Doberman price-how much do dobermans cost?

Doberman is one of the strongest dog breeds in the world that is famous for guarding purposes, high speed, and muscular body. Before having a detailed look at the Doberman price, let’s discuss its physical appearance and personality a bit.

Doberman is neither too short nor too big, but a medium-sized dog with high endurance. It has a flat skull as compared to other breeds whereas the head is wedge-shaped. The chest is deep and its eyes are in an almond-like shape.

Naturally, the dog has long ears as well as a tail, but mostly the ears are cropped and then look triangular, whereas, the tail is docked. The Doberman dogs do not stand on their feet but toes. The coat is silky and short hence, the dog does not require much grooming.

The coat colors include red, black, white, fawn and rust, black and rust, blue and rust, red and rust, blue, and fawn. These colors affect the Dobermann price due to their availability. The weight of a male Doberman dog is around 40-45 kg whereas that of a female dog is 32 to 25 kgs.

doberman price

On the other hand, the height of a male and female Doberman is 27-28 inches and 25-27 inches respectively. The average life span of a Doberman dog is 9-12 years.

Talking about their personality, the Doberman dog is famous for being a guard dog. They are loyal, energetic, and active dogs. The breed came to the world for police and guarding purposes mainly.

But they are family dogs as well, as they stay alert and keep the strangers away. They are active dogs, so they need a lot of space to run or walk. They might show dominancy at times, so proper training is much important to take control.

If socialized properly, they are also happy around committed children and pets. Unlike other breeds, they do not leave their puppy traits until they are 3 or 4 years old. They do not like to be alone at home or bored, and they can be destructive in such circumstances.

As they are guard dogs, they bark usually and it is important to know how to control it. They are not that much aggressive as other guard dogs, but if they observe any unusual behavior, then they can be a bit aggressive.

Many people from every corner of the world are excited to know about the price of a Doberman. Some of them want to know the Hoytt Doberman price, mini Doberman price, cropped ears Doberman price, KCI registered Doberman price whereas others are curious for the dog Doberman price in different colors such as Red female Doberman price.

But most of all, everyone wonders that what is the average price of a Doberman near them. Indians look for cute Doberman price in India, Doberman price in Kerala, Doberman price in Kolkata, Doberman price in Jaipur,

Doberman price in Chennai, Doberman price in Guwahati, Doberman price in Hyderabad, Doberman price in Bhopal, Doberman price in Chandigarh, and many more.

Whereas some other prices including Doberman price in Kenya, Doberman price in Bangladesh, Doberman price in Sri Lanka, Doberman price in Tamilnadu, Doberman price in Coimbatore, Doberman price in the Philippines, Doberman price in Pakistan are often asked.

Let us discuss the price of a pedigree Doberman in all the colors and multiple countries.

doberman puppy price

How much do Dobermans cost?

The Doberman puppy price depends on many factors, but most importantly one should know the average price for Doberman puppy. The Doberman price range is $1500-2500 and varies depending on pedigree, age, color, or location.

The full breed Doberman price also falls in the same range. Teacup Doberman price or Miniature Doberman price range is $1,000 to $6,000 when you are planning on buying it from breeders. Whereas it can cost you $200-500 in the case of rescue groups.

European Doberman price ranges from $3000 and $4000, while in European countries the price is far cheaper. If you are wondering about beagle Doberman price, then it is a bit high for a crossbred, around $800 and $1,000.

Doberman price without papers is somewhere between $800 to $1200. King Doberman price varies from the price for Doberman puppies as king Doberman is a cross of Doberman with some other breed dog.

Apart from all these things, if you find the Doberman costs high, then another good option that is life-changing for you as well as the dog, is adoption. You can adopt a dog from a shelter, rescue, online websites, or former owners. The Doberman puppies cost for adoption is $300-500.

How much does a Doberman pinscher cost in variable colors?

Doberman dog breed comes in multiple colors including Black, Fawn, white, red, and blue. Whereas some other colors with markings are Black & Rust, Red & Rust, Fawn & Rust, Blue & Rust. Black is the best coat color among all these.

So red and black are more common than rust or blue. Whereas fawn and blue are a bit rare coat colors, hence you will observe very few breeders with this dog. White Doberman price is somewhere between $800 to $2500 but the average Doberman puppies price in white color is $1500.

