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Beagles are considered one of the most adorable dogs, especially in America. Most of the people wonder what is the beagle price range. Also, one has to know about the features of the pet before buying it.

Beagle dogs have a slightly domed skull, large eyes, usually brown or hazel, black nose and white low set long ears. It has a dense and smooth coat. They have no wrinkles on their face. Their front legs are straight whereas the rear legs are bent.

Their tale is strong and raised. Commonly they come in three colours, black, tan and white. Beagle dogs come in two different sizes. One is 13 inches tall and cannot exceed its height. It weighs around 18 pounds. Whereas the height of the other can be in between 13 and 15 inches, weighing 20 to 30 pounds.

Beagles are cheerful, funny and gentle dogs. They want to get attention and attraction as if they are left alone, they can howl a lot, create disturbance, destruction or even may try to escape.

It is not an easy task to train them, it might take a year. They can also be hound dogs, as they can smell and chase. They are not used for guarding purposes because they bark a lot, and only move their tail when face any intruder, that is not an obvious sign. Their life expectancy is usually 12 years.

After reading this article, you will be able to know the average price for a beagle puppy. We are going to discuss beagle price in different countries including the UK, USA, India and many more.

Also, the beagle puppy price in variable colours will be discussed. No matter it is miniature beagle price, mini beagle price or purebred beagle cost all will be clear in your mind if you want to purchase a cute beagle.

price of a beagle puppy

How much does a beagle puppy cost?

Price of a beagle puppy varies with its age, breed and source. The beagle price range is a minimum of $400 and a maximum $1300. If you’re looking for the puppies of rare or good breed then the baby beagle price can exceed to $1500.

Purebred beagle price can be as much as $5000 as it comes from reputable breeders. Also, the dogs can perform in shows and are AKC registered and far more expensive.

If you think that beagle dog is expensive for you, then there are some other options there as well. One of these options is adoption. You can adopt the beagle dogs from shelters that do not have their home. The beagle puppy cost when adopted can range from $50 to $250.

Pocket beagle price can be a bit higher as it weighs almost 15 pounds and is 12 inches tall. But mostly it ranges from $800 to $1500. The beagle dog price is comparatively less when it reaches its part of an age that is above 8 weeks.

Most people want to train their dog by themselves so, they purchase it even before it is born. Whereas the price of older dogs is comparatively cheaper. The females, usually older than 7 years, that are not able to further reproduce, can even cost half the real price. Also, the training and initial vaccination expenses are saved in this way.

how much is a beagle puppy

How much is a beagle cost in different countries?

Beagle price is different according to the geographical locations. In some countries, it is easily available whereas it can be rare in others. So, the beagle price in Nepal is different from beagle price in Egypt.

Beagles are one of the topmost dog breeds in India. So, the beagle price in India ranges from Rs. 23000 to Rs. 28000. Coming towards the USA, the mean price is $537.50. whereas if we talk about the price range then, beagle price USA is in between $400 and $1000.

In Canada, the beagle price is quite similar to the USA price because beagles are bred in these two countries. So, the Canadian price for beagles is between $500 – $1200. Lastly, the beagle price UK ranges from £400-1000.

Along with the geographical location, the availability of dogs in different countries depends on the season. Most of the people prefer summer season in countries like America because days are longer and they get plenty of time to train the dog. So, beagles in summers are expensive due to high demand.

Whereas in low seasons, when there is not much demand in the market, the beagle average price is lowered.

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How much are beagle dogs prices in variable colours?

The beagle dogs are available in multiple colours but 3 basic colours are white, tan and black. Not all of them are of the same prices. The golden beagle price will not same as of tan.  Most of the beagle puppies are born pure white but over time, their colour gets tan.

That is the time when we call these pups as lemon-coloured beagles. The lemon beagle price ranges from $500 to $1300. The two different colours of the dogs are blue tick and red tick beagles.

If there are blue flecks on the base colour of the dog, it will give a bluish-grey shade. Whereas the red tick beagle has red flecks on the spots or legs. The blue tick beagle price ranges from $300 to $600, a bit different from the red tick beagle price.

beagle dog price

How much is a beagle puppy cost when the expenses of other requirements of dog adds-on to the budget?

It is not an easy task to have a pet. The expenses do not end at just buying it from a store or breeder. The dogs require a lot of care, quality food, vaccines, insurance, training, toys, proper house and many other things.

All of this stuff costs much as it adds to the price of the beagle dog. So, one should keep all these factors in mind.

Initial registration and microchip:

In some countries, it is important to register your dog. The registration may cost you from $100-$200. Also, you don’t want your dog to get missed. In this regard, you should microchip your dog to track him wherever it goes. The microchip can cost from $25-$50.

Food cost:

Beagles are highly energetic and active dogs so they require quality food in a good amount. 1 pound of quality food costs $4. So, the monthly expense of food that adds up in the beagle price puppy is $55-$100. The price varies according to the age of the puppy or dog. Dog’s Health is another factor on which the price of food can depend.

Vet expenses:

The first visit to a vet can cost $50 to $300 for an initial check-up. These costs are for vaccines, medications and regular check-ups. Hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and meningitis are some common diseases among this breed. So, the cost of vaccines for their treatment is $1500-$1600, $1500-$3000 and $1500-4000 respectively. All these expenses are included in the average price for beagle puppy.

beagle price

Collar & Leash:

It is good to buy a collar and leash for your dog as they have to stay with you for years. The combined cost of collar and leash is between $10-$50.

Spaying or Neutering:

The removal of ovaries or uterus of the female dog is known as spaying, whereas the removal of testicles of a male dog is called neutering. The spaying costs somewhere between $50-$175 whereas, neutering costs $45-$110. These prices are seen in clinics but they may vary in some animal hospitals.


Your dog deserves a comfortable, sound and safe sleep. For this, you have to buy a bed for it. The bed can cost you between $50-200 which adds in beagle price.


It is important to train beagles. You can train them by reading books or online. But the best way is to take them to any training centre. This can cost you $30-$80 per hour. Whereas the personally hired trainers can demand more amount.


It is not good to leave dogs alone as they can be destructive when alone. So, you should buy some toys for them giving them a nice company. The toys can cost you almost $25-$150 every year. It is good for their mental health as well.

Pet sitting:

As you are not always available for the beagle dog, and it is not recommended to leave the dog alone, so you need a dog sitter for a time when it is alone. The pet sitter can cost you between $100-300 a year. But some pet setters can demand more.

Pet insurance:

For the safety and long life of your dog, it is really important to insure them. Generally, people pay $34 to $51 per month for their insurance. In this case, you can take your dog to any clinic or hospital in an emergency.

Al these expenses are included in the yearly expense of a beagle’s dog. From teacup beagle price to average price of beagle puppies, all has been explained in the article. Now, you can buy your favourite coloured beagle dog without any confusion.

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