Belgian Malinois Price – How much are belgian malinois puppies?

Are you planning to buy a Belgian Malinois dog? You must be wondering about the Belgian Malinois price. Before having a detailed look at that, let us discuss the physical and personality traits of the dog.

Belgian Malinois is a smart, confident, and versatile dog, who develops an unbreakable bond with its human partner. They are much similar to german shepherds but they are more of a working-class than eye candy.

Belgium Malinois dogs are short-haired, light brown coloured with black masks. They have a strong and elegant body with perked-up ears, dark chocolate eyes, and a slightly bushy tail.

Malinois dogs have a waterproof coat. The head is clean-cut and strong without heaviness; overall size is in proportion to the body. The Belgian Malinois has a full complement of strong and white teeth which are evenly set and meet scissors or level bite.

belgian malinois puppy price

Ideal male malinois stands tall at 24-26 inches and weighs around 60-80 pounds, while an average female is up to 22-24 inches and weighs around 40-60 pounds.

They are hardworking and versatile in many fields and activities such as military K-9s, stock herders, and police. For decades, Mals have made an excellent choice as search and rescue, bomb and narcotics, and tracking dogs.

If you’ve ever seen a malinois perform a drill, you’ll instantly realize what an excellent breed it is. Tackling hurdles like tall walls, narrow paths, shallow waters, and intruders.

Mals are adventurous dogs great for cycling, hiking, and running. If you’re considering a sit-at-home dog, malinois is probably not a good choice. Generally, a Dog’s temperament depends on the upbringing. If you keep the dog social it won’t cause trouble.

Due to their good temperament, Belgium malinois is a favourite among working dogs and is a steadfast companion. Belgians are sensitive and deeply devoted dogs.

Furious temperament is common during exercise. Mals become upset if left without attention and exercise.

In this article, we are not only going to discuss that how much is a Belgian Malinois puppy but also, the purebred Belgian Malinois price, Belgian Malinois protection dog for sale, AKC Belgian Malinois price and many more.

Also, you are going to know that what is the average cost of a Belgian Malinois in some of the popular countries such as Belg Belgian Malinois price in Egypt, Belgian Malinois price in Mauritius,

Belgian Malinois price in Nepal, Belgian Malinois price in Belgium, Belgian Malinois price in Sri Lanka, and Belgian Malinois price in Singapore. Let us get started!

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How much are Belgian Malinois?

The Belgian Malinois price is not the same everywhere as it depends on multiple features. But most people ask that what is the average price for a Belgian Malinois. Well, Belgian malinois puppies for sale price usually seems higher to most people as it is an energetic pooch.

The average Belgian malinois puppy price ranges from $1000-2000. If you are looking for a show-quality dog, then the price Belgian malinois price range can go higher up to $2500-3000, or even more.

how much are belgian malinois

Beware of backyard breeders as they make false claims about the traits of malinois puppies for sale, and ask for higher Belgian Dog price.

If you are one of those people who find this cost of Belgian Malinois high, then you should plan on adopting one instead of buying.

The malinois puppy price for adoption ranges from $350-500 depending on the expenses they have covered for basic care and training of the dog.

You can visit nearby shelters or rescue, but don’t opt for a pet store.

Why is Belgian Malinois so expensive?

Are Belgian Malinois expensive? Many people are wondering if they can afford this quality dog and pay the Belgian shepherd puppies for sale price. The Belgian Malinois dog is AKC registered.

An AKC registered dog requires enough care and it has a lot of expenses to fulfil all the requirements. Hence, it makes the dog expensive.

How much does a fully trained Belgian Malinois cost?

Are you wondering about the trained Belgian Malinois price? Well, you can find trained Belgian Malinois for sale, but they can be way out of your league if you cannot even afford a non-trained dog.

Fully trained Belgian Malinois price ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. Belgian Malinois trained for sale price is higher because they are highly protective nature and guarding qualities. At any cost, they are ready to defend their owners, and take the harm even if it comes to them.

How much does Belgian Malinois cost in multiple colours?

As discussed, the Belgian malinois puppies cost depends on multiple features, one of them is coat colour. The possible coat colours of Belgian Malinois include red sable, red, mahogany, fawn sable, brindle and fawn.

cost of belgian malinois

Among all these coat colours, brindle is the most loved colour by the people but, it is quite rare. Being rare as well as popular, the brindle Belgian Malinois price is higher than the others. Hence, the malinois dog price in brindle colour ranges from $2000 to $2500.

