Chesapeake Bay retriever Price – How Much is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy?

Chesapeake Bay retrievers were born in the USA in the early 1800s. They were bred from two different coloured parents who survived in a boat that sank.

Many people are fond of having this breed as their companion, but before they want to know Chesapeake Bay retriever price. Let us have a quick sneak peek at its appearance and personality and then we will discuss the price in detail.

Chesapeake Bay retriever dogs have inclined and furry body. They have double coats, one is dense, and the outer is curly which prevents them from cold and water.

Along with big jaws for big game birds, they have yellowish eyes which provide them with a very alert look. The skull is round and medium stopped whereas the body shape provides them great stamina and endurance to go for extreme weathers like windy or cold.

Their bones are much stronger and sometimes they break through ice sheets to fetch a bird. Sizes differ in male and female. Usually, males are 23 inches to 26 inches tall whereas, females are 21 to 24 inches to the shoulder. The male dog weighs from 60 pounds to 90 pounds while females weigh from 60 to 75 pounds.

Chesapeake Bay retriever price

Their personality is the same as Newfoundland or pointers. They are excellent water dogs used for hunting in water. Also, they are excellent watchdogs because of their alert nature and ethnic behaviour.

Although they are hard to train, if you succeed to train them well, they will respond to even your fingertips’ movement. Being quite goofy, if they have to do something and it is stuck in their head, they will do it no matter how much you stop them.

They have a very decent temperament, lovely personality and entertaining nature. They are not much good with young children hence, if you are looking for a dog for your family and children, you may not consider this one.

Lastly, the Chesapeake Bay dogs are very possessive of their toys and food. In this article, we are going to tell the readers about the Chesapeake Bay retriever price depending on multiple features.

Including the price of the dog in multiple countries such as how much are Chesapeake bay retriever for sale on craigslist or what is the price of Chesapeake bay retriever for sale in California.

Also, you will get to know the price of the dog in multiple colours including Deadgrass Light Chesapeake bay retriever price and many more.

Lastly, a detailed guide about how to own this dog will help you make a purchase decision as well. Let’s get started!

How much does a Chesapeake bay retriever cost?

If you are looking for Chesapeake Bay retriever hunting dogs for sale, then you must be wondering that what is the price of a Chesapeake Bay retriever? Well, there is no fixed price as the cost depends on what kind of dog you want, and where do you want to get it from.

Let us come to the kind thing first. The cost depends on multiple factors like age, gender, colour, location, pedigree, lineage, and whatnot. A male dog is a little bit more expensive than the female one whereas, an old dog is less costly than a puppy or an adult dog.

how much does a chesapeake bay retriever cost

But, Chesapeake Bay retriever average price ranges from $800-1500. If you are looking for a show-quality dog, that will cost you around $1600-6000.

Now, how the Chesapeake Bay retriever price varies according to the place you are going to buy it from? Well, if you are dealing with a reputable breeder,

he will ask you for an average price by telling you the genuine traits of the dog also, he most certainly takes care of the dog just like it is his dog.

But, a backyard breeder will most probably ask you for a price that is not worth the dog’s features as those breeders make false claims.

Secondly, we would prefer you to adopt a dog from a former owner, shelter, or rescue as dogs are pedigree and healthy dogs also, they cost a lot less.

The average Chesapeake Bay retriever price for adoption is $350.

How much is a Chesapeake bay retriever puppy in multiple colours?

Coat colours have a major impact on the price of the Chesapeake Bay retriever dog. The dogs having rare coat colour, or most popular coat colours are expensive than those having common and less popular coat colours.

Well, a Chesapeake retriever dog comes in multiple coat colours including sedge, tan, light brown, brown, dark brown, and dead grass.

In the case of Chesapeake retriever Bay price, all the above-mentioned coat colours are acceptable and easily available.

chesapeake bay retriever puppies price

Brown Chesapeake bay retriever price, Dark Brown Chesapeake bay retriever price, Dark Deadgrasschesapeake bay retriever price, Brown Light

The Chesapeake bay retriever price and Deadgrass Sedge Chesapeake bay retriever price all are the same ranging from $800 to-1500, the difference comes in pedigree.

The one important thing noticed in the coat colour of the dog is that the ones having markings of white spots on the body are not preferable.

How much do Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies cost in different countries?

In some countries, Chesapeake Bay retriever dog is easily available but mostly, the dog is rarely found that common. Hence, the price varies from place to place depending on the availability.

Also, the people of a country who demand this dog more have to pay more for it. Let us discuss the Chesapeake Bay retriever dog price in some of the popular countries.

Chesapeake Bay retriever price Australia ranges from $800 to 1500 and can be even more than $2500 if you are looking for a show-quality dog.

chesapeake bay retriever dogs for sale

Chesapeake Bay retriever in price UK can be as low as £800 whereas, the price of Chesapeake bay retriever for sale in Canada ranges from $1000-2500.

Mostly, people in the US are looking for this dog. Well, if you are one of those looking for Chesapeake bay retriever puppies for sale in Delaware or Chesapeake bay retrievers for sale in North Dakota then you are at the right place.

The price of the dog in all the cities of the USA ranges from $800-1500, whereas those of show quality can be as high as $6000.

How much is a Chesapeake bay retriever puppy when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

Buying a dog just means you are having a companion for you, but owning it means you are going to take care of it for your entire life. Owning your dog is more of a responsibility than just privilege or fun.

You have to protect your dog from all the risks and provide him extra comfort for good health. There are some important things like grooming, training, dog walking, license, food, vet, and necessary supplies, which refer to owning a dog.

chesapeake bay retriever puppies for sale canada

The owner has to pay the cost for all of the above-mentioned expenses. Let us have a quick check on these expenses.

  • Feeding cost of the dog:

Feeding the dog with high-quality food in an adequate amount is important for the dog’s good health. There are a variety of food brands for the dog in the market today. Well, the cost of feeding a Chesapeake Bay retriever puppy ranges from $180-355 whereas buying the food for a dog will cost you $160-495.

  • Grooming cost of the dog:

The Chesapeake Bay retriever dog requires moderate grooming, but regular brushing is important to maintain the loose coat. For that, you have to buy a rubber curry brush or a firm bristle brush which will cost you around $10-50 depending on the quality.

On the other hand, if you are not fulfilling the other grooming needs of the dog including cutting, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc, then you should visit a groomer at least 4 to 8 times a  year.

The Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies price for grooming is anywhere between $50-70 for each visit.

  • Training of the dog:

The Chesapeake Bay retriever dogs are not one of those who are pretty easy to train. If you don’t have any experience in training dogs, then this one is not a piece of your cake.

Hire a private trainer for basic training who will ask you around $900-1200 for 7 to 9 private lessons. Whereas group training lessons are also recommended, that will cost you around $100-200.

  • Dog walking:

Chesapeake Bay retriever dog is big and quite energetic hence, it needs daily exercise. You should take your dog on a 30-minute walk every day but if that is not easy for you, we recommend you hire a dog walker.

The expense of paying a dog walker will cost you anywhere around $15-25 for every walk.

  • Insurance:

If you are looking for Chesapeake Bay retriever dogs for sale, then make sure you are ready to pay its insurance. Every owner wishes that his dog lives a healthy and long life, and for that, insurance is the key.

Most people pay $565 per year for both the medical and accidental coverage of the dog. However, some only consider paying the cost for accidental insurance, which is $190 on average.

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