English Mastiff Price – How Much Are Mastiff Puppies?

English Mastiff is from a breed of large working dogs that originated from Asia. Many people demand this dog due to some of its extraordinary traits.

You must be interested in the English Mastiff Price as well. But first, we like to give a brief introduction of English Mastiff’s appearance and personality.

The English mastiff dog has a large, powerful, and muscular body. The height of a male dog is usually 76cm, while that of a female is 70 cm on average.

The weight of male and female dog ranges from 120- 170 pounds, but female ones are usually a bit lighter than males. The skull of the dog is broad and is square whereas, the medium-sized and brown-coloured eyes are not much prominent.

The ears are small, thin, and in V shape while the neck is of medium size and has a well-developed arch. The forelegs and hindlegs are balanced with each other and are very strong. The coat of the dog is in two parts: outer coat and inner coat.

The outer coat has short lengthened straight hair while the inner coat contains shorter and dense hair. The coat is found in different colours like apricot, fawn, or brindle colour with black marking on it.

English mastiffs are very friendly and good-natured dogs, but it requires good training. Early socialization with humans and animals is required.

Also, proper training is important to make it friendly with close ones as they may harm children or weak adults if training is not good.

mastiff prices

They are intelligent and quick learners and get bored if you make it learn the same things again and again. They are good at knowing body language and expressions, so train them with these factors.

Some short sessions every day will be enough for its training. They are family dogs and are very loyal to the members. An alert character helps the dog in catching thieves if they broke into the house.

They do not require very high exercises so, it’s easy to manage with them. They love to live in an apartment but a short walk in a day is required for their physical and mental health maintenance.

They do not require much grooming except during their shedding period. They require daily brushing when shedding for the removal of dead hair. Proper screening is required to prevent them from seasonal allergies or other diseases.

How much is a mastiff? Stay calm! Because we are going to tell you everything you want to know about mastiff puppies’ price. If you are looking for an English mastiff puppy for sale, then you must be wondering that how much are mastiff puppies in different coat colours.

Also, most of the people’s concern is that how much is English mastiff puppies around them such as, English mastiff price in rupees, English mastiff puppy price in Lucknow, English mastiff baby price in Singapore,

English mastiff price in Ahmedabad, or English mastiff price in Delhi. Lastly, a detailed guide about how to own a dog will help you balance your budget.

How much are English mastiffs?

How much do English mastiff puppies cost? Are you looking for an answer? Well, we cannot say that there is one specific English mastiff price range.

On average, English mastiff cost ranges from $1000-1500 which means, the average mastiff price is $1200.Whereas, if you are looking for a completely registered AKC English mastiff price, then it could be a bit higher.

Also, the show-quality dogs or the ones with breeding rights will cost you more. English mastiff puppies prices of these qualities range from $2000 to $6000 or even more.

how much is a mastiff

However, if you are looking for a quality dog, but in lesser English mastiff purebred price, then adoption is the right thing for you. You can visit nearby shelters and rescue to find your desired dog.

These dogs are of good quality and pedigree but without a home. Usually, they are already trained, so to cover those expenses, the English mastiff puppies’ price for adoption is $350 on average.

Never think to buy English mastiff from a pet store or puppy mills as these dogs are not of good quality.

Lastly, if you are dealing with a breeder, make he is a reputable one. Stay away from the backyard breeders making false claims and asking for high mastiff puppies’ prices.

How much is an English mastiff in multiple colours?

If you have your favourite coat colour, then you must be wanting to have a dog in that colour. Now, how many are mastiffs in different colours? The English mastiff is available in three different colours, brindle, fawn and apricot.

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The chances of these coat colours are equally the same, so none of them is rare. Also, three of them are quite popular and liked by most people.

So, the Brindle English mastiff price, FAWN English mastiff price, and APRICOT English mastiff price falls in the same range of $1000-1500.

How much do English mastiffs cost in different countries?

Do you live in India or the USA? You realize that the cost of an English mastiff varies largely depending on multiple factors such as colour, gender, quality, lineage, pedigree, health and many more. One of these factors is location.

Now, you must be wondering that how much do mastiff puppies cost near you. Here, we are going to review the English mastiff price list of mastiff puppies for sale in most well-known countries. Have a look!

The English mastiff price in India ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹60,000 therefore, the English mastiff dog price in other cities and provinces of the country lies in the same price range.

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Hence, the English mastiff price in Pune, English mastiff price in Punjab, English mastiff price in Guwahati, English mastiff price in Kerala, English mastiff price in Bangalore, English mastiff price in Kolkata, English mastiff price in Jaipur, and English mastiff price in Mumbai falls in the same mastiff dog price range.

The English mastiff price in the USA is anywhere between $1000-1500, but the English mastiff average price there is $1200. English mastiff price in Nepal ranges from $1500-6000.

English mastiff price in Australia ranges from $1800-3500 whereas, English mastiff price in South Africa is R 2500 on average. English mastiff price in Sri Lanka ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000.

English mastiff price in the Philippines ranges from P120,000 to P300,000 whereas, the English mastiff price in Pakistan is above 1 lac on average. Lastly, the English mastiff price UK £1000-1800.

How much does an English mastiff puppy cost when expenses of additional requirements add to the budget?

Now when you are well aware of how much does English mastiff cost, it’s time to know everything that follows it. After buying a dog, it becomes your prime responsibility to provide it with extra care.

You have to buy everything your dog requires for comfort also, you will have to pay certain expenses such as dog training, grooming, medical expenses, feeding expenses, insurance and many more.

english mastiff dog price

it is important to know about all these things before you plan on buying a dog because, if not, then it can disturb your budget largely. Well, let us have an overview of these expenses in detail.

  • Cost of Initial supplies:

The initial supplies, also known as welcoming essentials, are the important things, that you buy when a dog or pup arrives at home. These things make your dog feel comfortable and feel like it is in its home.

The initial supplies include a toenail clipper, toothbrush kit, hairbrush, shampoo, first aid kit, toys, stains and odour removal spray, house training pads, pooper scooper, plastic poop bags, dog crate, dog bed, an ID tag with name, leash, dog collar, and food and water bowls.

The expense of all these items adds to the budget along with the price of mastiff puppies. Well, collectively, these supplies will cost you around $245 – $925 for the first year.

But some of these things can be required in the following years as well, which will cost you around $105 – $410.

  • Feeding expense:

As English mastiff is a large dog hence it consumes quite an amount of food. A mastiff puppy consumes 580 lbs of dry food whereas, an adult dog eats 610 lbs of food every year.

According to this the mastiff adult and mastiff puppy price for food will be $300 – $945 and $440 – $880 respectively.

  • Training cost:

Despite its size, the dog isn’t challenging to train as it has an intelligent and non-aggressive nature. Hence, you can train it by yourself or some group training sessions will be enough. The mastiff puppies’ cost for training ranges from $150 – $200.

  • Grooming expense:

It is a low-maintenance dog hence, you can save a lot of money by grooming it by yourself. Otherwise, visit a groomer at least 8 times a year. The mastiff cost for each visit to groom your dog will cost you around $55 to 75.

  • Insurance:

It takes a lot to find purebred English mastiffs for sale and pay high mastiff costs. All of this is only worth it if you pay insurance for your dog.

This will make you sure that even if you are not there for your dog, it will be safe. Most people pay $595 for both accidental and medical insurance.

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