Bernese Mountain dog price | What is Bernese mountain dog cost?

A Bernese dog breed is large and giant. Yet, is one of the affectionate and active dogs that everyone loves to pet. It has a calming nature and a heart of gold that appeals to all at a glance. According to the surveys it is considered a worthy enough dog to spend on if you are a dog lover.

Yet, it can be a burden if one does not calculate the expenses beforehand and buys a dog. However, if you are one of those people who are interested in buying a Bernese Mountain dog but do not have any idea regarding the prices and other expenses. Then, this article is here to help you out.

It will discuss the initial Bernese Mountain dog price range or Bernese Mountain dog puppies price along with the other necessities that add on to the average starting price of Bernese Mountain dogs.

So, keep reading to get to know what you need to know the most and then decide whether you want to get your hands on one or not.

What is the initial price of a Bernese Mountain dog?

The average Bernese Mountain dog price and puppies price ranges between $800 to $2000 having the median nearly $1,147. It is the initial price of the Bernese dog mountains excluding the feeding, vet bills, grooming, care, vaccinations, and many more.

The prices even vary according to the geographical location and breed type.

For instance, purebred Bernese Mountain dog price lies somewhere between $2500 to even $10,000 on average because of the exceptional lineage or pedigree the breed has.

Apart from this, if this average price is a little higher for you then you can always adopt a Bernese dog at relatively low prices. The average adoption price of a Bernese mountain dog ranges between $350 to $550 including the vaccinations and registrations.

So, it can even save your dollars while allowing you to pet your favorite dog and give it a perfect shelter to live in.

bernese mountain dog cost

Does the price of a Bernese Mountain dog vary with the sizes and gender?

The Bernese dog comes in various sizes that have different names according to it. The miniature Bernese Mountain dog price ranges above then the price of a Bernese Mountain dog because these are smaller in size and difficult to breed, that is, not less than $1000.

Bernese Mountain dog puppy price also ranges between $800 to even more than $10,000 depending on the bloodlines. So, you can expect to pay anywhere above $1000 at least from the average price of a Bernese Mountain dog puppy.

If we talk about the prices according to gender then it is important to note here that the prices do not vary in this case. The male Bernese Mountain dog price is between $800 to $1200 which is the average dog price and goes the same for both the male and female.

How much are Bernese Mountain dogs?

You can find a Bernese mountain dog of both genders and all sizes. You can buy either a miniature, puppy or a giant mountain dog. It also comes with exceptional pedigrees that are less prone to severe health issues and does not need a lot of vaccinations so in turn save the bugs.

It also comes in other colors along with black and white that doubles up the beauty of this cute face and furry mountain dog. So, you can choose and buy the Bernese Mountain as you like or as you adore. It is totally up to you. Sounds good, right?

price of bernese mountain dogs

How much do other expenses of a Bernese Mountain dog cost?

Feeding, health care, veterinary bills, grooming, and other supplies that your dog can need are the other expenses that plus the price of a Bernese Mountain dog.

The expenses that we are going to discuss below are based on the estimated calculations so you can get an idea of what your dog needs and how much it can cost you.


The Bernese Mountains are big sturdy dogs that have larger appetites so even consume more. It is better to study the feeding expense and a type of food for your pet dog to make it easy for you as you can not even skip this most essential need.

Before talking about the feeding cost the weight and activity level is significant enough to analyze. The Bernese Mountain dog weighs nearly between 80 to 115 pounds that can consume almost four to six cups of meal a day divided into three times.

A high-quality food on the other hand costs $2 to $3 per pound. A 30-pound bag can cost you $55 which includes 120 cups of food. So, if your dog consumes five cups of meal a day on average then you should need 15 food bags per year that can cost you nearly $825.

Apart from this yearly estimated cost, if you want to give your pet dogs some treats also then it will not even cost you more.  You can buy a bag of treats for $5 to $10 per month.bernese mountain dog puppies price

Vet care expenses:

Apart from food consumption, extensive health care, and consequent vet expenses are also important to note. Bernese Mountain dogs have the most crucial health concern of cancer like malignant histiocytosis, mast cell tumor, lymphosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and osteosarcoma.

Along with these cancer types, hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, and aseptic meningitis. The treatment of hip and elbow dysplasia can cost you nearly between $1500 to $6000.

For aseptic meningitis, you can expect to pay between $1500 to $4000 and the treatment of osteochondrosis is approximately $2000 to $4000. These are the diseases to which Bernese dog is prone to and the prices can vary according to the health condition. The amount of vaccination is between $15 to $100.

Bernese Mountain dog insurance price:

The insurance cost varies with the geographical location of your dog and the place that you are choosing to get your Bernese Mountain dog insured. On average, dog owners spend between $44 to $63 a month. You can get this service from anywhere either clinics or from a specialist according to your likings.

Bernese Mountain dog grooming price

The Bernese dogs have a silky, smooth, and fury coat that needs proper brushing and cleaning to preserve the glow. You can bathe your pet dog, brush its coat slowly and firmly, trim its nails by yourself conveniently, or can even hire a professionalist.

If you want to get an appointment then each grooming session can cost you $10. However, the Bernese mountain dogs are easy to groom and easy to handle and you can do it by yourself at your home easily while saving some dollars here.

Bernese Mountain dog Training Cost:

Well maintained, well-groomed and well-trained dogs are precious and more attractive and when it comes to Bernese mountain dogs this obedient breed is quick to learn and adapt.

So, you can teach and train your pet dog the individual and home lessons by yourself. For group training, you can get an appointment for an hour session for only $50 to $125 that lasts up to four to eight weeks.

bernese mountain dog price range

Other essential supplies

The essential dog supplies are also important to note down before calculating the annual expenses as these are one of the most significant needs to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements and you can not skip it.

However, you can limit the amount by controlling the temptations and buying the basics at first. A collar, leash, bed, bathing tub, shampoo, brush, water and food bowls, and a few toys.

You can also buy a shelter house for your dog if you can afford it but it is optional. You can need these things for your pet dog and do not think that you have to buy expensive or fancy things as your pet dog can still be happy in either case as far as you fulfill its needs adequately.

Before entering the pet shop, make sure to keep the budget in hand and get your hands on the most important things at first and then add on the other things slowly according to your budget. Above all, a pet dog should not be a burden on you in any way.

Price of Bernese Mountain dogs in other areas

The prices of this dog breed slightly differ according to the geographical location also because of the breeder’s type and their range. Some breeders cost a high amount and some can let you buy a dog at lower prices possible.

It is because some colors are rare, a dog with exceptional lineage or miniature dogs are difficult to breed so prices can vary. For instance, a well-bred and well-trained Bernese Mountain dog price in the UK is between £1500 to £1800.bernese mountain dog price in india

Bernese Mountain dog price in the USA is the same as that of the average price that is $800-$2000, Bernese Mountain dog price in Canada is between $2500 to $3500,

Bernese Mountain dog price in India ranges between 45k to 55k Indian rupee, and Bernese Mountain dog price in New Zealand is not less than 2500 NZD and even more.

Acknowledging the above-mentioned expenses and all the necessities now you would know what a Bernese mountain dog can cost you annually.

Yes, you have calculated right. It can on average cost you nearly $1,641 a year.

So, keep these estimate calculations in mind before bringing a Bernese at home to keep everything in check and control. If you can afford a Bernese mountain dog then do go for it, adopt it, or alter the expenses according to your likings.

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