English bulldog price | What is the cost of English bulldog?

English Bulldogs are the most popular breeds and the most demanded one also. However, it is significant to keep the total price in check of any dog breed as a pet dog should not be a burden on you in any way. English bulldogs are considered the most expensive one because of the various factors and needs they have.

So, one has to consider the initial English bulldog price along with all the other expenses that you have to fulfill to raise a healthy, well-groomed, and well-trained pet dog. However, you do not have to worry about this, as we are here to help you out.

This post will provide you with insights into the average English bulldog cost that includes all the requirements and necessities to make an estimated calculation for you. It will make your decision making easier for sure by letting you know why are English bulldogs so expensive?

However, before delving into the actual cost, let’s discuss what exactly makes this dog breed most preferable. English Bulldogs are small-sized, soft, pushy, and ball-shaped dogs.

english bulldog price

They have a wrinkled round face on a short body that makes them oddly beautiful dogs. English Bulldogs are the fifth popular dog breed in the USA, according to the American Kennel Club’s 2017 reports.

These are one of those dog breeds that have short but straight tails. Bulldogs are kind, affectionate, patient, and courageous but a little more stubborn dogs. Their odd beauty, lovely nature, and somewhat patient temperament make them preferable.

How much do English bulldog puppies cost?

The average price for an English bulldog ranges between $1500 to $4000. Yet, the price further varies with the type of breeds and pet store location. The old English bulldog price also varies between $2000 to $3000 because of the rarity. The bulldogs having an exceptional pedigree are more expensive.

For instance, a full breed English bulldog price or purebred English bulldogs can go even higher than $4000 because of their immunity to common health issues. The purebreds can save your vet bills and insurance costs as these are healthier than the bulldog breeds having a mixed lineage.

However, you can always adopt a dog. The bulldog puppy adoption price ranges only between $300 to $500, including the vaccinations and registrations. In this way, you can get a pet dog and save some money while sheltering an English bulldog.

english bulldog cost

You have to be aware of the scam and fraud breeders selling cheap bulldogs as these are not less than $1000. The prices also differ with the sizes, location of the dog, and colors.

Like the mini English Bulldog price is nearly $800 to $2000, and for an adult dog, it can go high above $4000. Apart from this, many countries also ask for attested papers of legal custody of the bulldog. Most breeders sell their puppies and dogs with papers.

However, an English bulldog price without papers is much lesser, but the AKC does not recommend buying an unregistered bulldog. Registered dogs are preferable to get assured of the quality and breed type of dog.

What is the cost of the English bulldog’s other expenses?

Other than the initial cost, the caring and the needs of the dogs also add more to the English bulldog’s price range. These expenses can include feeding, grooming, training, health insurance, vet bills, and the other essential supplies for pet dogs that aid in fulfilling these requirements.

Feeding price of English bulldogs

Food is an ultimate requirement of everyone that you can not even skip. Bulldogs are prone to dental problems. Considering this, the owners have to buy soft chewable food and high quality to keep it active and energetic.

However, you have to consult a vet to make sure what food is best for your bulldog, either the dry one that is easy to pick and chew or the wet one that is soft and easy to swallow. In either case, high-quality food can cost you $2 to $3 per pound, and a 30-pound food bag is for $60.

Suppose your bulldog consumes a half cup of meal a day divided into two times. Then, 30 pounds of high-quality food bag can last up to at least four months. Yet, the consumption of food varies with the growing age of your bulldog.

For instance, a one- third of a cup thrice a day is enough for a two-months puppy but not for the 5 to 7 months puppy. A 13 months adult dog can even eat more. So, food consumption depends on the weight, activity level, and age of your English Bulldog.

English bulldog puppies training cost

The English bulldogs are a sweetheart but can become aggressive and stubborn also that sometimes makes it difficult to train. Therefore, the vet recommends training your pet dog at the initial age or as soon as possible.

Obedience, personal, and group lessons are what come to mind when we talk about training.

The positive reinforcement learning technique works best for English Bulldogs. You can do it by yourself and can also consult a professional behaviorist for your dog. The group training sessions can cost you $50 to $125 per class that last up to four to eight weeks.

You can appoint your pet in Obedience schools for basic obedience training like how to sit, stand, and many more that cost you $200 to $600 per week. Individual training costs you nearly $80 for an hour. Do it either at your home or vets.

It is important to note here that if you are training your dog by yourself, you can teach them some gestures and words to let them understand and respond whenever you use them in front of English Bulldogs.

It is better to divide training time into short and precise sessions to gain your pet’s attention and let it learn thoroughly without making it hard for them to grab.

english bulldog price range

Grooming cost of English bulldog

Along with food and training, grooming is also essential to keep your dog neat and clean, healthy, and attractive. The Bulldogs have short hairs that shed once a year that is not even that noticeable.

Proper brushing of their fur coat once a week is enough to keep it straight and clean. Bathing, nail trimming, ear clipping, and face wrinkles cleaning goes into the grooming of bulldogs. You do not even have to do all this daily or every week. A few weeks of grooming in a month is more than enough.

