Akita Dog Price- How Much Are Akita Puppies?

Akita is a big, bold dog with a powerful appearance. The intimidating appearance of Akita is enough to serve as a deterrent to most people, who would cause trouble.

Many people are longing to have this dog as their companion for that, they are looking for Akita dog price. If you are one of them you are at the right place. But before we overview the Akita dog price in detail, we should have a quick sneak peek at its features and personality.

Akita dog is famous for its loyal nature towards its owners also, they possess a loving and kind nature. Imagine a protector who will follow you from room to room, whose entire mission in life seems to be simply to serve you.

Akita’s strong personality can be hard to handle and to prevent that, you have to train them properly. If you are going to own a dog for the first time, this is not your kind.

They need an owner who can provide firm discipline. Being a dominating breed, they are not good with children and they become aggressive towards strangers if they are not introduced to them early.

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These dogs are not good for families with children even if they are very familiar. Also, they are very good watchdogs and have a strong attention sense. They do not do so well with other pets and they are intolerant of other dogs.

The Akita is double-coated, with the undercoat being very dense; the topcoat is short. They come in multiple coat colors including white, brindle, red, and sesame. At 100 pounds or more, the Akita has a lot of muscular power.

Sizes differ in male and female. Usually, males are 23 inches to 27 inches tall whereas, females are 24 to 26 inches to the shoulder. Male weighs 85 to 130 pounds and females weigh from 70 to 110 pounds.

In this article, we are going to discuss that how much does an Akita cost. Also, the Akita dog price in different colors and different countries such as Akita puppy price Australia, Akita dog price in Punjab, Akita dog price in Sri Lanka,

Akita dog price in Mumbai, Akita dog price in Jaipur, Akita dog price NZ, Akita dog price in Nepal, and Akita dog Singapore price will be addressed. Lastly, we will let you know that how to own the Akita dog, and how much it will cost you.

 Where can I buy a Japanese Akita puppy?

Before you know that how much is an Akita dog, it is important to know that where can you find an Akita dog puppy for sale because the place you buy has a major effect on the Akita dog breed price.

Well, there are a lot of methods to buy an Akita dog, but the one we prefer is adoption. Adopting a dog is quite easy and beneficial as it gives a homeless dog a family also, you can save a lot of money. All you have to do is find a shelter near you, or any rescue, and adopt your favorite one.

Next, you can buy an Akita from a reputable breeder, who has taken care of the dog just like it was his dog. Make sure he has the complete papers of the dog, and he isn’t making any false claims.

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Because some backyard breeders ask for a very high Akita dog coin price claiming that their dog has some significant features which are very rare. Don’t fall for that until you are sure about it. Lastly, never choose to buy a dog from a pet store or puppy mills because they don’t have quality dogs, and usually get sick too early.

How much does an Akita dog cost?

Now coming towards the major concern of how much does Akita dogs cost. Well, the purebred Akita price varies depending on several features including breeder, lineage, health, demand, location, coat, gender, age, and a lot more.

Hence, we can never say that there is any specific cost of Akita puppies. On average, the Akita price range is $1000-2500. However, if you are looking for show-quality purebred Akitas, then they will cost you always above $4000.

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Akita Inu puppies are not affordable for some people but they like the dog way too much. For those who are looking for cheap Akita puppies, they shouldn’t reach a breeder because he will give you a poor-quality dog at such a low cost.

We recommend you adopt it from any former owner or shelter. The Akita dog mini price for adoption can be anywhere between $350-500.

Are Akita dogs expensive?

Akita dogs got famous when they started appearing in Hollywood movies and people began to share a lot of memes. Since then, the demand for Akita dogs got high hence, it became expensive.

Besides, the dog has some other quality features which make it quite expensive as well. As, they are excellent watchdogs, highly protective and loyal, self-maintaining, easy-to-train, fun-loving, do no unnecessary barking and whatnot, the dog’s qualities are worth its price.

How much do Akita puppies cost in multiple colors?

The Akita dogs come in multiple coat colors including sesame, white, brindle, and red fawn. Red-colored Akita dogs are most common among all the coat colors, but that doesn’t make it any different from Akita white dogs concerning price.

If you are looking for white Akita, the white Akita dog price ranges from $1000-2500, so does the brindle Akita dog price, Red fawn Akita dog price, and sesame Akita dog price.

