is a large dog, so it requires a great amount of hygienic and high-quality food. An Irish Setter puppy requires 200lbs of food whereas a dog requires 290lbs of dry food that will cost you $155-$310 and $140-$45 respectively for the entire year.

  • License:

Some countries have a law that a license is necessary for having a dog. So, having a license of Irish Setter dog will cost you around only $10-20. But, if your dog has not been neutered or spayed, then you can have to pay a little more for getting a license for your dog.

  • Insurance:

If you are a wise and caring owner, then we expect you to ensure your dog. Insurance price is also included in the additional expense average price. Irish setter puppy is when insured, most people pay $190 for such cases in which your dog has some sort of accident. Whereas, for illness and medical issues, people pay $565 on average for the safety and long-life of their dog.

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