Boxer Dog Price -How Much Are Boxer Puppies?

Boxer Dog is a type of working dog breed which was originated in Germany. Well, if you are looking for an active companion, then Boxer Dog is the one for you. Before discussing the Boxer dog price in detail, let us have an overview of how the dog looks and what kind of personality does it has.

The medium-sized dog has a short yet broad head whose size certainly depends on the muzzle. The dark brown eyes of the dog are protruding and frontally placed whereas the ears are of thin layer, flat and close to cheeks. But during an alert situation, ears become erect and pointed as a result of which wrinkles appear on the forehead.

The muzzle and nose give the dog a unique look. The nose is broad and in black colour also, a unique patterned jaw is present. The neck is muscular, round in shape and well developed. Also, the back is muscular, straight and is smooth. The tail of this dog is erect and is set high.

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The forelegs are straight and muscular while the hind legs are not straight but form in a way that balances with the forelegs. All these traits show us that how much are boxers worth their prices. The coat of this dog is short, tightly fit, smooth and glossy.

It is in various colours of white, brindle and fawn; with some marking on it of black, white, brindle or fawn colour. The height usually ranges from 53 to 63 cm while the weight ranges from 25 to 32 kg. They are healthy dogs but, the expected lifespan of this dog ranges between 9 to 15 years.

Do you want to know that how much is a boxer dog worth its price? Its personality will tell you about it. Boxer dogs are active and affectionate to their family also, they love to play with them.

But they are not suitable to play with children or weak adults, as these dogs are quite powerful. Early socialization with people and puppy classes is required for good training. They are very intelligent so learn everything quickly and get bored with the repetition of the same thing. Therefore, train them with different tricks or sports.

They are not much lenient with other dogs. As they are high energy dogs, they require long walks and exercise daily. Don’t loosen them as they love to indulge in wild games.

Being a short-haired dog, it doesn’t require much grooming but if possible daily brushing is good. Nails should be trimmed once a month. The occasional bath should be done as it is important for its hygiene.

How much are boxer puppies? How much is a boxer dog in brindle colour? What are the boxers’ prices in different cities of India including boxer dog price in Amritsar, boxer dog price in Patna, boxer dog price in Jaipur, boxer dog price in Jalandhar, boxer dog price in Jammu, boxer dog price Chennai, and boxer dog price in Ranchi?

How much is a boxer puppy cost in other countries like boxer dog price in Kuwait, Boxer dog price NZ, or Boxer dog price Singapore? Stay calm! We are going to answer all your questions in this article with some additional informative details. Get ready!

Where can I buy a boxer puppy?

How much for a boxer puppy? We know that it is the most important concern here, but if you don’t have any idea of finding this dog, then how will you buy a boxer? For your help, let us tell you some of the ways by which you can have your favourite dog.

Above all options, the one with plenty of benefits, our number one recommendation is adoption. You can adopt a Boxer dog either from a former owner, or visit the nearest shelters and rescues.

how much is a boxer puppy

You can save a life of a dog by paying such an affordable price for a boxer puppy. Do not opt to buy a boxer puppy from puppy mills or pet stores as these dogs are not of good quality and health.

Other than these options, you can find a reputable breeder and make a deal with him but before buying a boxer pup, make sure he is not a backyard breeder. Backyard breeders usually make false claims and provide you with a dog having poor health but ask for high prices of boxer puppies.

What is the average price for a boxer puppy?

Moving on, now it is time to tell you that how much is a boxer puppy for. Well, the boxer puppy price range varies depending on multiple factors, but we will focus on the average price for boxer puppies here.

Keeping all the important aspects that can affect the cost of a boxer puppy in mind, the average cost of a boxer puppy ranges from $800 to $1500.

How much do boxer puppies cost?

How much are boxers when it comes to different pedigree, colour, location, age, quality, lineage, breeders, and many more? Hold on! If you are wondering that how much does a boxer dog cost with incomplete registration, then it is for sure than the average boxer price range.

A boxer dog without full registration or breeding rights will always cost you less than $1000. Whereas, the one with complete registration and breeding rights will cost you anywhere between $1000 to $1500.

