Cane corso price | How much is a cane corso?

Cane Corso is one of the favourite dog breeds among the people. Most of the people do not know about cane Corso price and its qualities. It is about 28 inches tall at shoulder length and weighs approximately greater than 100 pounds sometimes; it has a large head circumference, alert expressions, and rippled muscles below their stiff coat.

Cane Corso is intimidating creatures when you give them a glance at once. They use their appearance as a defense against any attacker. They are also called as the Italian mastiff.

The Italian mastiff is sharp, greatly referred to as loyal dogs, keen to please its owner and versatile but are also aggressive and stubborn, and can end up owning an unwitting owner.

Cane Corso is an active dog that loves to do any task. This ancient breed of Italian dog is designed to guard property and hunt big game like wild boars. Although these are purebred dogs, you can find them cared for by support groups or shelters.

Cane Corso is strong and sporty, very suitable for experienced pet parents with large, safe yards. They will certainly need their people to give them work; otherwise, they may find their ways to reduce boredom – perhaps through harmful behavior.

how much is a cane corso

If you can give your dog more space, exercise and training, then this could be your type.

In this article we are going to discuss Italica cane Corso price, Cane Corso price in USA and prices in other different countries.

Not only the Italian mastiff price but also cane Corso price for puppies, king Corso price, cane Corso adult dogs, along with other expenses including their initial vaccinations, kennel, bed, toys, quality food to monthly and yearly expenses will be shared.

So that you may have all the things clear in your mind before you do a purchase and you will be able to know that how much does a cane corso cost after reading it.


Usually, cane Corso Italian mastiff price ranges from $900-$2,000, you can usually find this breed of the dog within the following price range but the prices may go higher depending upon the feed and care that is being provided to maintain the health of this dog breed the cane Corso.

These price ranges are usually for dogs that have a good level of pedigree and health. Usually, the average price for a cane Corso puppy ranges from $900 and $2,000.

Cane Corso puppies that exhibit good quality are usually in a range about $2,500 to $4,000 but prices might increase as high as $8,500 for puppies with a higher pedigree than the normal Corso puppies.

A pedigree is a confirmation that the dog is purebred and comes from an excellent lineage. A fully trained protection dog is going to cost you between $8,500 and $13,000. Stunning Blue Cane Corso price is about £2,500.

Purebred Cane Corso price Italian Superb is £1,250. Adoption is another option for this pet, so you can adopt these in the range of $200 and $400. You will not face any temperament issues with Cane Corso pup.

They are extremely loyal to the owners and love them more than anything else. These chunky pups are famous for protecting your houses or other places that needs to be safe.cane corso cost

How much does a cane Corso cost in different countries?

Cane Corso price in India ranges from a price of £60,000 to £80,000. An average range of reasonable price would be £1000 – £2500. Also, if you are looking for a cheaper Cane Corso you cave it without paperwork but make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy and responsible dealer so that, you may not get cheated or scammed.

Cane Corso price UK  ranges from £2000-2500. Cane Corso price in Italy is usually available in the average 1,100$. The Italian cane Corso price also ranges between 900$-1,100$.

If you’re looking for a cane Corso with the working paper it might be available but at relatively higher rates than usual because of the documentation. So, cane Corso price with papers is usually in the range of $1000-$2000.


A variety of different colours are available in the market when looking for a cane Corso a lot of vibrant colours to meet the needs of the buyer usually the coat colour ranges from black to grey or tawny colour. Different variety can be breed but the prices usually change with the colours of the coat.

Black brindle cane Corso price will vary just a bit from Fawn cane Corso price. The dogs with traditional colour coats are more expensive than the ones that are not according to the breed standard.

Red cane Corso price is between the range $1500-$1700.most breeders do not charge higher rates for only a difference of colour because this cane Corso is a higher breed than usual hence itself the breed is quite expensive than just the usual dog breed.

Chestnet Brindle cane Corso price is between $900-$2000 and black cane Corso price, grey cane Corso price, tawny cane Corso prices are also the same.

The only difference in the price is through the level of pedigree and health that the specific breed has to offer hence the ranges also increase from 2500$ to a good amount of 8500$ so it’s not an average dog rather it is a very expensive breed.


When you buy a dog or puppy, it becomes your duty to provide it with quality food, vaccinations, the proper place to live, toys to play and many other kinds of stuff. Cane Corso price range is not cheap; hence it is a challenging task to take care of them.

Initial expenses of Cane Corso Pup:

When you buy a puppy, the initial care includes quality puppy food that costs almost $75. You also, have to buy them some toys and treats that cost almost $20 and $30 respectively, so when you’re not available, they can play with them and do not feel alone.

Now coming towards the place, the dog bed costs $35, dog crate costs $65 whereas bowls, leash and other gears also cost $65. The most important thing is hygiene and well being of the pet, especially the puppies are not so immunized, so they need special care.

Initial veterinarian visit costs $80 whereas the vaccinations almost cost $95. Carpet cleaning, waste bags and other supplies are for $55 and deworming, flea and tick meds are for $50. At last, in some countries, we need a dog license to keep a dog and that costs almost $20.

Monthly and yearly expense of the Cane Corso Dog:

Care of a puppy costs much more than when it becomes an adult dog. The monthly expense of and an adult dog is more pocket-friendly. The food costs $75, treats for $35, toys for $5, medications $30 and in case of miscellaneous supplies for $20.

It makes a total of $165 that is cost-friendly. As, you have vaccinated your puppy in initial age, so now you have no expenses on health insurance. Now, if you want to estimate the yearly expense of cane Corso dog, then it is easy to guess by above-mentioned costs.

Average food will cost $765, treats will be for $275, toys for $60, doggie door, waste bags, leash, bowls etc for $465, ear cropping for $450, vaccines for $450, flea and tick medication for $210, deworming for $125, veterinarian expenses for $260 and $20 for a dog license.

All of these prices are average costs that can be added in the cane Corso price range. They are not same in all the countries.

cane corso price for puppies

Training cost:

It is important to train your dog if you want it to be obedient because it is not easy to control such a large pet if it is not trained. A session of almost 5 to 6 weeks is enough to train them. Initially, socialization or training of a cane Corso dog will cost somewhere between $75 and $200.

Then there is a basic obedience class with the same duration of 5 to six weeks but it costs between $100 to $200. There is another option for training, that is to heir a personal trainer that comes to your home to train it. But this can cost you a lot as you have to charge the trainer per hour, usually $80-$150.


The insurance of cane Corso dog depends on its age, your financial standing and zip code. But the average insurance you can get for a 6 months cane Corso is $90 to $106. Whereas for a 5 years old dog, the insurance cost ranges from $109 to $182.

If you feel that the price of cane Corso is not in your range, then there are some other options as well. you can adopt cane Corso from former owners. Most of them cost $200 and $400.

Also, some rehabilitation centres take care of homeless cane Corso dogs, so that is another economic option for you. In summary, it is no more a question now that what is the average selling price for a cane Corso.

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