How much do Akita puppies cost in different countries?

If you are looking for Akita puppies for sale near me, then you must be wondering that how much are Akitas for in the country or city you live. Well, the Akita price depends on the availability of the dog, also the demand.

Where the demand is high, the Akita dog’s cost is also high whereas, if the dogs are not easily available in any specific area, the Akita puppy’s price on average will be higher. Let us discuss the Akita Puppy price in some of the well-known countries and cities around the world.

First of all, if you are looking for a Japanese Akita dog for sale, then the Japanese Akita price is anywhere between $600-2000. Japanese Akita dog price is very slightly lesser than the American Akita prices because in America the availability of this dog is less than those of Japanese.

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Hence, the American Akita dog price ranges from $700-2500. Akita dog price in the USA ranges from $1000-2500 whereas, Akita dog breeders Australia ask for $1200-2900 as Akita dog price Australia. Akita dog price in South Africa ranges from R 2500 to R 5000.

American Akita dog price in India ranges from ₹2, 00,000- ₹4, 00,000. The Akita dog price in other cities of India including Akita dog price in Delhi, Akita dog price in Chennai, Akita dog price in Chandigarh, Akita dog price in Guwahati,

Akita dog price in Ghana, Akita dog price in Hyderabad, Akita dog price in Tamilnadu, Akita dog price in Pune, Akita dog price in Kerala, and Akita dog price in Kolkata is just same as the Akita dog price in India OLX.

American Akita dog price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.1, 30,000 to Rs. 3, 50,000 whereas, American Akita dog price in the Philippines ranges from ₱1500-2500. Akita dog breed price in Nigeria ranges from ₦ 950,000-1,200,000.

Akita dog price Canada ranges from $1500-3900. Akita dog breeders in California ask for the same price as the Akita dog price in the USA. Akita dog for sale in Dubai is for AED 8,000.00 on average whereas,

Akita dog price in Egypt ranges from 15,000 EGP to 30,000 EGP. Akita dog price in Japan can be anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 JPY while Japanese Akita dog price in the UK ranges from £1,000-1500.  Akita dog price in Malaysia ranges from RM 5000 to RM 8000.

How much does an Akita dog cost when expenses of other requirements add-on to the budget?

Now when you are well aware of that how much is an Akita Inu puppy, you must know how much does it cost to own the dog. The Akita dog needs proper care and attention for a healthy and long life.

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You will have to provide the dog with all the important needs along with a comfortable environment to live in. Let us have a quick sneak peek of how to own an Akita dog.

  • Initial supplies:

When you welcome the Akita dog or puppy to your home, you have to buy all the essential supplies that are required for a dog living. The main items included in these supplies are a dog bed, dog collar, pooper scooper,

toe-nail clipper, hairbrush, toothbrush, first aid kit, dog crate, food and water bowls, an ID card with phone number, house training pads, toys, odor removal spray, and many more.

The expense of all these supplies adds to the budget along with the American Akita price. We know that there are multiple brands available today in the market asking for variable prices.

On average, these supplies will collectively cost you around $245 – $925 for the first year, and $105 – $410 for the rest of the years depending on the brand you choose.

  • Food cost:

Providing an Akita dog with quality food in a daily recommended amount is important to maintain its body weight as the dog is prone to get dysplasia.

The high-quality and hygienic food for Akita dogs will cost you around $205 – $630 whereas, Akita puppy cost for food ranges from $285 – $575 depending on the food brand. The expense of the yearly treats of Akita dog is $125 – $715.

  • Training cost:

Even if you are an expert, in our opinion, you should consider private and professional training for the Akita dog. Akita puppies’ cost for training by a private trainer will be $900-$1,200. However, group training sessions will cost you around $150-200.

  • Grooming cost:

You can save the dog Akita price for grooming if you can groom the dog by yourself at home. Whereas, if you are unable to do that, then it is necessary to visit a professional groomer at least 6 times a year. The price of Akita dogs for grooming will be $60-80 per session making a total of $480 on average.

  • Insurance:

Paying Akita INU price will only be worth it if you pay the insurance of your dog. Most people pay $565 for accidental coverage as well as medical issues. Whereas some only prefer paying for accidents, that is $190 on average.

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