Chow chow price-What is price of a chow chow dog?

The origin of Chow Chow dog is Northern China. Chow Chow dog is a built dog who is strong. Well, if you are looking for a strong yet fluffy dog, then chow chow is the best option for you. Now, the first question that popped in your mind would be that how much does a chow cost.

But before knowing the chow chow price, we will analyze some information about the breed. The skull of this dog is broad, having small erect ears in a triangular shape with rounded edges. The small eyes are present which look like almonds in shape.

The nose is usually black but is in solid blue or slate color in a blue-coated dog. The tongue of this dog is in purple or bluish-black color. These dogs are well known for their double coat. There are two types of coats present in it, that are rough and smooth.

Chow chow price

This rough coat is thick and is in large numbers. In the head and neck area, there is a thick coat present. The soft is dense. The coat is found in many colors. So you can buy it according to your choice.

As most girls are so conscious about colors, this breed has very many colors that make it easy for them. So these are found in different colors which are cream, red, black, blue, or cinnamon.

The characteristic of a tail is it is curly. The height of a chow chow dog ranges between 17 to 20 inches. The weight of this dog is usually between 40 to 70 pounds. The expected life span of this dog is 9 to 15 years.

Chow chow dogs are serious-minded. It doesn’t get attached to others. To make it attach with yourself, spend plenty of time with it when it’s young. So that it would remember you and feel comfortable around you when it becomes an adult.

This dog does not give much response to strangers. If you take the dog on good walks a day, it will become happy but not an active or busy dog. These personality traits are worth the teddy chow chow price. Also, it is a working dog rather than being too friendly.

An owner should take great care of the chow chow dog including its brushing, dental, and nail care. A quiet and well-mannered dog is really valuable for hunting or protection purposes.

Not only we will tell you that for how much is a chow, but also the cost according to the variations will be discussed including Chinese chow chow price, cartimar chow chow price, chow chow Japanese dog price, lion chow chow price, mini chow chow price, merle chow chow price, miniature chow chow price, giant chow chow price, or chow chow mix breed price.

Other than these, the price of chow chow dogs in different colors will be considered including Blue merle chow chow price, grey-black chow chow price in India, and many more.

price of a chow chow dog

Lastly, the fluffy chow chow price in different countries such as Chow chow dog price in Sri Lanka, chow chow price in Egypt, chow chow for sale Ireland price, baby chow chow price in the Philippines, Chow chow price Malaysia, chow chow dog price in Pakistan, chow chow price UK, chow chow price USA or chow chow price in Nepal will be reviewed.

How much are chow chows?

The purebred chow chow price ranges from $800-1200 if you are dealing with any reputable breeder. Whereas, we know that chow chow dog price varies according to different factors. So, if there is any rare breed, then it can cost you more.

The chow chow cost of show-quality dogs can be as high as $3000. Also, if you are living in an area where this breed is very popular, then you will have to pay a heavy amount for pure chow chow price as compared to the areas where this breed is uncommon.

The Chow chow price puppy which is AKC registered is more than the price of a chow chow with no papers.

Millions of lost or stray dogs are taken by the shelter every year. Well, if you want to save your cost and still buy a quality dog, you can adopt it from shelters. In this way, you will save a life and that will enhance your affection for your dog.

The price of a chow chow dog adoption is $300. This price will help other dogs of the shelter, as the shelter will take care of the other dogs using that money.

How much does a chow chow cost in different countries?

The location and availability of dogs affect the chow chow price range. The dog is available commonly in North America, Europe, and Asian countries. But in those areas where the dog isn’t easily available, one has to pay more price of chow chow as compared to those from where the dog is originated.

Chow chow price in Europe is less as compared to other areas because they are originated from there. The average Chow chow price in USA is about $900. Chow chow price in India ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹50,000.

If you are wondering that what is the chow chow price the Philippines, then in some areas of the city, the dog chow chow price ranges from ₱ 10,000-13,000. The starting Chow chow price in Nigeria is ₦ 15000. Chow chow price in England ranges from £2,500 – £3,500.

how much do chow chow cost

Chow chow dog price in Pakistan Rs 2,00,000-3,50,000. Chow chow price London ranges from £2,000 – £3,500. Chow chow price in japan ranges from 200,000 – 300,000 yen.

Chow chow price Singapore ranges from $1500-4000. Chow chow price Sydney can be as low as $800 and as high as $9000. Chow chow price in South Africa is R 4 000 on average.

Chow chow price in Bangalore ranges from 14,000Rs -24,000Rs. The starting chow chow price in Mumbai is about Rs. 35,000. Chow chow price in Nepal ranges from 25,000 Rs to 45,000 Rs. Chow chow price NZ ranges from $2500-3000.

Chow chow prices in Canada can be as low as $800 and as high as $5000. Chow chow price in UAE is Dh2,000 on average. Chow chow price in Ukraine is somewhere between $650-1500.

How much do chow chows cost in variable colors?

There are various coat colors of chow chow including red, fawn, cream, blue and black. The white chow chow price is higher than all the other coat   1colors because it is rare among all.

Red, black, and cream colors are most common and liked by the people. Blue chow chow price is often asked by people. These dogs are born in the grey coat but the color changes with time. Fawn chow chow price ranges from $800-1500.

chow chow dog price

Black chow chow price, cream chow chow price, and red chow chow price fall in the same range of $1500-2000. Whereas white chow chow price is mostly higher than $2500.

Some people wonder about the black or Bluetongue chow chow price, these are not some rare dogs, but all chow chows have pigmented tongues hence, their price is no different from others.

How much do chow chow dogs cost when the expenses of other requirements of the dog add-on to the budget?

After knowing the average price of chow chow, now it is time to review the owning cost for chow chow dogs. Owning a dog can disturb your budget if you are unaware of these expenses.

So, it is very important to know about the things that are essential for the dog and its well-being. Some of these expenses are one-time, some are monthly whereas some are for a lifetime. Let us have a look at them.

Dog accessories:

The important accessories of the dog including a dog crate, bed, brush, shampoo, leash, pooper bags, toys, treat, Name card, collars, food bowls, etc. these are mostly one-time expenses and they are necessary for the care and comfortable environment of the dog.

All of these things collectively cost $1100 which adds up in the price range for chow chow.

how much are chow chows

Food cost:

If the chow chow dog is overweight, it can cause knee, hip, or elbow problems. Hence, providing an adequate amount of food with keeping hygiene in mind, is very important for the dog.

The 30 pounds bag of food for chow chow will cost $60 whereas if you want to feed the dog with chicken strips then it will cost you around $22 for a 7 pounds bag. The food expense is also added to the baby chow chow price.

Medical cost:

The vet visits can cost you somewhere between $50-400. Deworming of the dog is also important for its care that will cost you around $20-45. Flea treatment will cost you around $8-15.

Ear and dental care will cost you around $40 and $45 respectively. Lastly, microchipping expense also adds up in the price range for chow chow, which will cost you $45-50.

Grooming cost:

Chow chow haircut price and other expenses for maintaining the dog are included in the grooming teacup chow chow price. The average price for grooming the dog will be $120. Usually, it depends on the services provided by the groomer.

Insurance average price for a chow chow:

Insurance is important for the safety-well-being and long-life of the dog. Mostly, people pay $565 for the insurance of the dog. This insurance price includes accidental coverage as well as illness issues. Hence, this price also adds up to the average price for chow chow puppies.

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