You can save $40 to $50 per month for a grooming kit that includes a mild shampoo, brush, a small soft towel, or a tub. The plus point is you can do all this by yourself at your homes as the bulldogs love grooming.

English bulldog price for veterinary bills

Compared to other expenses, vet bills of English bulldogs are higher. These dogs are prone to several inherited diseases, mostly because of their body appearance. So, in turn, needs a regular checkup also. Even the routine care of English bulldogs includes dental diseases, eye and skin infections, and obesity.

Other common health issues are hip and elbow dysplasia, spine deformation, urinary blockage, kidney stones, heart disease, respiratory distress, heatstroke, and exercise-induced collapse. Some of these diseases like brachycephaly or a respiratory problem can even need emergency treatment as it can even take your pet’s life.

Therefore, you can expect to pay between $390 to $790 as medical expenses in the first year of adoption or buying. Yet, the range remains the same even afterward in the English Bulldogs case. However, this long list of diseases is not to make you afraid. Proper health care and frequent vet consultation can reduce health risks.

how much are bulldog puppies

Insurance price of English bulldogs

English bulldogs are prone to various health problems. This fact makes it more necessary to get your pet dog insurance to ensure what is going on inside your pet. Most vets offer two insurance plans that cover almost all the concerns.

However, the purebred English bulldog insurance price is relatively higher than the non-purebred.

Usually, the bulldog puppy’s insurance price ranges between $60 to $130 for a month. This price can further change depending on the deductible, insurance plan, and the vet’s location. So, you can expect to pay a few dollars more. Pet insurance can reduce 90% of your vet bills.

What is the price range of other supplies for English bulldogs?

The other supplies enable you to satisfy the most important needs of Border Collie dogs. You can not fulfill any requirements without supplies like food bowls, bed, and grooming essentials.

You can buy a bed for your dog for only $35, a crate for $65, and separate ceramic bowls for food and water for nearly $5 to $10. A leash and a collar are also available for under $40. If you want to buy some chew toys for your little puppy to ease its teething process, you can get them for under $15.

While the other playing toys are for $7 to $15 and a toy set as a whole can only cost you $40 to $60 for a good quality toy set that can add some more money to your bulldog puppy prices.

On the other hand, the supplies for hygiene and health care are a little expensive. That is, you can expect to pay nearly $45 annually for waste bags, doggie doors, brush, bathing essentials like shampoo, soap, or even a small tub.

price of english bulldogs

A house and a bed are also necessary to give your pet dog an incredible place to live. However, you have to change a bed as your dog grows. The price of a bed for a bulldog puppy is at least $35 to $85. Do go for a perfect in size and soft bed that also has bumpers for head support.

Above all, you do not need to buy the most expensive things for your dog or a plethora of toys, collars, and leashes for every day. A few things are more than enough as far as they are perfect for your dog’s needs.

So, control your temptations, as the cute little things in the vet store can leave no stones unturned in breaking your budget. At first, only buy a few basic things, then add more according to your pet’s needs.

How much are bulldog puppies of other colors?

English Bulldogs also come in variant colors, and this list is also very long. For instance, white English bulldog price ranges between $1500 to $4000, blue English bulldog price is nearly $8500 to $15000 as these are rare and very difficult to breed.

On the other hand, blue merle English bulldog price or blue tri English bulldog price also starts from $16k going high above $25k.

The other two blue shades of bulldogs like blue Olde English bulldog price and blue tri merle English bulldog price also varies between $15k range and above.

Black seal or tri English bulldog price is nearly between $4000 to $5500, fawn English bulldog price also goes higher. However, the pure black English bulldog price is also above $2000. The tri-colored English bulldog prices are higher than usual because these are difficult to breed and rare to own.

Lilac or lilac tri English bulldog price ranges between $4000 to $550 because this color is hardest to breed. While lilac merle English bulldog prices even go above $64000.

The typical patterned merle English bulldog prices lie somewhere between $9500 to $35000. Prices for the blue merle Olde English bulldog also ranges higher than average.

bulldog puppy price

The female blue fawn English bulldog price is about $3000-$4500. Brindle English bulldog price is also not less than $1500, and the Grey English bulldog price is also the same. Moreover, Chocolate color is new in town and comes in merle, tri, and fawn shade.

The Chocolate tri English bulldog price is $5000 to $6000, and the same price tags go for chocolate tri merle, chocolate merle, and chocolate fawn English bulldog price. These are all the colors in which English Bulldogs are available.

How much are bulldog puppies in other countries?

The English bulldog prices also differ according to the geographical location from where you want to buy your pet dog. Like, English Bulldog price in the USA ranges between $1500 to $4000.

Old English Bulldog price in the UK is up to 3000 pounds, English Bulldog price in the Philippines is above P7000 PHP, English Bulldog price in Nigeria can go above 1,000,000 nairas, and English Bulldog price in South Africa is nearly R15000.

While, English Bulldog price in Pakistan is Rs 80k and more and in Nepal is also a little expensive, to name some.

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