English Cocker Spaniel Price -How much is an english cocker spaniel?

English Cocker spaniels are one of those dogs which you can’t help but adore, even if you’re not a dog person. Hence, many people are longing to have this dog from different corners of the world.

To buy an English cocker spaniel dog, they surely want to know the English Cocker spaniel price. But, before you know it all, let us just know about the looks and personality of the dog.

Long ears, Big black round eyes, and long shiny hair make them no different from a stuffed toy. Now commonly kept as toy dogs, Cocker spaniels were initially bred in the UK for hunting purposes.

They get Word “Cocker ” from their use to hunt a bird called woodcock. Cocker spaniels are further categorized into two types i.e., American cocker spaniels and English cocker spaniels. Cocker spaniels are much different from traditional hunting dogs.

cocker spaniel price

They have a small height which helps them to sneak up on their prey. A male English cocker spaniel can be 15 to 16 inches tall whereas the female ones are usually shorter but can grow up to 15 inches in height. Male and females also vary in weight proportions, as males can weigh up to 34 pounds whereas females weigh a little less.

If you’re thinking about a new addition to your family, look no further because English cocker spaniels are one of the best family dogs. These dogs require attention all the time but if left unattended and ignored, they become trouble makers.

Since they are mostly kept inside the house, they have access to a lot of things that may look like a toy. If you come across a bad-tempered spaniel, understand that it all depends on the way they are kept.

English cocker spaniels are playful, not too energetic, not too lazy, timid, and easy to train dogs. Word affection is written all over their endearing faces. Making friends is an easy job for these dogs, let it be humans or animals.

Not only a faithful companion that can go with you on long walks but also a quiet and loyal one. In this article, we are going to discuss the price of cocker spaniel keeping multiple factors in mind that can change the price.

One of these factors is coat colour hence, we will discuss the different coloured prices such as tri-colour English cocker spaniel price, black & white English cocker spaniel price, golden English cocker spaniel price, silver English cocker spaniel price, red English cocker spaniel price, tri-coloured ticked and many more.

Secondly, if you want to know that what is the cost of this dog in your area, then hang in there. Because we are going to discuss the price in different countries as well such as English cocker spaniel price in Sri Lanka or English cocker spaniel price in Malaysia.

Lastly, buying a dog is not the only thing one should be concerned about, but how to own it is something bigger. We will help you out in this regard as well. So, let us get started!

How much is an English cocker spaniel?

The cocker spaniel puppies price depends on multiple factors hence, there is not a specific cost of cocker spaniel puppies. It can be high with good quality and health whereas, you can find cheap ones with bad health or poor lineage.

Well, the average cocker spaniel price range for a quality dog with papers is $800-$1,600 whereas, the cocker spaniel average price is $1000. If you are looking for a dog without papers or breeding rights, then it will cost you around $600-800 on average.

cocker spaniel puppies price

On the other hand, show-quality dogs can be quite expensive. The cocker spaniel puppies price range for such dogs is $2,400 upwards to $5,900 but, it can go higher as well.

While buying a cocker spaniel puppy, keep in mind that you are dealing with a reputable breeder. They take care of the puppy as if it is their own also, they do not hesitate from answering any of your questions.

Whereas, backyard breeders are most likely to adopt unethical breeding practices that are not good for dog’s health. This can cost you a lot of money as you will have to pay a lot to the vets for medical bills.

A life-saving yet affordable option for having an English cocker spaniel dog is adoption. You can visit your nearby rescues and shelters and bring your desired dog home. The English cocker spaniel cost for adoption is $350 on average.

How much do English cocker spaniels’ cost in multiple colours?

In our opinion, the coat colour of a dog is the most obvious thing when you see one. Also, it affects a lot on which dog you will choose among the variety of them. Well, in this case, there are plenty of possible coat colours of an English cocker spaniel.

These coat colours include tri-colour ticked, red, silver, golden, black and white, tri-colour, ash, lemon and white, liver and tan, liver, liver and white, orange and white, liver roan, orange roan, black and tan, blue roan and finally, black.

cost of cocker spaniel

The prices of cocker spaniels vary along with these coat colours because some of them are common whereas some are hard to find. Among all these coat colours, the most popular one is blue roan hence, the blue roan English cocker spaniel price is always higher than the other ordinary coat colours.

The price for blue roan is $1500 on average whereas, the black English cocker spaniel price, orange roan English cocker spaniel price, black & tan English cocker spaniel price, liver roan English cocker spaniel price, orange & white English cocker spaniel price, falls in the range of $800-1600.

The other coat colours including liver & tan English cocker spaniel price, liver & white English cocker spaniel price, lemon & white English cocker spaniel price, liver English cocker spaniel price, Ash English cocker spaniel price also has the same standard price range.

How much do English cocker spaniels’ cost in different countries?

Are you wondering how much does an English cocker spaniel cost in the country you live in? You probably are! Well, the cocker spaniel dog price is not the same everywhere. In some areas, you will find plenty of English cocker spaniels for sale.

There you will get a dog at an affordable price. But in that area, where the demand is high but fewer dogs are available, you will have to pay quite a cost to have your favourite dog. Hence, we are here going to tell you the cocker spaniel puppy price in some of the known countries of the world.

english cocker spaniels for sale

English cocker spaniel price in India ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000 whereas, the price range is just the same for the other cities of India including English cocker spaniel price in Mumbai, English cocker spaniel price in Bangalore, English cocker spaniel price in Delhi, English cocker spaniel price in Hyderabad, English cocker spaniel price in Chennai,

English cocker spaniel price in pine, and English cocker spaniel price in Kolkata. English cocker spaniel price UK can be as low as £430 and as high as £1500.

English cocker spaniel price in Egypt ranges from 2500 EGP to 3500 EGP. English cocker spaniel price in Nepal ranges from 15000-25000 whereas, English cocker spaniel price in Pakistan can be as low as Rs. 25,000.

How much do English cocker spaniel puppies’ cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

Not only knowing that what is the price of a cocker spaniel is enough. One should expect to spend quite an amount of money when the dog comes home so, having complete knowledge about that is equally necessary.

buying a cocker spaniel puppy

These additional requirements include the monthly and yearly expenses of the important stuff that you have to buy for the dog. Let us have a detailed look at all the things.

  • Important supplies:

The essential supplies for the dog should be bought to welcome the dog also, for the following years. These supplies include a medical kit, grooming kit, dog bed, crate, collar and many more. For the first year, one should expect to pay $185 – $790 whereas the range for the rest of the years is $75 – $330 on average depending on the brand you choose.

  • Medical expenses:

The visits to the vet for the first year will cost you around $395 – $795, whereas for the adult years, be ready to pay for $330 – $725 each year. Also, the spaying and neutering cost add on to the budget along with the cocker spaniel price, which is $50 – $300 depending on the healthcare centre.

  • Cocker spaniel puppies’ prices for food:

A cocker spaniel puppy eats 110 lbs of dry food annually whereas, that of a dog eats 160 lbs. according to the food requirement, quality and hygienic food for the dog will cost you anywhere between $105 – $175 for the puppy and $90 – $270 for an adult dog.

  • Insurance:

Insurance of the cocker spaniel dog is as important as the purchasing cost of the cocker spaniel. For the surety of its well-being, it is quite important. Mostly, people pay $190 for only the accidental coverage whereas, some pay $565 for both medical illness and accidents.

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