Afghan Hound Price-How Much is An Afghan Hound?

The Afghan hound was originated in Afghanistan and were popular show dogs in past years. Many dog owners compliment their collection of dogs by having this amazing, and one of the ancient dog breeds.

Before we put some light on the Afghan Dog price, we should tell you how it looks and what are its personality traits.

The Afghan Hound is a traditional dog whose entire body structure can be determined by its coat and posture. Its head-up and sparkling eyes show pride and attitude towards its duty.

Its head is in a good shape with no stops and hairs so, they don’t interfere with insight.

Jaws are perfectly locked into each other which provides scissors bite and can be very painful to prey. Ears fall on the corner of the eyes and go to the nose with perfect silky hairs. Their eyes are dark and shaped like almonds with matt black noses.

The neck is a series of strong muscles and is in good length also, too thick and short. The tail has some silky hairs on it also, it forms a small curve or ring at the end.

Afghan Hound Price

About legs, they are inclined and strong. Front legs are straight providing a great pride posture and toes are covered with silky hairs and giving the soft cushion touch while walking. The total body is covered with long silky hairs or a silky coat increasing the beauty of the Afghan Hound.

Such an appearance complements the afghan hound puppies’ price.

Afghan Hound is a hunting dog that means, hunting traits can be found in this species easily. It can be a good hunter if good training is provided. It can also be very lazy and quite specific depending on the atmosphere they are living in.

If they are not so socialized properly, they can be very feral to strangers that can bring anger to their behavior. They are brave and can act as proper guard dogs. They are highly intelligent and can adapt to any atmosphere easily.

Sometimes they become clownish which means they can do some foolish things to tease you.

Afghan Hounds do everything at their peak level and stop according to their mood. They are good learners so that’s why they mostly participate in sports activities in which they excel.

They can be friendly if they are raised with other pets but if a stray cat comes in front of them, they come into action and the cat should pray for its life. They also steal food and show some bossy behavior which explains their clownish mood.

You will never regret paying the Afghan hound for sale prices for a dog with such sharp features.

If you have any kind of confusion related to how many are Afghan hounds, then you are at the right place. From AKC afghan hound puppies for sale to the afghan hound puppies for sale by different breeders of multiple colors, we will tell you all.

Also, the Afghan Hound price in different areas including Afghan hound price in Nigeria, afghan hound price south Africa, Afghan hound price in Sri Lanka, afghan hound price in Nepal, afghan hound price Singapore and many others will be discussed. Let us get started!

How much does an afghan hound puppy cost?

If you are planning to buy an Afghan Hound dog, then look for some reputable website. Also, you can find reputable breeders that will take care of the puppy before selling them as it is their own.

Unlike bad-reputed breeders who claim false things about the traits of the dogs, a reputable breeder will give you a healthy and purebred dog. Third, you can adopt the dog from a rescue, shelter, or any former owner.

afghan hound puppies for sale

Adoption is a life-saving as well as a cost-friendly option for you to have an Afghan Hound dog. In our opinion, adoption is the best option as these dogs are also purebred and benefit you and the dog as well. After this, dealing with reputable breeders is the best option.

Check the documents of the dog and make sure that it does not have any health issues.

The Afghan hound cost range usually is from $1500 to $2500. Well, this range shows that the price can vary depending on multiple factors. On average, the afghan dog price is $2000.

Well, for adoption, the shelters will ask you a slight amount of money that ranges from $350 to $500. The purpose of this money is to cover the expenditure of dog care before you adopted it, and it is usually used in the care of another one.

How much does an afghan dog cost in multiple colors?

The Afghan Dog is available in three coat colors which are black, red, and cream. All of the three colors are common and liked by most people. So, the black afghan hound price ranges from $2000-2500.

The Red Afghan hound price and Cream afghan hound price are also of the same price. But if there is a show quality dog having any of these colors, then it will cost you more than $2500.

How much is an afghan hound in different countries?

The Afghan Hound Puppy price depends on the location of the area as well. The breeders from an area with the high availability of the dog will ask less price for the dog whereas those in the areas where the dog isn’t available easily, the breeders will ask for more price.

Let’s have a look at the afghan hound price list of different countries. Afghan hound price in India ranges from ₹60,000 to ₹80,000 also, the afghan hound price in Chennai, afghan hound price in Kolkata, afghan hound price in Bangalore, afghan hound price in Mumbai, and afghan hound price in Delhi falls in the same range.

afghan hound puppies for sale price

The Afghan hound price in the USA ranges from $2000 to $2500 whereas the Afghan hound price UK ranges from £300 and £1000. Afghan hound price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000.

Afghan hound price in rupees is also just as the Afghan hound puppy price in Pakistan. Afghan hound price in Canada ranges from $2500-$3500 while Afghan hound price in Malaysia is RM 2000 in different areas.

How much do afghan hounds cost when expenses of additional requirements add-on to the budget?

Everyone is interested in how much does Afghan hound costs, but have you ever thought how much would it take to own this dog.

Owning a dog means that you have the responsibility of taking care of the dog by providing it all the essential stuff it needs for a comfortable lifestyle.

how much is an afghan hound

Your monthly or yearly budget can be disturbed if you do not have any knowledge about the owning expenses.

Hence, look at your budget and make sure that you can buy everything that is required for the proper growth and comfort of the dog. Let us have a detailed look at these expenses.

  • Dog accessories:

The essential stuff that one has to buy initially to welcome the dog are the dog accessories of which we are talking about right now.

These gadgets include a dog bed, dog crate, dog collar, leash, food and water bowls, hairbrush, shampoo, first aid kit, toenail clipper, harness, poop bags, treats, and many more.

On combining the price of all these gadgets, you will have to pay $1100 on average to buy this stuff.

This expense is added in the first-year cost of owning the Afghan Hound dog, that is why the first-year expense is higher than the rest of the years, which is $4335 and $1785.

If the dog lives his average life, then the expense of its whole life will be around $27500.

  • Medical cost:

At first, once someone buys a dog, he may wish to neuter or spay its dog. The neutering or spaying price of an afghan hound is also counted in the medical expenses.

This procedure will cost you somewhere between $250-850 depending on the healthcare center.

The cost of first-year visits to the vet will be around $425-795. A single visit to a vet will cost $65-170, whereas, 3at least three visits are recommended every year.

The flea and heartworm vaccination will cost you around $85-105 and $75-105 respectively.

To prevent the Afghan dog from GDV, some owners make their dog under gastropexy that will cost you around $200-400. Lastly, the yearly visits after the first year will cost you around $125-265 for the visits.

  • Training:

The Afghan Dog is easy to train, hence you can use your previous experience to train this dog as well. It is a cost-friendly option as you will not have to pay yourself. But if that is not possible somehow, then group training sessions are enough to train them.

According to some experts, private training is not necessary in this case. For 5 weekly 1-hour sessions, you should expect to pay anywhere between $150-200. The training cost is added in the Afghan hound price range.

  • Insurance:

Insurance payment is as important as the Afghan hound puppies for sale price. To recompensate your vet bills, insurance of your Afghan Dog is the best option.

Most people pay $565 for both the accidental and illness coverage of their dog whereas some only pay for the accidents.

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