English springer spaniel price-How much are springer spaniel puppies?

English springer spaniel is from the gun dog breed and was first originated in England. Hence, those who are fond of this breed are curious about English Springer Spaniel Price. But first, let us discuss the appearance and personality of the dog before you plan to buy an English springer spaniel.

It’s a medium-sized dog having a long hair coat with fringes of hair on its leg, ear, chest, and tail. The droopy ears are long and soft, hanging near to cheeks. The body is broad, having a long, arched neck. The legs are muscular and strong whereas the tail can swing very nicely.

They are good at maintaining their balance. They are usually 18 to 21 inches in height. The male dogs weigh usually between 40lbs to 60 lbs. While females weigh between 35lbs to 55 lbs. The lifespan of these dogs approximately ranges between 12 to 14 years.

English springer spaniel dogs love to live and play as much with the family. They don’t love to live alone but if it happens, it makes them aggressive and can have negative effects on their mental health.

English springer spaniel price

They love to do outdoor activities and exercises like going on long walks, or playing with their owner also, it is healthy for a dog to exercise daily. They are good at making companions in a way but they are excellent hunters as well. So, don’t allow them to play in an area without a fence.

But if the dog is trained well and at an early age, it will most probably refrain from hunting in an open area. If you don’t want your dog as a hunter, train him with other activities more like obedience, flyball, agility, tracking, etc.

They start barking when they see any stranger, but they are not good as a watchdog because of their affectionate nature. Weekly brushing is required to prevent tangles, also, you should keep removing dirt for the proper maintenance.

The nails need to be cut when lengthened because it may cause pain to your dog and also difficulty during walking and running. Frequently brushing the teeth can reduce the risk of infection. They are generally healthy but screening should be done for proper care of your dog.

In this article, we are going to discuss that how much do English springer spaniel puppies cost depending on various factors. Either it is the coat color or quality of the dog, you will be clear about all the confusion.

Also, no matter where you live, you will be able to make an estimate for how much this dog will cost in your area such as how much does a springer spaniel costs the UK. So, have a look and get your questions their answers.

How much does an English springer spaniel cost?

The English springer spaniel cost is not the same because, there are different methods to buy a dog, and each one of them has variation in prices. Secondly, the dog’s quality also affects the English springer spaniel puppy prices.

Also, some other factors on which the price depends are coat color, location, training, reputation, and many more. But usually, the English springer spaniel puppies’ price ranges from $600-1200.

english springer spaniel puppies for sale

If you are looking for the dog’s top breed lines, show quality, or superior pedigree, then you should expect to pay anywhere between $2000 to $10,000 depending on the dog’s extra-ordinary features and breeder’s demand. Now keeping these prices in mind, the average price for an English springer spaniel is $850.

Well, after knowing the average cost, if you still think that these prices are higher than you expect, then there is another cost-friendly way to have your desired dog. In our opinion, this option is the most efficient one and also, it saves you a lot of money.

You can adopt a dog, and help it by giving it a proper home with loving family members to love. The shelters ask for about $350 on average to cover the money they have spent on growing, feeding, or training the dog.

How many are springer spaniel puppies in various colors?

As discussed, the English springer spaniel price depends on various factors and coat color is one of them. The English Springer Spaniel dog is available in different coat colors including red and white, orange and white, lemon and white, black and white, liver and white, or tri-color.

how much is an english springer spaniel

The most common and demanded color of English springer spaniel dog is white with liver or black markings and, black or liver with white markings.

So, the Liver & white English springer spaniel price, and Black & white English springer spaniel price are a bit more than the other coat colors. One should expect to pay $1000 or more for these coat colors.

Tri-color English springer spaniel price, Lemon & white English springer spaniel price, orange & white English springer spaniel price and, Red & white English springer spaniel price falls in the same range of prices. For all these coat colors, the price range is $800-1200 mostly.

How much is an English springer spaniel in different countries?

The English springer spaniel is not available in each area of all the countries. It is common in some countries whereas rare in others. This affects the price of the dog on a certain level.

Hence, it is important to discuss the price of English springer spaniel puppies for sale in various countries.

The English springer spaniel price in Sri Lanka is seen Rs. 25,000 in most of the areas. English springer spaniel price in India ranges from ₹25,000-30,000 whereas English springer spaniel cost Australia is $600 but it can be more depending on the quality of the dog.

Lastly, if you are wondering that how much is a springer spaniel in the UK, then that price ranges from £700-1000.

How much does an English springer spaniel cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

The important thing to know is not only that how much do English springer spaniels cost, but also you should know how much money is required to own an English springer Spaniel.

From the first-year expense to the rest of the life of the dog, we are going to tell you all in this detailed guide. Have a look!

Initial Expenses:

Hygienic and quality food for the English Springer Spaniel Dog costs $75, and the treats that you should give as a reward for its obedience will cost you around $35.

english springer spaniel cost

If there are chances that you might leave your dog alone, then toys will be their companions that will cost you just $5.

Medications for different health hazards will cost you $30 and in case miscellaneous supplies will be for $20. These supplies will be for $165 that is not a huge amount at all. All these expenses are added to the English Springer Spaniel price.

Yearly expense:

Now, if you want to estimate the yearly expense of the English Springer Spaniel, then it will be $2795 for the first year and $1515 for each of the rest years. On average, the lifetime expense of an English Springer Spaniel Dog will be $21000.

Training cost:

Training an English springer spaniel is not a challenging task as they easily pick up things. You can either train them on your own, if you have some experience, whereas group training sessions are also good for them.

A 5 day 1-hour weekly session will cost you around $150-200. In our opinion, there is no need to waste money by hiring a private trainer as he will ask you for much more money.

Grooming cost:

It is recommended to take your dog for professional grooming at least 3 to 6 times a year. Each session usually costs $55 to $75 depending on the demand of the groomer. Hence, the total cost of the year for grooming is $165-450.

Food cost:

In a whole year, the English Springer Spaniel puppy consumes 140 pounds of dry food. Even if we provide the quality food of well-known brands, then the feeding cost of English Springer Spaniel will range from $105 to $220. Whereas, a dog consumes 230 pounds of food according to which, the price range is $115-360.


Nothing feels worse than finding that your dog is missing. So, microchipping helps you to locate your stolen or missing dog. The cost for microchipping English springer Spaniel costs from $15-25.


Not in all the countries you can keep a dog without a license. It is a law in various states to have a proper license for buying a dog for you. The people who live in such countries should expect to pay $10-20 for the license. But if your dog is without papers, then the license may be a bit expensive than the mentioned cost.


Wondering insurance price is as important as the question of how much is an English springer spaniel. For accidental and illness both, most people pay $565 whereas some like to pay only for accidental coverage, which is $190 on average.

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