Havanese Dog Price-How much are havanese puppies?


The national dog of the Republic of Cuba is cute and good-looking, known as Havanese Dog. It’s one of the favorite dog breeds of many people in different areas of the world so, most of you will be wondering that how much does a Havanese puppy cost.

First, we will tell you about how the looks and personality are worth the Havanese Dog price. They reach their full size in 6 to 8 months, as they are one of the small dog breeds. Their height is approximately 9 inches whereas the weight ranges from 4.5 to 7.3 kgs.

The eyes of Havanese are shiny and in dark brown color while the ears are droopy. It keeps its tail high, also it is curved from the end. The coat is too smooth due to the lengthy, silky and glossy hair that is either straight or curly.

They are available in many colors like black, chocolate brown, golden, champagne, cream, or red. They can also brighten or lighten their color within a year. The approximate life span for these dogs is 14 to 26 years.

Havanese Dog Price

Havanese is a dog who possesses a loveable personality and has an impact on everyone; not only on family members but also on strangers, others dogs, even on cats too. They always wanted to be around the family and get worried when left alone.

Its loving personality makes the cost of Havanese worth it. Avoid leaving it alone but in case you have to, then make sure you are leaving it with some toys that will keep the dog busy. It is considered a good house dog. Socialization at a young age is good for the dog.

To train it well, take it to kindergarten class of puppy, take it to market with you or park, so it interacts with new people and dogs.

Havanese loves to go on walks, doing some exercise or playing will make them so happy. But over-exercise is not good, if it is getting lazy or tired, take it back to home for some rest.

As it has long hair, it needs daily brushing to prevent tangling. Frequent bath is also needed for cleanliness and better grooming. It’s good to tie hair above the eye, otherwise, it irritates when hair touches the dog’s eye.

In this article, we will answer all your questions related to Havanese pricing like how much is a Havanese puppy, what is Havana silk dog price, how much is a Havanese dog, or from where can I buy a Havanese puppy.

Also, along with the Havanese Prices range in different colors, we will tell you the Havanese average price in different countries, so that you can predict the cost of Havanese dog in your area, for example, Havanese dog price the Philippines, Havanese dog price in Sri Lanka, or Havanese dog price in Jaipur.

Where to buy Havanese puppies?

If you are thinking that where can I get a Havanese puppy, then you are just at the right place. There are many places from where you can buy a dog, but the best one we consider is adoption.

price of havanese

The shelters will let you know which dog is the best match for your family. Second, you can find a reputable breeder, make sure he is selling you a healthy dog, and do a purchase. Whereas you can also visit pet stores, but we usually do not recommend this one.

How many are Havanese dogs?

The Havanese price varies depending on multiple aspects, but we will tell you that how much do Havanese puppies cost on average or what is the Havanese Puppies price range.

The average cost of a Havanese puppy ranges from $1000 to $1500. Whereas, if you are dealing with a reputable breeder, who is for sure selling you a purebred Havanese Dog, then one should expect to pay $3000.

Well, some people want to buy a Havanese from puppy mills, they do not ask for much money so, a Havanese dog price from puppy mills is $700 on average.

Now, talking about the best option to buy a Havanese dog, adoption, which is life-saving and cost-friendly as well. The adoption cost of a Havanese puppy ranges from $350 to $500 to cover the expenses. You can adopt a dog from a shelter or a former parent as well.

How much does Havanese cost in variable colors?

There are a lot of breeders having a variety of Havanese puppies for sale. How much difference will be there in the Havanese Dog prices depending on the coat color of the dog?

Well, as we have discussed that the Havanese puppy price depends on various factors, color is one of them as well. Let us have a look at this.

havanese dog for sale

Havanese dog is available in a lot of different coat colors like silver, chocolate, brindle, red, gold, cream, and champagne but the most common ones are white, mahogany, Havana brown, tobacco, fawn, and black.

Among these colors, silver, chocolate, and cream are expensive and the Havanese dogs’ price can be higher than the average cost for these colors that is $1000-1500.

Whereas, black Havanese dog with some spots on it is also most common among the other colors hence, is a bit expensive than those.

How much is a Havanese in different countries?

Coming towards the location, the Havanese Dog cost is not the same in all the countries. Breeders from different corners of the world as for different prices because the price of Havanese depends on the availability.

Well, if you are planning on buying a Havanese, then you should know at what cost the breeders are willing to sell the Havanese dog in your area.

Havanese dog price in India ranges from ₹25,000 to ₹35,000. But, most of the people from different cities of India ask that what are the prices of Havanese puppies in their city.

cost of a havanese puppy

Well, according to our research, the Havanese dog price in Bangalore, Havanese dog price in Karnataka, Havanese dog price in Punjab, Havanese dog price in Hyderabad, Havanese dog price in Delhi, Havanese dog price in Kerala,

Havanese dog price in Pune, Havanese dog price in Chennai, Havanese dog price in Kolkata, and many other re-known cities is just the same as the Havanese dog breed price in India.

Havanese dog price in the USA ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. If you want to know the Havanese dog price in rupees, then it is the same as the Havanese dog price in Pakistan.

Havanese dog price in Australia ranges from $4000 – $5500 whereas, the Havanese dog price in Dubai is AED 3,000 on average.  Havanese dog price in Egypt is $3500.

The Havanese dog price in UAE ranges from $2500-3000 whereas the Havanese dog price in Vizag is somewhere between ₹25,000 to ₹35,000.

How much do Havanese dog’s cost

As now you know that how much does it cost to buy a Havanese dog, now we will let you know the second most important thing related to the Havanese dog breed price.

In our opinion, how much would a Havanese dog cost to own it is a very important question.

As, if one wants to buy a Havanese puppy and he thinks he can afford the cost of a Havanese puppy, then that doesn’t mean that he can pay the Havanese Puppies cost of owning it by spending money on its additional expenses.

So, buying a Havanese puppy is the first step, let us have a look at the Havanese dog price list of extra expenditure.

  • Yearly expense of Havanese dog for sale:

The first-year expense of the Havanese dog includes the cost of the important supplies of the dog to welcome it in its home. These supplies are food and water bowls, harness, dog bed, dog crate, poop bags, Id card with a name tag, brush, toe-nail clipper, shampoo first-aid kit, and many more.

havanese puppy prices

Also, vaccination, license, and training cost are included in the first-year expense. Hence, including all these expenses, the first-year expense is $2765 on average that add-on to the Havanese cost.

Buy the dog only if you can afford to pay such expense. For the following years, the expense is $1190 every year.


Training a Havanese dog is not a hassle as they are smart and obedient dogs. an experienced owner can train the dog by himself. If not, then hiring a private trainer is not necessary, just take your dog for group training sessions. The 1-hour five sessions will cost you somewhere between $150-200.


Another expense that adds-on to the Havanese dog’s price range is the grooming cost of the dog. It is recommended to take the Havanese dog to visit the groomer at least 6 times a year. He will ask you somewhere between $40-60 depending on the services you ask him for.


As you spend a heavy cost of Havanese puppies for sale so, it’s important to make sure that your dog remains safe throughout his life. Hence, insurance of the Havanese dog is as important as all the above-discussed things.

Insurance that people pay for accidental coverage only is $190 on average, whereas that of including the illness insurance is $565.

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