Are black Belgian Malinois rare as well?  Black coloured Belgian Malinois dogs are rare, hence the Belgian Malinois black price is also higher than the others.

Whereas, red Belgian Malinois price and fawn Belgian Malinois price ranges between $1000-1800.

How much does a Belgian Malinois cost in multiple countries?

Do you want to know the cost of a Belgian malinois near the place you live? You are at the right place! Let us discuss the Malinois cost in some of the well-known countries.

Belgian Malinois price in the USA ranges from $1000-1800 whereas, the Belgian Malinois price in Australia is anywhere between 595 and 2000 AUD. Belgian Malinois average price in South Africa is R 3000 as, range of Belgian Malinois price south Africa is R 2500 to R 4000.

Trained Belgian Malinois price south Africa is quite higher than this price range. Belgian Malinois price Canada ranges from $1500-2500 while, Belgian Malinois price Cyprus has been seen around €350 on average.

The starting Belgian Malinois price in Nigeria is ₦ 20000 whereas, Belgian Malinois cost in California ranges from $1000-1800.

How much is a Belgian Malinois in the Philippines? Belgian Malinois dog price in the Philippines ranges from 11,000 – 14,000, so does the Belgian Malinois price Davao and Belgian Malinois price Cebu.

belgian malinois puppy for sale

Also, if you are wondering that what is the Belgian Malinois stud price the Philippines and the price of Belgian Malinois puppy in the Philippines, then you have read the right price range.

Belgian Malinois dog price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 70,000 while, Belgian Malinois price in Europe is $1000 on average. Belgian Malinois price Malaysia is RM 1 700 on average. Belgian Malinois price NZ is $1200 to $1500.

Belgian Malinois cost texas ranges from $1,000-$2,500 whereas, Belgian Malinois price in UAE can be as high as 7500 AED. The starting Belgian Malinois price in Kenya is KSh 13000.

Belgian Malinois dog price in India ranges from Rs. 73,000 to Rs. 75,000 hence, the malinois puppies price in other cities of India including Belgian Malinois price in Amritsar, Belgian Malinois price in Bangalore,

Belgian Malinois price in Chennai, Belgian Malinois price in Coimbatore, Belgian Malinois price in Chandigarh, Belgian Malinois dog price in Kerala, Belgian Malinois dog price in Bangalore, Belgian Malinois dog price in Kolkata,

Belgian Malinois price Delhi, Belgian Malinois price in Ludhiana, Belgian Malinois price in Ghana, Belgian Malinois price in Manipur, Belgian Malinois price in Mumbai, Belgian Malinois price in Punjab,

Belgian Malinois price in Tamilnadu, Belgian Malinois price in Hyderabad, Belgian Malinois price in Jaipur, Belgian Malinois price in Kolkata, and Belgian Malinois puppy price in Pune falls in the same range.

How much are Belgian Malinois puppies when expenses of additional requirements add on to the budget?

You have enough knowledge about how much do Belgian Malinois puppies cost but owning a Belgian Malinois is different from it. Belgian Malinois puppy price list just shows the price of buying a dog.

malinois dog price

All the expenses of the dog’s requirements throughout its life are added to the owning malinois cost. Let us have a look at some of the owning expenses of the dog.

Welcoming supplies:

The welcoming supplies of the dog include a dog crate, dog bed, dog collar, pooper scooper, an ID card with phone number, first aid kit, grooming accessories, and many more. All of these items are for $215 – $855.

Training cost:

After finding the Belgian Malinois puppy for sale, you must find a private trainer or group training sessions for the dog as well. Both of these methods collectively will cost you around $1,050 – $1,400.

Feeding cost:

Belgian malinois cost for food when it is a puppy ranges from $155 – $310, whereas that of an adult dog is $140 – $450.

Grooming cost:

The dog does not require much grooming, but it’s recommended to visit a groomer at least 6 times a year. The Belgian malinois puppy cost for grooming ranges from $45-70 per visit.


Malinois price for insurance of accidents and illness is $565 each year, whereas for accidental coverage only, it is $190.

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