About Us

Are you a dog lover?

You must be, because why else would you be looking out and searching about puppies online?

But do you know what exactly are you looking for?

Prices of puppies, types of puppies, breeds, and species? Or perhaps you are simply looking for a cute little pup that can be your friend in need, companion for a long time, a play-mate, and someone on whom you can dump all your worries without ever getting afraid of being judged!!

If that is your intention, then you are in the right place.

We are a group of researchers who explore and study different types of dogs. We look into all the qualities in different breeds, and then we assemble all the information on our website for you all dog lovers out there.

What information can you find on our site?

Dogs do not speak like us, humans, but how they behave with you can tell exactly how you treat them!

If you treat them nicely, they will also show a lot of fondness and adoration for you.

But when you are up to buying a puppy, you need to do some research on how to pet a puppy and what needs of them you will have to cater to!

Our website will help you with all that. We will not only provide you all the costs and prices of various breeds of dogs, but we will also give you the right information to choose which dog to buy as per your needs, and we will also provide you enough guidance on how to raise your dogs like your own babies!

A dog lover will agree with us when we say that a dog is not just an animal. It is someone with whom you can develop a bond. Someone who will take care of you and try to cheer you up with their own ways, and own antics while you are down.

Someone you can rely on for your protection and security. So, a dog is not just a particular breed at ‘this and that’ price. No! A dog is a lot more, and we provide all the knowledge about these dogs that can help you make an informed choice before you buy one for yourself.

You will find an ample amount of information related to hundreds of different types of dogs, their preferred food, their lifestyle- whether they are hyperactive or lazy pups… You will also find information about their traits- Whether they will serve to be your perfect walk companions, or they are too lazy to even play ball at home!

You will also learn about their main purposes that nature has created them with. Some dogs are meant to be friendly and very homely, while some are fierce and savage.

They are created to be great protectors of their owners, and these warriors are supposed to be grown in a very different environment. So, if you are looking for guidance about how to train a dog, or what kind of an environment suits them, you do not have to worry because our website will provide you with all that information too apart from sizes, ages, fur colors, and the way each pup prefers to be groomed- All this information and a lot of fun facts about dogs will be provided by our researchers on our site.

And of course, apart from all this, you will even get a chance to decide according to your price range. So, all the estimates and approximate pricing values will be available at our site.

What drove us to create a website just for the sake of providing you information about dogs?

Well… that is a very valid question!

See, you will find a lot of data on all those millions of types of dogs and their thousands of different breeds. But all of that information is scattered in different places. You may find a site that will help you with dog names, but it will not give you information about the costs of different dogs.

One site may give you information about various species of dogs, but you will have to go through different links to find out whether that dog that you are interested to buy will be friendly with your children or not?

So, there is so much material online, but it is all haywire and haphazard. We wanted to provide a platform where every important piece of information about various types of dogs is available in ONE place. So, this unified website is like a portfolio for thousands of dogs out there.

You just need to skim through this information to make the perfect choice of which dog to choose from amongst all!

Remember! This platform is ours, but the choice is only yours!