Great Dane price | How much are great danes ?

Great Dane is one of the most popular breeds among the world and many people are curious to know great Dane dog price. The male great Dane is 30 inches tall and weighs 130-180 pounds. Whereas the female Dane dog is 28 inches tall weighing 110-150 pounds.

Harlequin, Mantle, Black masked Fawn, Blue, Brindle and Black are the variety of coat colours. Although it has a short coat but is highly glossy as well as thick. It has a long rectangular head and medium-sized ears.

It has dark eyes, deep muzzle and square jaw.

They have a muscular and long neck and a muscular body as well. Coming to their feet, it has large rounded feet. Lastly, it has a deep chest and powerful limbs.

When these dogs stand on their hind legs, most of the people look shorter in front of them. Their life span is about 7 to 10 years.

The Great Dane dog is gentle, loving, sweet, friendly and very easy to train. It picks all the points quickly and shows a positive response. Although they are house dogs, they require a lot of space as they are huge dogs and they want to move around in a large space.

great dane price

Don’t let your puppy jump until it is 18 months old as their bones are still under growth before that age. They want to desire people as much as they can and are happy to play with children. They welcome all your guests warmly.

They can also be protective if some fine something unusual. They can stay indoors but it is recommended to take it for at least 30 minutes to walk.

In this article we are going to discuss great Dane price range as well as baby great Dane price will all of its specifications.

Great Dane price in different countries including great Dane price the Philippines, great Dane price in Pakistan, great Dane dog price in Sri Lanka and many others are a big question for people. We will try to cover most of them in our article.

We will discuss the price of the dog in multiple colours including black, white, fawn and merle great Dane price. Also, blue harlequin great Dane price being most popular is asked most frequently among people. Let’s have a look at all these factors.

How much do a Great Dane dog and a Great Dane puppy cost?

Great Dane Puppies price can range from $600 up to $3,000. The variation in the Great Dane puppy price is due to the breeder or pedigree of the puppy. Also, the show quality dogs are highly expensive as they have some excellent bloodlines.

All you have to do is find a breeder with a good reputation and you can get a Great Dane puppy healthy and purebred. The good breeders can be trusted because they take a lot of care of the dog.

They do not see only the profit, but they go for all the health care steps for a healthy life of the dog. The average price for great Dane puppies is $1500. If you buy a strong and healthy Dane puppy, then it will cost you about $1000 to $2000.

great dane dog price

Talking about the price of great Dane adult dog, it ranges from $100-$400. Another option for getting a cheaper yet healthy dog is adoption. You can adopt a dog or puppy from former owners or dog shelters.

You cannot doubt their health because these dogs are cheaper only because they are homeless. The average price of a Great Dane for adoption is $250. It can vary in different places according to the circumstances.

How much are great Danes in different countries?

The price of each dog kind is not only different from others but also it is different according to their location. The price of great Dane Dog price in Nepal is for sure different from great Dane dog price in Sri Lanka due to demand, quality, availability as well as weather conditions.

Great Dane dog price Philippines is about $1100 per puppy but it can still be as low as $800 and as high as $3000. It is originated from Germany, but now most of the people want it all around the world.

Great Dane price in USA ranges from $600-$3000 whereas, great Dane price UK is £600 to over £1000. In Canada, the breeders there take a lot of care for the well-being of the dog after birth that is why the Great Dane dogs are bit expensive there.

Great Dane price Canada is somewhere between $1,700 – $3,000. Great Dane price in India ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000. But a show quality dog can be expensive such as, for ₹100,000.

It is compulsory to once visit the dog breeder before purchasing the dog, to make sure that the breeder is not making false claims. It is recommended to do a lot of research and shortlist the ones you can meet. We hope you get a healthy dog according to Great Dane price puppy discussed here.

great dane cost

How much are great Dane puppies in multiple colours ?

Great Dane dogs are available in a variety of coat colours including Harlequin, Mantle, Black masked Fawn, Blue, Brindle and Black. Fawn is the most common coat colour among these dogs whereas white is the rare one.

The most popular and liked colour is Harlequin and it is a bit expensive than others. The average price of a harlequin great Dane is $2000. But harlequin great Dane price can range from $1500-2500. Whereas blue merle Great Dane price is somewhere between $800-$2000.

The average price of great Dane puppies in brindle colour is $600-$1000. Whereas other colours including fawn, black and black-masked fawn lie between the range of $600-$3000 depending on their health and characteristics.

Merle coat is common in great Dane dogs but their cross can make a white great Cane that is rare coat colour. This is a reason that some breeders ask a bit more price of a Great Dane puppy than usual for Merle coat.

How much do Great Dane Puppies cost when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

In addition to the great Dane cost, some other factors cost you while raising a dog. Some of them are:

  • Food:

A three to six months female great Dane dog needs 3 to 6 cups of food whereas a male dog of the same age needs 4 to 8 cups. When they reach the age of 8 months or a year, the female requires 5 to 8 cups whereas the male dog requires 6 to 10 cups.

Adolescents great Dane dogs require more food than puppies. Females needs 8 cups whereas male needs 9 to 15 cups. Lastly, adult female great Dane dogs need 8 cups whereas the adult male needs 8 to 10 cups as they are fully grown now.

great dane puppies price

A 40 pounds food bag of high-quality food that can be used for almost 2-4 weeks costs almost $30-$40. So, for a month, they will cost approximately $70 to $100 for all foods. All of it is added in great Dane puppy price.

  • Training:

One should be well-experienced to train a dog as it is not an easy task. While if you are not experienced then it is recommended to hire a personal trainer or go for group training of dogs.

Do your research on best and reasonable trainers or training centres? The group training can cost you $5 to 20 dollars whereas personal trainer can ask you for more price, but we expect $20 to $50.

  • Grooming

Grooming of a Great Dane dog doesn’t cost you much because their coat hairs are short. You just need to buy a good quality brush that will cost you around $5-$20.

But washing your Great Dane dog is a challenging task because it has a large body. If you cannot do this then you should visit a groomer once in a month.

The groomer will charge you somewhere between $40-$120 depending on how well he maintains your dog. In another case, buy a shampoo that will cost you $5-15. Great Dane price range is affected by it as well.

  • Vet and Health Care:

You should go for a routine veterinary check-up of your Great Dane dog at least twice a year. Each visit will cost you about $20-75 if your dog is fine. Great Dane dogs are prone to get some diseases including bloat, dysplasia or an enlarged heart.

how much are great danes

The surgery to treat bloat will cost you around $1000-5000. The medication of the enlarged heart can cost you $500-1500 per month. Whereas all the other antibiotics of the great Dane dogs cost somewhere between $10-$200.

For neutering the Great Dane dog, you have to pay $125-400 but as spaying is more complicated it can cost you $200-$600.

  • Insurance:

As you can see, the medications can cost you a lot of money and disturb your budget. It is highly recommended to invest your money in the insurance of your dog, so that it may live a healthy and secure life.

All the clinics and hospitals will consider your dog if you have done their insurance. Most people pay $50 per month. So, save your investment of price of a Great Dane buy insuring your dog.

In conclusion, Great Dane is one of the best dogs and the average price of a Great Dane is between $600-3000. We hope all of your queries would have been cleared after reading this article.

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