Blue Doberman price can be anywhere between $1500 and $2500. Brown Doberman price ranges from $800 to $1200. Black Doberman price can vary according to the breeders but mostly it ranges from $1,000-$2,400.

how much do dobermans cost

Just like some other colors, chocolate Doberman price ranges from $1500 and $2500. Red Doberman price is a bit high, as it is rare than other colors. Hence, Doberman price puppy or red color is above $1500.

Similarly, the Doberman in blue or fawn color is above $1500 and can be more than $3000 depending upon various factors. Lastly, when it comes to the coat colors with markings such as red and rust, black and rust, fawn and rust, or blue and rust, then all of these are a bit cheaper than solid colors.

The price of a Doberman pinscher puppy in all these colors starts from $800 and can be as high as $2000.

How much does a Doberman cost in different countries?

The average price of a Doberman pinscher depends on various factors and location is one of them. Everyone wants to know “What is the Doberman price near me?” So, let’s have a look at the average price of Doberman in various countries.

Doberman price in India ranges from Rs 5000-Rs 16,000. White Doberman price in India ranges from 13,000 to Rs. 18,000. Also, the brown Doberman price in India is the same as the white.

European Doberman price in India starts from Rs 50,000 and can be as high as 1 lac. Doberman dog price in Jaipur ranges from Rs. 10,000 to 15,000. Whereas, Doberman dog price in Kolkata ranges from Rs, 8000 to Rs. 15,000.

The price of a Doberman in Sri Lanka ranges from Rs 15,000 to 25,000. Doberman price in USA ranges from $1500 to $2500.

If you want to know about Doberman price Philippines, then the price of a Doberman pinscher for having a pet is on average $1500 whereas that of a show quality dog is $2500. The average Doberman dog price in Bangalore is $18,000.

In some areas, the Doberman dog price in Bangladesh is seen around Tk 15,000. Doberman price in Nepal ranges from 10,000 – Rs.15,000 Doberman price in Delhi ranges from $5000-16000. Doberman price Canada ranges from $1500-2500. £2000 – £3000 is the range of Doberman price UK.

How much is a Doberman when the expenses of other requirements of dog add-on to the budget?

After knowing dog breeds Doberman price, now it’s time to know about other expenses of the dog that are necessary for its growth and a comfortable environment. Some of them are discussed here for your help.

Important initial supplies:

Food & water bowls, which will cost you $5 – $20, are important to provide clean food to the dogs so that they can easily eat. Dog collars can cost you somewhere between $5 – $40 depending on the quality.

Leash for the dog ranges from $5 – $20. Sometimes, when your dog gets missing, an id tag with a phone number is the thing that will find it in much less time. It will cost you $5 – $20. Good quality and comfortable bed for your Doberman dog cost somewhere between $15 – $65.

Get your dog some toys so that they can play with them whenever you are not available. They will cost you $15 – $50. Although the coat is short, one needs a brush to maintain it.

It will cost you $5 – $45. A shampoo will cost $5 – $20, and a tooth-brushing kit ranges from $5 – $15. So, when you buy a puppy, keep all these expenses in mind as they increase the price of a Doberman puppy.

how much is a doberman


Training is the most important thing to control a Doberman dog. Training from any dog training center will cost you $150-$200 for five 1-hour sessions. Whereas if you are experienced, you can train it yourself.

Medical cost:

The First Year Vet Cost of a puppy is between $385 and $790 whereas the Adult Year Vet Cost ranges from $280 – $645. These expenses also include the Cost of Spaying or Neutering that is about $50 – $300.


Insurance of a Doberman dog is necessary for a healthy and long life. Most people pay somewhere between $39 to $55 for the insurance of their dog every month. The insurance expenses also add up in the price of a Doberman dog.

Doberman ear cropping price:

On average, the breeders with good reputations charge $300 – $600 for ear cropping. Whereas, there are some cheap breeders as well who only charge $150 for the task. In India, the Doberman ear cropping price varies from place to place so, the Doberman ear cropping price in Chennai is different from that in Bhopal.

But on average, Doberman ear cropping price in India is about INR 4000. Some experts can charge INR 3500 as well.

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