Greatt Brittany Price – How Much Does a Brittany Spaniel cost?

Great Brittany is a type of dog breed associated with hunting and sports. Many people are longing to buy a Brittany puppy but for that, they should know about the Great Brittany price. For those who don’t have a clear idea, we are going to have a look at the appearance and personality of the dog.

Great Brittany is a medium-sized dog with a strong muscular body. The head of the dog is always like as if it is standing in an alert position. The eyes are fully protected and set into the head whereas, the eyebrows give an expressive sign.

The neck is medium-sized and is well blended into the shoulder. The forelegs are straight and approximately perpendicular to the body. The hindlimbs are bent in such a way that they help in balancing when the dog is in a standing position.

The coat of the dog is dense and dine but it is either flat or wavy. The hind and front limbs of the dog have some feathering on them. The coat is found in many colours or colour combinations with different patterns like spotted, ticked or blotched. The weight ranges between 30 to 40 pounds while the expected lifespan is from 10 to 13 years.

brittany dog price

Great Brittany’s are quite friendly. They love to play with a family or owner but are not much suitable with children without supervision. As being high energy dogs, they may harm children unintentionally during playing.

They easily get bored that can lead to harsh behaviour. If you have a busy routine and you are unable to give proper time to your dog, then bring another Brittany to make it busy and happy. Early socialization with humans and dogs is recommended for making it tolerable and a happy dog.

Their energetic and extraordinary characters make them good at hunting but one should train it with some patience so that, it may not start harming people or animals around it.

They require a lot of exercises daily for good mental and physical health. They are greatly urged to go for a hunt, long walks and hikes, as they do not love to be a couch potato. Because of having flat hair, they require less grooming.

They are healthy dogs, but proper screening is required to prevent them from diseases and infections.

How many are Brittany puppies? In this article, we are going to discuss that how much are Brittany spaniel puppies when we keep multiple aspects in our mind that can alter the price.

These aspects include breeders, adoption, coat colours, graphical location and many more. Lastly, a detailed guide of expenses will let you know that how much does it cost to own a Brittany spaniel dog. It will prepare you mentally without disturbing your budget.

How much does a Brittany dog cost?

Now, you must be wondering that how much do Brittany puppies cost. Well, the Brittany spaniel cost depends on multiple aspects including geographical location, inclusions, breeder, quality, health, gender, family history, age, and many more.

The average price of a Brittany spaniel ranges from $500-1100.  Most of the breeders ask $800-1000 for a purebred spaniel, Brittany, whereas, the Brittany spaniel puppy price for the dogs without registration and proper breeding rights is anywhere between $600 and $800.

brittany spaniel cost

Besides this, if you are looking for a Brittany Spaniel who has excellent traits with show quality, then get ready to pay anywhere from $1500 to $6000.

When you are out to buy a Brittany spaniel dog, make sure you are keeping some important things in your mind. First of all, always ensure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder.

If in any case, you buy a dog from a backyard breeder, then most likely the dog will have poor health and quality. Also, do not visit pet stores or puppy mills as they use cheap and unhealthy methods.

Along with reputable breeders, our top recommendation is to find a shelter or rescue near you, which has a dog of your choice. This not only will provide you with a purebred dog, but also you will have to pay a very less Brittany dog puppy price. The average cost of adopting a Brittany Spaniel dog is $350.

How much do Brittany spaniels’ cost in multiple colours?

The Brittany spaniel dog has multiple coat colours including black and white, piebald, roan, orange and white, liver and white, and tri-colour. Now you must be wondering that how much does aXXXrittany puppy cost in your favourite colour.

brittany spaniel price range

Well, in some areas, when a specific coat colour is rare or very popular, it always costs more than those which are common. But in the case of Brittany spaniel, all of the above-mentioned coat colours are liked by people and none is rare.

Hence, the Tri-color Brittany dog price, orange & white Brittany dog price, liver & white Brittany dog price, piebald Brittany dog price, and Black & white Brittany dog price falls in the same range of $500-1100. Roan Brittany dog price can be higher than the usual ones as this one is the most popular coat colour among all.

How much are Brittany spaniels in different countries?

Are you finding XXXrittany spaniels for sale in your area, city, or country? Then you must know that how much do XXXrittany dogs cost in that area. A question must have popped out in your mind that why does the XXXrittany spaniel puppies price vary with the place.

brittany spaniels for sale

Well, some dogs are easily available in several countries, but not all of the countries have similar availability. Some countries have high demand, but it takes too much effort to bring the desired dog to the area. Hence, demand and availability play an important role in this scenario.

Brittany dog price in India ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹40,000 whereas, XXXrittany dog price in Australia is $1000 on average. The Brittany dog cost in the USA ranges from $500-1000 whereas, the Brittany dog price in the UK is anywhere between £500 and $700.

These price variations show it clearly that, the XXXrittany dog breed price depends on the location largely.

How much does a Brittany spaniel cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

We hope that until now, you are well-aware of everything related to how much is a BXXXrittany dog. Now, it’s time that you know some important things about owning a BXXXrittany spaniel.

By owning, we meant providing every facility that your dog needs so that it may feel comfortable, just like its own house. Also, grooming, training, microchipping, license, dog walking, insurance, food, and medical expenses are included in it.

how much are brittany spaniel puppies

Collectively, all these expenses will cost you $3,665 in the first year, and $20,465 throughout its life on average. But let us have a detailed look at these expenses.

  • Cost of supplies:

When a dog or puppy comes to your home, it is quite important to welcome it properly by showing some love and care. The important stuff that you should buy for its comfort and ease will do it all.

This stuff includes food and water bowls for hygienic and convenient eating, a dog bed for comfortable sleep, some toys to play with and treats for rewarding it.

Also, a dog collar, dog crate, ID card with a tag, Toenail clipper, first aid kit, toothbrush, hairbrush and some other stuff is included in these supplies.

For the first year, these supplies will cost you around $185 – $790 whereas, for each following year, the expense will be $75 – $330.

  • Training cost:

Training Brittany Spaniel is quite a task hence, it is recommended to seek private and professional training. For 7 to 9 private lessons, get ready to pay around 700-900 dollars whereas, 5 1-hour group training sessions will cost around $150-200.

So, the total training expense adds to your budget along with the Brittany puppy price.

  • Grooming cost:

The price of grooming a dog varies depending on the size, coat, and condition of the dog. Also, the more services you ask for, the more will be an expense.

It is recommended to visit a professional groomer at least 3 to 6 times a month. Each visit will cost you anywhere between $40-60.

  • Medical expenses:

One should keep visiting a vet to keep a check on the dog’s health. For the first year, the veterinary expenses are expected to be somewhere between $395 – $795.

Whereas, for an adult dog, the estimated expense is $330 – $725 per year. Spaying or neutering will cost you around $50 – $300 depending on the healthcare centre.

  • Food cost:

An adult Brittany spaniel consumes 190 lbs of dry food on average. Depending on this requirement, you can expect to pay $90 – $315. Whereas, for the puppy, this price range is $105 – $175.

Never compromise on the quality of food just for having some cheap food as it can lead to various health problems.

  • Insurance cost:

It is advised only to take interest in Brittany spaniel price range when you trust yourself that you will pay insurance on time. Insurance makes your dog’s life secure. Mostly, people pay $565 for medical and accidental coverage.

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