Basset Hound Price-how much do basset hounds cost?

Basset hound is a type of dog breed that first arose in France. It is liked in many corners of the world hence, a lot of people want to know about basset hound price. The dog has short sized legs with the face having a long drooping appearance which looks like a sad face.

The ears of these dogs are long and floppy. The floppy ears and droopy skin serve a great purpose for the maximum tracing of smell. These long ears help in taking the smell towards the nose and that droopy skin gathers the smell close.

They possess a long back and several wrinkles on their body. The feet and nails are so strong that they can do digging as well. The coat of this dog is smooth and short which are in tricolors or bi-colors.

The tricolors include the coat of three colors which are usually white and black with brown, tan, or red. The bicolor includes the coat of two colors which are black with brown, tan or red, or white with blue or lemon color.

Basset Hound Price

The weight of these dogs usually ranges between 40 to 60 lbs. The height of male dogs is usually 14 inches while that of females is 13 inches. 

The basset hound dogs are usually too friendly. As they love to play with children and are too good with other dogs as well. They also show friendly behavior towards strangers. But if they feel any type of risk or danger, then barks too loudly.

These dogs have really good vocals, so they bark noisily but are not good choice dogs for guard purposes. They want to hunt badly as they have great olfactory receptors and smell too fast for their prey.

All these things are worth the price of a purebred basset hound. They can get obese easily but it can cause problems with their long backs. So, a determined person should take care of his feedings and health.

So the basset hound dog remains safe from any kind of problem. Grooming is required for this breed of dog every day to take care of himself well. This dog is too very sweet and sensitive. They like to go on walks for an hour.

We are going to answer all your questions including the most frequently asked one, that how much do baby basset hounds cost. Also, the basset dog price with different variations like American basset hound price, baby basset hound price,

beagle basset hound price, beagle basset hound mix price, or full blooded basset hound price will be discussed here. The price of the dog in multiple colors, as well as countries, such as basset hound, cost Australia, will be considered as well. Let us have a look! 

how much do basset hounds cost

How much do basset Hounds cost?

The basset hound price range is $450-1500. Whereas, the average price of the dog is about $800. The variation in the price of a basset hound is due to the breeder, or pedigree of the puppy. Due to excellent bloodlines, you will find the show quality dogs expensive.

Just find a breeder with a good reputation and you can get a healthy and purebred dog. The good breeders can be trusted because they take a lot of care of the dog instead of only seeing the profit. 

If you are worrying that how expensive are basset hounds, then there is another cost-friendly option for you. You can adopt the Basset hound dog or pup from an adoption center, shelters, or formal owners.

These dogs are also purebred, so you can trust the quality of dogs. The basset hounds prices of adoption fall between $300-500. 

What is the average price of a basset hound in different countries?

The basset hound average cost depends on the location as in the same country, the price can vary from city to city. For example, the Basset hound price in Delhi will be different from the basset hound price in Chennai.

Talking of the basic dog, basset hound price in India ranges from  ₹30,000 to ₹35,000. Whereas, basset hound dog breed price in India for KCI registered dogs range from ₹35,000 to ₹50,000. Whereas, the show quality dogs in India or different cities of the country are very expensive.

Such as the show quality basset hound price in Kolkata ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹80,000.  The basset hound price in Bangalore is ₹35,000 on average. 

price of a basset hound

The average basset hound price in Australia is $600 whereas basset hound price UK ranges between £2000-3000. Basset hound price in Nepal is somewhere between $450-$1,400.

Basset hound puppies’ price in south Africa ranges from R 2000 to R 3000. Well, if you want to know about the basset hound puppies for sale in Binghamton NY, then on average basset hound average cost is $700 but for a good-quality dog, expect to pay anywhere between $2000-10000.

Lastly, basset hound puppies price in Canada ranges from $1000-2000. 

How much is a basset hound cost in variable colors?

After knowing the basset hound average cost in different countries, now it’s time to answer the question that how much do basset hound puppies cost in all the coat colors.

First, the basset hound dog is available in 6 coat colors including white and chocolate, black and brown, black and white, lemon and white, red and white, and a tri-color coat. Whereas you will not see a basset hound dog pure black or blue because they are highly rare. 

Black, brown, and white are the most common tri-color of this breed. Lemon and white are not very common among all the coat colors. Hence, the price of a basset hound puppy in this coat color is a bit high from others and can cost you about $800-1500.

Hence, the basset hound average cost of all the other coat colors other than lemon or white costs you $700-1000. 

What is the price of a basset hound when the expenses of other requirements of the dog add-on to the budget?

The important question to ask is not only that how much does a basset hound puppy cost, but also that what are the requirements of the dog.

When you buy a dog or puppy, it becomes your duty to provide it with quality food, vaccinations, the proper place to live, toys to play with, and many other kinds of stuff. Let us have a detailed look at these expenses.

price of a basset hound puppy

One-time supplies:

When you buy a puppy, it is important to provide it with a comfortable environment. Food and water bowls are necessary for providing hygienic food. They will cost you $5-20.

You also, have to buy them some toys and treats that cost almost $20 and $30 respectively. Bowls will cost you $50. Carpet cleaning, waste bags, and other supplies are for $55, and deworming, flea, and tick meds are for $50. The first visit to the vet with your puppy will be for around $55.

Buying a bed will cost you almost $25-100. The collar and leash will cost you $25 and it shows your dog some love. At last, in some countries, we need a dog license to keep a dog. It costs almost $20. All of these expenses are added to the average price for a basset hound puppy


It is important to train the dog so that it may become social. You can train them yourself by taking some help from books or the internet. Also, some people prefer to hire a private trainer.

But the best way is to take them to any training center. This can cost you $150 – $200 for five-weekly 1-hour sessions. Whereas the private trainers can ask for more amount. 

Med costs:

Medical costs play one of the important roles in basset hound average cost. At first, some people want to spay or neuter their pups. It can cost them somewhere between $50-$450 depending on the healthcare center.

The First Year Vet Cost of a puppy is between $395 and $795 whereas the Adult Year Vet Cost ranges from $380 – $825. 

how much do basset hound puppies cost

Food cost:

Normally, a basset hound dog grows to its weight of about 140-165 pounds. So, according to their weight, it is estimated that they require 170 lbs of food. Whereas, it increases to 260lbs when the dog is no more a puppy.

So, the puppy’s food expense is $130-$265 whereas, the food or a well-grown dog will cost you $140-405. So, the food expenses add-on to the basset hound average price. 


It is not a difficult task to maintain a basset hound dog at home. But some of the people still prefer to go to the salon. In that case, at least one should go 6 times a year. These 6 sessions will cost you somewhere between $45-60 depending on the services you take for the dog. 


You never know when your dog has to face any accident or illness. So, it is highly recommended to invest your money in the insurance of your dog for a healthy and secure life.

One should expect to pay $190 for accidental insurance only whereas, for both illness and accident, it will cost you around $565 every year. So, the average price of basset hound puppies is also affected by the insurance cost. 

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