Dachshund price-What is dachshund puppies price?

Dachshund dogs, also known as a wiener, are the popular dog breeds that attract people at a glance. It is a short but long and hound bodied dog that comes in variant types.

Therefore, the dachshund price also varies with the breed type. People use these as hunting dogs. Their loud voice, keen nose, and energy prove that they have hunting capability. The long slim body helps them in hiding even in the tunnels.

These dogs having bold expressions come in multiple colors and three different coats. It is not a rare breed but can be expensive for you if you will not keep in-check the expenses that this dog breed can hold as a pet.

We are here to help you with this. Following is the initial dachshund cost, the average price of a dachshund puppy, other expenses, and all the factors that can affect the purebred dachshund price. It is important to note every instance of petting a dog before buying anyone.

dachshund price

How much are dachshund puppies?

These dogs come in a few sizes, and the dachshund puppy’s prices also vary according to it. For instance, a miniature dachshund price in the UK is on average £700. Teacup dachshund price is nearly between $600 to $5000 for a show quality wieners.

Baby dachshund price ranges between $200 to $3500. So, you have to budget an amount anywhere between $500 to $5000 for a miniature dachshund price. However, these prices are based on an estimated calculation and can be different in different countries.

For instance, the dachshund puppy price in India is Rs.7,000 to Rs.9,000. Dachshund prices in Delhi are almost the same for pups, and the mini dachshund price in the Philippines is 4500PHP, to name some. According to the color range, the dapple mini dachshund price starts from $250.

How much are wiener dogs?

Before discussing pets, the significant concern is always the initial wiener dog price. The dachshund price ranges between $800 to $1700. This price further varies according to the breeder’s type and the breed itself.

The purebred dachshund price is slightly higher as these are less immune to health issues and save the vet expenses also to some extent.

On the other hand, the price for dachshund puppies also differs from the full-sized dogs. According to the coat types, the piebald dachshund price ranges between $400 to $1200. Double dapple dachshund prices are usually on the highest end of the spectrum.

dachshund cost

What is the average price of other expenses for a dachshund puppy?

The essential requirements of the pet add more to the initial price of a dachshund. These are feeding, grooming, care, training, and playing.

Feeding price of a dapple dachshund

Dachshund dogs can consume ¾ cup to 1 cup of food per day divided into three meals. However, this quantity depends on the weight, age, and activity level of your dog. High-quality food may cost you $2 to $3 per pound and nearly $60 for a 30-pound food bag.

It is better to consult a vet regarding what you can give your pet dog to eat. Treats are also essential beside a daily meal as it aids dogs in learning and more. Treats do not cost more than $50 per year.

However, if the vet has recommended special dietary food for your dog, then you can expect to pay even more for that. Mostly a 30-pound bag of food lasts up to three to four months for an adult dog weighing 15 pounds.

Training price of a dachshund puppy

It is another recommended thing as a well-trained dog is everyone’s priority. Breeders breed these dogs for hunting purposes, which is the sole reason for their stubbornness. So, dachshunds are hard to train dogs as they think on their own.

However, if you have this much patience to endure its stubbornness and have quality time to deal with it, then you can housetrain your pet dog by buying a guide.

You can get it online or from any vet store at reasonable prices. Otherwise, you can also enroll your dog in professional training sessions. The group training sessions are for 1 hour that lasts for four to eight weeks only.

Yet, it yields a properly trained dog. Obedience schools charge nearly $150 to $300 annually. The time depends on how quickly your pet dog learns or adapts to the change and how punctual you are in training your dog.

dachshund puppies prices

Grooming price of a miniature dachshund

Dapple dachshund’s price for grooming in the UK ranges between £39 to £80 on average. Dachshund dog breeds have three different coat types, as mentioned above. So the prices also vary accordingly.

The price of a long-haired dachshund is $300 to $2000, while the wire-haired dachshund price ranges between $500 to $3500.

Therefore, the long-haired dapple dachshund price for grooming is relatively higher as you have to pay for the trimming and have to take care of the shedding that happens once a year.

You can either appoint a professional groomer or buy grooming set to groom it by yourself and at your home. Dachshund’s price for grooming in the UK is £35 to £45 only. The grooming price for a dapple long-haired dachshund ranges between £40 to £55.