Some people are looking for show-quality dogs with some extraordinary features. These dogs will cost you a lot more than the normal boxer dog price range. The boxer puppy prices for such dogs range from $2000 to $6000. Lastly, adoption! You will get a purebred puppy without paying the purebred boxer puppies’ price.

The dogs in the shelter and rescues have excellent quality and health, just they are homeless. So, saving you a great deal of money, the purebred boxers price for adoption is $350 on average.

How much do boxers cost in multiple colours?

Colours make a great impression of the personality of the dog. Well, everyone has their own choices. The Boxer dog is available in three attractive colours which are brindle, fawn, and white.

Now you must be wondering which one of these colours are rare and how much does a boxer puppy cost in those colours. Well, none of them! All three colours are common.

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Mostly they are fawn and brindle, but white has a prevalence of more than 25% as well. If any breeder tells you that white one is rare, then don’t plan on buying boxer puppies from him.

A boxer dog with more than 30% of the white colour is considered as a white boxer dog. Fawn is quite popular among them but that doesn’t affect the boxer pup price that much. Hence, the white boxer dog price, fawn boxer dog price, and brindle boxer dog price falls in the same range of $800-1500.

How much does a boxer cost in different countries?

How much do boxer dogs cost near you? If you are living in the UK, then how much does a boxer puppy cost the UK? The location has a major effect on the boxer puppies’ price. But you must be wondering that how much is a boxer puppy where you live.

Here, we are going to discuss the purebred boxer price in some of the popular countries of the world.

The boxer dog price in India 2020 ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. Just like the boxer dog price in India, the price in other provinces and cities of the country will be the same.

So, the boxer dog price in Punjab, boxer dog price Mumbai, boxer dog price Delhi, boxer dog price in Hyderabad, boxer dog price in Punjab, boxer dog price in tamandu, boxer dog price in Pune, boxer dog price in Agra,

boxer dog price in india

boxer dog price in Ahmedabad, boxer dog price in Karnataka, boxer dog, price in Kanpur, boxer dog price in Kolhapur, boxer dog price in Karnal, boxer dog price Kolkata, boxer dog price in Mysore, boxer dog price in Madurai, boxer dog price in Maharashtra, and boxer dog price in Meerut is anywhere between ₹20,000 to ₹30,000.

How much do boxer puppies cost the UK? The boxer dog price in the UK ranges from £400 to £1500. Whereas, the boxer dog price in the USA can be as low as $800 and as high as $2800 and more.

Boxer dog price in Sri Lanka ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 45,000. Boxer dog price in Australia ranges from $2500-$5000 also, the boxer dog breeders Perth ask for the same range.

Boxer dog price in Pakistan is Rs. 50,000 on average. Boxer dog price in Canada ranges from $1500-3000. Boxer dog price in Malaysia ranges from RM 1500 to RM 3500. Boxer dog price in the Philippines is ₱ 15,000 on average. Boxer dog price in south Africa ranges from R 3000 to R 4000.

How much a boxer dog cost when expenses of additional requirements add to the budget?

You most likely do not want to get your budget disturbed. Hence, besides getting knowledge about boxer dog images and price, you should focus on some other expenses of the dog as well. Let us have a look!

  • Initial supplies:

The initial supplies of the dog include some important stuff to make your dog feel comfortable. For example, dog bed, dog crate, dog collar, litter, toys, food bowls, ID card, pooper scooper, odour removal spray, brushes, first aid kit, and many more.

boxer dog price in sri lanka

These supplies will cost you $215 – $855 for the first year, and $95 – $385 for the rest of the years. Besides boxer puppy cost, this expense also adds to your budget.

  • Boxer puppies’ cost for grooming:

Grooming this dog isn’t challenging hence, it can save you a lot of money if you do it yourself. But if you do not have enough time, do visit a professional groomer. The professional groomer will cost you around $40-60 for each visit.

  • Boxer dog cost for training:

Boxer dogs are intelligent and obedient hence, training is not tough at all. But some group lessons will be good for proper training. These 5 1-hour group lessons will cost you around $150-200.

  • Insurance boxer puppy price:

Only plan on buying a boxer, when you can pay its insurance. Mostly, people pay $565 for both accidental and medical insurance of the dog.

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