Chinese Crested Dog Price-What is chinese crested dog cost?

Chinese crested dog is one of the famous dog breeds in China. Although, it is often said that the breed is not in the first place from China, it is brought from Africa. Before having the Chinese crested dog as a pet for your life, it is good to know about Chinese Crested Dog Price.

But let’s overview its physical appearance and temperament first. Chinese crested dog has fine bones with a slender body and they resemble many toy dog breeds as well. m Most of the dog’s body is hairless, but its head, tail, and feet are furry due to which, its appearance might give you a pony look.

The dog breed comes in two varieties, one is powderpuff and the other is hairless. The powderpuff dog’s body has a moderate length coat that is silky and soft in texture, hence, requires regular brushing.

The coat does not shed hence, the dog is good for those with allergies. Whereas, in the case of a hairless Chinese Crested dog, its body gives out the same heat it receives. So, it’s better to keep it away from dazzling sunlight.

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Also, it is good to apply sunblock on its skin, when taken out. In winters, the dog requires warm clothes to prevent it from getting cold.

The average weight of a Chinese Crested dog is 12 pounds, whereas their height ranges from 11 to 13 inches regardless of their gender. The average life span of this breed is 10 to 14 years.

These dogs are happy and can be a good companion of a lonely person, worth the Chinese crested puppy price. They are extremely loving and likes to sit in their owner’s lap as long as it can.

The dogs are intelligent as well but some of the trainers deal with them harshly considering they are not intelligent enough because they are different from usual dog breeds.

They can behave weird around strangers but once they get to know them, they will share equal love with them. Training is quite important to control the temperament of the dog. Lastly, they are guard dogs as well as bark or howl on seeing a stranger.

So, if you are looking for the Chinese Crested dog powderpuff price or hairless price considering numerous factors, then you are at the right place. We will have a detailed look at Chinese Crested puppies cost in variable colors.

Also, no matter where you are living, we will try to cover all the major locations like how much do the Chinese crested dog breeders UK cost you for a dog, or what is the Chinese crested dog price Philippines.

Lastly, a well-explained buyer’s guide will let you decide more clearly that either you are financially stable to have this dog or not.

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How much is a Chinese crested dog?

The Chinese crested cost depends on various factors, but the most important one is the difference between the Chinese crested powderpuff dog price and the Chinese crested hairless dog price.

If a mother Chinese Crested dog gives birth to 4 puppies, then it is more likely that among those four, three are hairless and one is powderpuff. The cheapest price of Chinese crested dog is $600, but that of powderpuff is $400.

Overall, the Chinese crested dog prices can range anywhere from $1000-4000. But on average, Chinese crested dog breeders with a good repute, ask somewhere between $1200-2200. The show quality dogs with distinctive features can be as expensive as $4000.

Some people can find this price a bit expensive. So, we advise you of another economic yet helpful option, that is adoption. Hundreds to millions of dogs are there in every country, that are living without any home or owner.

Adoption will save you a lot of money and you will have the pleasure of saving a life as well. The average Chinese crested dog cost for adoption is around $300. All the vaccinations and registration costs are added to this price.

So, reach your nearest shelter or store for adopting a playful, loving, and guarding companion. Also, you can search for these dogs online on multiple trusted websites.

How much do Chinese crested dogs cost in different countries?

Location is one of the most important elements on which the Chinese water crested dog price depends. As originated from China and Africa, the Chinese crested puppies cost in these countries will be quite less than the others.

Whereas, in some cases, the shipping charges are expensive enough when you do a purchase from other countries. So, it is important to know about the price according to your location.

Chinese crested dog breeder Canada, ask for $1500-3000 for its price usually. Also, the Chinese crested dog breeders Ontario is quite similar to that of Canada. The adoption cost of Chinese crested dog in Ontario is $300.

price of chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dog price in India ranges from ₹35,000 to ₹45,000 depending on the breeders, coat colors, gender, or age. In some areas, Chinese crested dog price Australia starts from $600, but it can be high with the range of extra-ordinary features.

It is estimated that Chinese crested dog price UK is somewhere between £350–£600, but when you are dealing with some reputable Chinese Crested Dog breeders UK, the price can go high for sure.

Chinese crested dog average price in variable colors:

The Chinese Crested Dogs are available in multiple colors including blue, cream, black, apricot, chocolate, and Tri-colour Chinese Crested Dog. Some of them are rare whereas some are common hence, their price varies a bit.

In many cases, it has been noticed that the coat color of Chinese crested dogs changes with time. As the season changes, the color gets a bit darker.

Talking about the price of Chinese Crested dogs in all these colors, they fall in the same range, $1200-$2200. Whereas, in some exceptions, the dogs with these coat colors can be as cheap as $700-1000.

Price of a Chinese crested dog when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget:

Do not overjoy buying a dog with reasonable Chinese crested dog cost because there is a lot more. Not only one has to buy a dog, but proper care is necessary for a good lifestyle.

The care includes hygienic and good-quality food, some initial year expenses for the dog’s comfort, training, grooming, insurance, medical costs, and many more. All this stuff adds expenses to the actual price of  Chinese Crested dogs. Let us have a look at these expenses.

Initial Costs for Chinese Crested Dog:

When you buy a pup, the thing that is required at any cost for a living is food. For puppies, hygienic food costs $150. After some time, for making your puppy feel special, if your budget allows you, then buy some treats for it that will cost you $20.

how much is a chinese crested dog

It is good to buy some toys for your puppy so it may never feel lonely. For a comfortable and sound sleep, the Dog Bed is quite essential that costs $30. Leash and bowls combine cost you $50. The first visit to the vet with your puppy will be for around $55.

Whereas some important vaccinations including tick, flea, and deworming are for $150. In some countries, it is essential to have a license for keeping a dog that will cost you $20. All of these expenses add up to the initial price of a Chinese Crested dog.

First-Year Costs:

In the first year, the Chinese Crested Dog expense is a bit higher than the following years hence, it is good to set the budget on time. The cost of Quality food for the whole year will cost you $900.

For the powderpuff Chinese Crested dogs, grooming is as necessary as any other expense that will cost you around $300. Dog equipment in total will cost you $210.

Initial veterinary expenses including vaccinations are $200 whereas additional vet costs are $170. Depending on your availability or stuff, there can be other expenses as well. Roughly, the average cost for the year for a Chinese Crested dog is $2000-4000.

Ear cropping:

Naturally, the Chinese Crested dogs have erect ears. But, in some cases, the puppies are born with folded ears. Although they get erected with time, some people do not like to wait for that. Hence, the ear cropping price of Chinese crested dog ranges from $300-800 depending on the veterinarian.

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Training cost:

For a good temperament, it is important to get your Chinese crested dog trained. The cost for group sessions of around six to eight weeks costs $120-200. Whereas, if you want to hire a private trainer then he can ask you $40-120 per hour depending on his demands.


For a powderpuff Chinese Crested dog, the cost of grooming is an important expense. The groomers usually ask $30-90 including some other services including nail cutting or teeth cleaning as well.


The insurance Chinese crested dog cost for accidents is $381 on average, whereas that of illness and medical issues is $491. For a safe and long-life of a dog, insurance is the best solution.

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