Insurance price of a dachshund

The insurance price of a mini dachshund mostly ranges between $32 to $80 for a month. This price further varies according to the deductible, vet location, and insurance plan.

There are two types of insurance plans: annual illness plan and accident plan. If we talk about the average insurance price of a dachshund puppy in the UK is nearly £273 to £700 per year.

The dapple dachshund price for insurance in South Africa is $39. The dapple dachshund’s insurance price in India ranges between Rs 200 to Rs 10,000 for a premium plan. The insurance price of a dachshund dog in the Philippines is 150 PHP per month.

Dachshund insurance plan cost in Delhi is nearly the same as that in India. Dachshund price for a premium insurance plan in Kerala varies according to the areas within the state and last, but not least is the insurance price of dachshund puppies in Bangalore ranges between Rs200 to Rs1000.

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Average healthcare price for a miniature dachshund

Vet expenses are one of the greatest factors that aid in doubling the average price of a dachshund. Regular medical checkups are essential. You have to take your dog one or two times per year for a checkup that costs between $100-$150. For emergency conditions, severe ailments, or accidents, you can expect to pay even more than $100-$300. Vet expenses include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, flea and worm prevention, skin or eye infections, and other ailments.

The average price for a dapple dachshund’s other supplies

The essential dog supplies are also important to note down before calculating the annual expenses as these are one of the most significant needs to fulfill the requirements.

However, you can limit the amount by controlling your temptations soon after entering a vet store. Food bowls, brush, shampoo, toys, leash and collar are some of the initial expenses of the dog.

Before entering the pet shop, make sure to get your hands on the most important things, at first, and then add on the other slowly as per need.

Above all, it is not a myth that other supplies double up the dapple dachshund price if one does not keep everything in check as a pet dog should not be a burden on you in any way.

How much does a wiener dog cost in other countries?

If you want to know the dachshund price near me or, in other words, in your country, then read more. The dachshund price in India is Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10k. The dachshund price in the USA ranges between $800 to $1700.

The dachshund price in the Philippines is 7k PHP, on average. Dachshund price in Kerala, dachshund price in Delhi, and the dachshund price in Kolkata are nearly the same with a slight change because of the pet stores.

Dachshund’s dog price in the UK ranges from 700 to 1000 pounds or more. Dachshund puppies price in Bangalore 4k to 10k. The dachshund puppy price in Chennai ranges above Rs. 10,000.

The dachshund puppy price in Coimbatore is also not less than Rs. 400 INR. The dachshund price in Canada is more than $3500.

The dachshund dog price in Chandigarh is nearly between 3k to 12k, and the dachshund price in Nepal is also the same. Other than this, the miniature dachshund price in Australia is also more than $3500.

how much does a dachshund cost

How much does a dachshund cost of other colors?

The average dachshund price also varies according to the breed’s color. For instance, the golden dachshund price is $500 to $1000. The blue dachshund price is between $600 to $1500 for a puppy, and the brindle dachshund dog price is $1500.

The blonde dachshund price tag starts from $700. The blue dapple dachshund price is between $200 to $1000, the black and tan dachshund price range from 1000 to 3000 pounds, and the blonde long-haired dachshund price is $800.

The black dachshund price is more than $1000, and the blue miniature dachshund price is slightly more or less than the blue colored dog price. However, the cream color is the rarest one. So the cream dachshund price is also relatively higher, that is between $2000 to $2500.

Chocolate and cream dapple dachshund prices are above 150 pounds in the UK. Cream long-haired dachshund price also goes to the high end of the spectrum.

Chocolate dapple dachshund price for a pup $200 to $1,000, chocolate dachshund price for a show quality dog lies above $1500, white dachshund price is anywhere between $200 and $1000, and the average English cream dachshund price is $2000.

The additional price of a miniature dachshund

Owning, grooming, and petting a dog is not easy, especially for you if you are a beginner. The overall average price for a dachshund puppy ranges above $3500 per year.

This price is also significant enough in the first year. For a reminder, the dachshund dog comes in variant types. Some types have more demand, and some do not. So, the prices vary according to it.

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